6 Crucial Steps on How To Use Magic Bullet Blender Right

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In this review, I’m going to show you how to use Magic Bullet blender for a gentle and effective blending experience. As you know, the machine has a compact design with a lower power output than the countertop blenders. So, a simple mistake can leave you with chunky blends or, worse, a smoking motor on the first day.

Conversely, being able to use your Magic Bullet as intended will not only be easier to make small blends. You’ll also have a handy tool to mix and blend while on the road or camping with friends.

Of course, there’s a dedicated portable blender for travel needs, but a Magic bullet still delivers and perfectly.

What’s So Special about Magic Bullet?

Well, indeed, a Magic Bullet truly does bring “magic” into your culinary life when you use it as the manual instructs. The machine is actually the number #1 bestseller on the market right now, with 60,000+ recommendations on Amazon alone.

But then, what’s so special about the mini blender?

  1. Easy to get: At less than $40, the Magic Bullet blender is something to grab with no second thought. Even when you have a countertop blender, you can add it to the collection for extra convenience.
  2. Many accessories: Despite the low price tag, the Magic Bullet blender comes with all the extras you need. That includes multiple blending cups and on-the-go lids if you decide to take your drink to work or the gym.
  3. Handle Most Produce: the personal blender has a miniature but still strong motor (250-watt output) that can handle even tough seeds and nuts.
  4. Fits nearly anywhere: the blender has a very small footprint (4.5 by 4 inches), which you can use even in the tiniest spaces like in RV and college dorms. Also, the appliance can fit in a tiny (15 inches ) cabinet with no hassle.
  5. Anyone can Operate: the magic Bullet uses the blending cup to activate the blending. So, even the seniors can operate without the worry of confusing the buttons.
  6. Light to Carry Around: overall, the mini blender (base + cup) weighs around 2-3 lbs. So, you can easily take it on your road and camping trips.
  7. So Simple to clean after use: You can clean the blending cups of a Magic Bullet just like you do the ordinary spaghetti jars. And considering you can use the containers to drink from, you’ll have fewer things to clean most of the time.

How Not to use Magic Bullet Blender

Typically, a dedicated personal blender doesn’t compete with the traditional blender on performance. In my previous Magic Bullet vs Vitamix review, you could even see the mini blender lost a point on all the main features. That’s blending power, ease of use, and durability.

In other words, this means you’ll need to first understand your Magic Bullet before you can start exploring your culinary desires. If it’s the power, the low output should tell you that the little guy can’t handle some tough roles without your help.

But, anyway, some of the things you shouldn’t force on your Magic Bullet blender include:

How Not to use Magic Bullet BlenderReason/s
Crushing large block of iceMotor power is not enough
Blend large chunks of fruitsMotor power is not enough
Blend hot foods and soupsBlending cups has no means to breath
Slice/ chop vegetable evenlyBlades are for pulverizing & the motor has no slow speed setting
Blend mixtures continuously for longMotor power is not enough
Make Silky Smoothies like VitamixMotor power is not enough
Walk-away blendingNo preprogrammed settings

How to use Magic Bullet Blender

Despite lacking the power and prowess of a full-size machine, a Magic Bullet blender can still handle many blending tasks. You only need to learn the basics, such as how to properly load the container and control the blending power.

Here are the six basic steps to consider when you use a Magic Bullet to make any meal or drink

Step 1: Assemble the Accessories you Need

This step’s pretty straightforward as it’s just like you do with the ordinary blender or even food processor. But you’ll not be gathering all the dozen accessories that came with your Magic Bullet blender. Just the base unit, the blending cup you want to use, and the extractor blade will do.

Step 2: Prepare Your Ingredients:

After you have the tool ready, you can now prepare the ingredients for the recipe you want to make. That includes washing the raw fruits and vegetables, then chopping them into smaller (not very small) sizes to avoid stressing up the motor. If it’s ice, you can crush the large blocks into small sizes or else use small ice cubes from a Mini Ice Cube Tray.

How to use Magic Bullet Blender

Step 3: Load the Ingredients into the Blender Cup

It’s now time to feed your prepared ingredients to the blending cups. But unlike with the regular blender, you’ll want to arrange the ingredients inversely- with the toughest materials at the bottom and the softest on top. Also, remember to maintain the “Max” line for the ingredients to have some room to turn while processing.

