Bella Rocket Blender Vs Magic Bullet: Which Is the Best Personal Blender?

What makes a good single-serve personal blender for travel or to just use at home? Is it the power to blend? And if not power, which brand is worth having between Bella Rocket blender vs Magic Bullet?

In general, both Bella and Magic Bullet are decent brands when looking for a simple blender for smoothies under $50. But on this kind of budget, don’t expect the special magic we have on the high-power Vitamix or Blendtec.

The magical part I can say about our Magic Bullet and Bella Rocket blender here is that you can drink from the blending cups. Then again, the overall blending experience varies, as we shall see below.

Verdict: 5 Reasons Magic Bullet is the Best Blender

  • Magic Bullet has a 250-watt motor
  • Magic Bullet has a sturdier plastic build
  • Magic Bullet has slightly larger blending cups
  • Magic Bullet has comfortable flip-top traveling lids
  • Magic Bullet has a bonus 22-ounce drinking mug

Bella Rocket Blender vs Magic Bullet: A Summary of the Personal Blenders

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Should I Get Bella Rocket Blender?

Are you looking for a personal blender you can make smoothies and grind coffee with ease? The Bella Rocket blender is a great option to consider. It not only comes with multiple single-serve cups but also blades assemblies. You can dedicate one blender for dry ingredients and the other for wet blending.

Even better, Bella sends the blender with a large-hole and small-hole shaker top cover to serve your coarse and finely ground spices. Then you also get two resealable lids to keep your blends fresh or even carry in your car without making a mess.

Should I Get Magic Bullet Blender?

The Magic Bullet is the overall bestselling personal blender for smoothies and juicing. In the Magic Bullet vs Vitamix review, we saw it’s also the oldest in the category. But the little guy we have in the market at the moment is the second-generation (2020) model.

Similar to the Bella Rocket, you can grind coffee in a Magic Bullet. The only shortcoming is that the brand doesn’t send you the flat grinding blade. And for that, you’ll have to use the same blade for smoothies to grind.

Bella Rocket Blender vs Magic Bullet

Bella Rocket Blender vs Magic Bullet: The 8 Differences You Should Know

Fans Favorite:

Overall, the two personal blenders are amongst the bestsellers in the country. The Bella Rocket blender has a little over 6,000 positive recommendations on Amazon (only). And while not much, this is pretty impressive considering the countless options in the market.

Meanwhile, the Magic Bullet is no doubt a favorite of many people. At the time of writing, it had about 75,000 positive recommendations on Amazon (only) and ranked first (#1) in the blenders category.

Best of Budget:

As I’ve said earlier, Magic Bullet and Bella Rocket fit the bill if looking for a cheap blender. The former usually has a regular price tag of about forty bucks. But the company currently has a limited-time deal where you can grab the machine at $30 with the whole set of accessories.

You’ll also get the Bella Rocket blender with all the accessories at thirty bucks. And the best part, this has been the manufacturer’s retail price of the brand for quite some time now. So, we could see the price drop to $20 during the end-of-the-year offers.

Best of Accessories:

Fortunately, the price you put down for either of the personal blenders comes with everything you need to blend.

For instance, the Magic Bullet comes as an eleven-piece unit, including the power base, extractor blade, two blending cups, and a party mug. The cups also have two resealable lids, comfort lid rings, a flip-top to-go lid, and a quick recipe book.

As for the Bella Rocket blender, you get a 12-piece system, including the power base, extractor blade, and three blending cups. The blending cups come with a set of resealable lids, (perforated) shaker top covers, comfort lip rings, and blade systems.

As I’ve said earlier, the set of blade systems consists of a flat-blade unit for grinding and a cross-design for wet blending.

While you could still use your blender for grinding spices and other dry ingredients with the wet blade, it loses sharpness fast. The (flat) grinding blade helps split up the blending tasks of your blender, making sure the wet blade retains sharpness longer.

Best of Build & Durability:

Both Magic Bullet and Bella Rocket blenders could last a couple of years if you use and care for them well. But if you plan on using either blender for ice and frozen fruit regularly, don’t expect them to last a decade. Why do I say this?

The two single-serve blenders don’t have what we’d call a premium build. They have quite many plastic parts, including the drive gears. Thus, they may end up stripping sooner if you use the machines on tough tasks daily.

Nonetheless, the Magic Bullet is relatively sturdier than the Bella Rocket, and one of the reasons many people love it. Even the base housing and rim (with the lock tabs), I’ve never come across any scenario of them breaking, which is common with the Bella Rocket.

Best of Blending Power:

Magic Bullet and Bella Rocket kind of share the point here. Not only do they have a compact power base, but also an almost similar 250-watt motor output.

 250 watts is usually seemingly small for a blending machine, for sure. But our little pals here also have compact blending containers and a tiny blending blade that still spins at a super-fast speed.

Speaking of speed, the two single-serve blenders only have a single speed to work with for all your culinary needs. And that means you might find them inconvenient to create a variety of textures than with the single-serve cup of the smart Vitamix 2300 or 3500.

Best of Performance:

When we compare Magic Bullet vs Bella Rocket blender performance, the results are also somehow similar. They both blends by chopping the ingredients at a high speed, which is different from the high-power Vitamix or Blendtec that pummels.

Technically, this should explain why the quality of the blend with a Magic Bullet or Bella Rocket drops after a while: after the blades start getting dull. It should also explain why the manufacturer recommends replacing the blades after every six months.

But even when the blades are razor-sharp, the smoothies from the personal blenders, even though pleasurable, have a grainy taste. In the printed manual, the manufacturers also say to chop down your vegetables and fruits into 1-inch cubes before loading them into the cups.

As for a chilled treat, both Magic Bullet and Bella Rocket blender tends to leave unblended chunks if you use regular ice cubes. So, for the best results, I’d recommend you use either mini-ice cubes or crushed ice (hammer regular ice cubes with a mallet).

Best of Blending Capacity:

Sadly, you can’t use our little friends for multiple servings for three or even two people like the Nutribullet RX and Pro. The short blending cup can only handle a single-cup amount of blend, whereas the tall container is barely enough for a 1.5-cup amount

Moreover, the blending cups don’t have vents to breathe. And for that, you can’t blend hot/ warm liquids or make soda smoothies and coke Slurpee without risking an explosion.

Best of Blending Convenience:

When choosing any type of kitchen tool, convenience is really important. And with our two personal blenders, I’m going to give the points to the Bella Rocket blender.

Needless to say, the two blenders still have so much in common, starting with the lack of physical buttons. You’ll have to use the blending cups to initiate blending.

If you want to blend in short pulses, the idea is usually to mount the cup and push it down as you quickly release. Then to blend continuously, press down the cup and turn it clockwise until the tabs lock to those on the rim of the power base.

Even so, the Bella Rocket blender comes with an extractor blade and a grinding blade. You won’t need to purchase it separately, as with the Magic Bullet blender.

In Conclusion:

Either Bella Rocket blender or Magic Bullet can make an excellent personal blender for either travel or that you can use alongside your countertop machine. In our review, we’ve actually seen the two brands have so much in common, including the pricing, plus most of the accessories and features.

Nonetheless, the Magic Bullet is still my first recommendation from the sturdier build. And if the grinding blade is crucial for you, the company sells it separately at about fifteen bucks.