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Mike Lilians: Senior Editor

Mike Lilians….but my friends just call me Mike.  Blenders Pro is my online home, where I bring you healthy whole-food recipes, plus guides and DIY tips related to blenders.

As my esteemed reader, I won’t lie to you that I’m a certified nutritionist. But I can proudly say it’s more than 7 years now since I realized the magic of whole-food smoothies.

You can say I’m a fitness buff as I hit the Gym even on Saturdays and some holidays. But I enjoy most when in the kitchen trying to come up with my next unique recipes.

At this point, you can take me to any of your food business in California and I certainly won’t disappoint. Since leaving my position with a “unnamed” company as a graphic designer, I’ve had a lot of time to expand my culinary expeditions. Besides smoothies, I now make my own butters, spices, some flours,  iced coffees, plus milkshakes and ice creams for my cheating day.

We can also say living (at a block from Dolores park) near Tartine Bakery has impacted my culinary curiosities. I’m now a PRO in baking bread, fruit cakes and cookies, albeit just for my family and friends, for now.

If not busy in the kitchen or the gym, you’ll find me here at Blenders Pro. Writing and Blogging is not just another of my passions.  I have also had the pleasure to work as a freelance contributor to various brands, including in resort, finance, and luxury.

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Best Blender for Cocktails

KRISTIN HITCHCOCK has over 10 years of experience creating food and cooking content for both web and print and another 1 year within print publishing companies. She still remembers what it felt like to be a new cook fumbling around the kitchen. This is what has driven both her career and her passion for empowering home cooks with dependable recipes, practical cooking know-how, and a love for good food.

She joined the All Recipe team in 2016 and the Blenders Pro team in 2020 and is the former Recipe Editor for Kitchn. In her career, she has been an editor, a writer, and a recipe developer.