Step 4:Mount the Blender Cup on the Base

After loading the food, twist on the extractor blade system until you have a secure and tight seal. Then, invert the bullet cup and place it on the motor base unit.

Step 5: Engage the Blender Cup to start Blending

Similar to the Nutribullet 600 and 900, the Magic Bullet blender has the “start” switch in form of plastic tabs under the lip of the power base. So, press down on the blender cup to engage these tabs and start the motor. If your recipe is something delicate like salsa, you’ll want to blend in short pulses to avoid over-processing the content into mush.

To replicate the “pulse” blending in a Magic Bullet, you’ll want to press down on the cup very fast and immediately release. Repeat the process until you have the desired consistency.

When making a smoothie or any other recipe that can take a minute or two to complete, you can leave the motor on the hands-free “Lock-on” mode. To enable the feature, you just need to press down the cup, then turn it clockwise to lock the tabs I mentioned. The motor will then run continuously until you turn it off- simply twist the cup back counterclockwise.

Step 6: Remember to Shaky Shake between Blends

When preparing a thick blend recipe, like acai bowls and butter, the ingredients on the top usually has a hard time falling into the blades. So, you’ll need to disengage the blender cup from the base and give it a strong shake like when you use a blender bottle. Then, when the ingredients fall into the blade, you put it back on the base and start blending again.

Repeat the process if necessary until you achieve the desired consistency. Then, turn the motor off and serve your meal or drink.

#8 Cool Recipes You Can Make in a Magic Bullet Blender

  1. Smoothies

A smoothie is one of the easiest recipes you can make in a Magic Bullet blender. You only need to add your ready ingredients into any of the blending cups. Then, blend on the “lock-on” mode until smooth.

  • Baby Food

The Magic Bullet is also an excellent blender to puree food at home. So, you can create your little angel your own special blends from pure and natural products instead of getting store-bought baby food.

  • Avocado Banana Mask

Indeed, the Magic Bullet blender is not just about internal wellness. It can also create a pure and natural mask to restore the luster of your dry face or hair. To do so, you just need to combine avocado, banana, egg, and olive oil in the blender. Then, puree on the “Lock-on” mode until there are no lumps left.

  • Cocktails

If you have a compact Magic Bullet blender, you can also enjoy a refreshing and tangy concoction of frozen margarita and cocktails wherever. You just need to add your ice, tequila, margarita mix, and fruit of choice into the Party Mug or Tall cup. Then, blend until smooth.

  • Salsa and Dips

Who said parties are all about cocktails? If you have your Magic Bullet, you can prepare a fresh bowl of salsa to serve with tortilla chips. To do that, add your mixture of onions, jalapeno pepper, cilantro, tomato, and salt into the tall blender cup. Then, give it a few quick pulses to ensure the blend comes out chunky without over-processing.

  • Fresh Almond Milk

Why buy what you can make better! Expand your culinary skills by making your own plant-based milk, which has no unhealthy additives. Almond milk is an easy recipe for a start as you just need to add the Almonds (raw and soaked) and some water into the tall Bullet cup. Next, you blend the mixture until smooth, then strain the liquid through a nut milk bag or fine sieve.

  • Frozen Desserts

Of course, the Magic Bullet can handle the right size of ice cubes and frozen fruits. So, you can make the kids some healthy but refreshing cold snacks, like fruit sorbet and milkshakes anytime, anywhere.

  • Butter

Last but not least, a magic Bullet blender can also save you a couple of bucks through homemade peanut butter. The process to make is pretty simple as you just need to add the dry roasted peanuts and some coconut oil into the blending cup. Then, blend the mixture until you have a smooth, butter-like consistency.

Don’t Overwork Your Magic Bullet

A Magic Bullet blender is an exceptional tool if you know how to use it right. It can help you prepare plenty of recipes, both at home and while on the move. Thus, bringing you closer to your health goals on a daily basis.

Even so, the mini blender still lacks the power to work on things like large chunks of fruits and ice blocks well. So, make sure you chop down your vegetables and ingredients before you start blending.

Otherwise, overstressing the motor and blade will risk wearing them, plus the plastic drive gear system out.