The 5 Best Blendtec Blenders Reviews in 2024

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What culinary tasks do you often do with your blender? If it’s stuff like grinding coffee beans and milling flours, most of the basic brands can’t handle the strain for too long. But with one of the best Blendtec blenders in your kitchen, you can work on similar tasks with ease daily and for a long time without issues.

The local brand has innovated its blenders with a thick and blunt blade. You will never need to worry about cutting your hands when cleaning or ever need to sharpen the blades.

Blendtec blenders (same as Vitamix) blend by pummeling the ingredients. And for that, the blades don’t need sharpening since the motor will be doing a lot of work.

What’s the Best Blendtec Blender?

In this guide, I’ve put together five selections that can help you find the best Blendtec blender for your kitchen. And out of the five, the Blendtec Total Classic Original is my first recommendation. But you can check out Blendtec Classic 575 if on a tight budget or the Original Designer Series for your smart kitchen.

Features 1560 watts, 10 incremental speeds, 6 preprogrammed settings, digital timer, 75-ounce jar, Spoonula (so), and removable lid cap

Features 1560 watts, 5 incremental speeds, 4 preprogrammed settings, digital timer, 90-ounce jar, all-metal drive gear, and removable lid cap

Features 1560 watts, touchscreen controls, 10 incremental speeds, 6 preprogrammed settings, built-in timer, 90-ounce jar, all-metal drive gear, and removable lid cap

What Makes Blendtec Blenders a Great Buy?

You probably know Blendtec is the major rival of Vitamix and vice versa. They both don’t just specialize in high-performance blenders but also operate from Ohio.

On the performance part, Blendtec blenders do have their drawbacks like any other brand. But they also have almost everything you need to make the most of your kitchen:

  • Heavy-duty blades: they are blunt hardened stainless steel and thicker than regular blenders to handle even the toughest ingredients without breaking.
  • A high-power motor: the brand is undoubtedly a workhorse, with an output of 1500 – 1800 watts. And unlike the regular brands, the wattage here has a heavy workload- not just a high rotational speed.
  • Variable blending speeds: the blenders offer up to 10+ settings to help you achieve a variety of textures.
  • Dedicated pulse function: it’s another cool feature when you want to work on various recipes, especially delicate ones.
  • Automated blending programs: the presets bring to the table walk-away blending, which can be handy when you want to multitask.
  • Built-in digital timer: not a big deal, but it helps you track your blending- especially when operating manually
  • Super-wide blending jar: the design not only processes large batches but also gives the ingredients more than enough room to turn. Thus, enhancing the overall blending experience.

Summary Features, Pros, & Cons of the Best Blendtec Blenders

Best Overall: Blendtec Total Classic Original FourSide Jar Blender

Blendtec Total Blender Classic - Includes FourSide Jar (75 oz) -...
2,958 Reviews
Blendtec Total Blender Classic - Includes FourSide Jar (75 oz) -...
  • Kitchen Countertop Blender: Professional-grade blender uses 1-touch buttons to control the 6...
  • Preprogrammed Blender Cycles: Do more in the kitchen with this blender's preprogrammed cycles for...

The Total Classic is the overall best Blendtec blender and my first recommendation. It has the most perfect balance of pricing, features, and capabilities, starting with a high-power 1560–watt blending power. You can work on even the toughest ingredients into a fine consistency without bogging down.

The motor supports up to ten variable speeds to bring you maximum control over your mixtures for different textures. It also has a dedicated pulse function for when you want to work on delicate tasks like chopping chunky salsa or coleslaw.

Speaking of salsa, the countertop blender has up to six preprogrammed blending cycles, including for dressings, frozen desserts, juice, ice crushing, plus soups. And like others from the brand, there’s a timer to ensure optimal precision for the recipes you prepare manually.

Another thing, Blendtec sends the Total Classic with its standard 75-ounce Fourside jar. But, unfortunately, the container has the calibrations until 32 ounces (equivalent to 4 cups). You’ll have to guess the rest if you want to blend more content.


  • It has a sturdy and lasting build
  • Straightforward to setup & operate
  • Handles soft & tough mixtures well
  • Fits under most kitchen cabinets with ease
  • So easy to clean even around the blade area
  • The jar lid has a removable cap to add ingredients


  • It’s notoriously loud when blending
  • The speed control is a bit boring to press
  • It has a high risk of air bubbles on thick blends

Best of Budget: Blendtec Classic 575 90-oz Jar + Spoonula Blender

Blendtec Classic 575 Blender wtih WildSide+ Jar (96 oz) and...
  • Elevate Your Blending Experience: High quality blender for smoothies, shakes, cocktail drinks,...
  • No Chopping Prep: Save time and never need to chop, slice or dice in advance of blending. Blender...

At only $360, the Blendtec Classic 575 here is one of the best Blendtec blenders to grab if on a tight budget. You will lose some of the blending control on the Total Classic model as it only supports five incremental speeds and three relevant presets. But you’ll also get to enjoy a few extra perks as well.

For instance, the blender comes with the 96-ounce WildSide+ blending jar. Yes, the calibrations only go until 36 ounces. But you could add your ingredients beyond the mark and blend up to eight or even ten cups of drink.

Even better, Blendtec is currently sending this blender with its famous Spoonula spatula. And this means you can now work on butters and acai bowls or scrape out your blends more efficiently.

At a 1560-watt output, the model can work on these thick blends easily without bogging down. You won’t even need to chop the ingredients into cubes as it can pummel through them while still whole.


  • It has a reasonable budget
  • Quick to put together & operate
  • Delivers smooth & pleasurable blends
  • Has both manual & automated blending
  • Slides under most kitchen cabinets easily
  • It has a removable lid cap to add ingredients


  • It’s tricky to blend small amounts
  • Extremely loud at the highest speed
  • The lid doesn’t create a tight seal (tends to leak)

Best of Design: Blendtec Original Designer Series WildSide+ Jar Blender

Blendtec Original Designer Series Blender and 90 Oz WildSide+ Jar...
  • Hot Blends: Heat your soup or drinks in 6 minutes through friction heat with this kitchen blender
  • 8-Speed Control: Customize the consistency of your blender's smoothies with incremental speed cycles

The Blendtec Designer Series is a great piece if you want to add a Sci-Fi touch to your kitchen. It’s not only sleeker than most of the other options from the company. But you get a fully digital control panel, with capacitive touchscreen buttons and a speed slider.

The blender is fully automated, with preprogrammed blending cycles for hot soups, smoothies, whole juice, dressings, frozen desserts, and crushing ice. It also works manually with a 50-second interval and then shuts off (the company claims is to protect the motor).

Of course, a lot of people have not been happy with this manual blending limit. Then again, the blender has the brand’s standard 1560-watt motor and it’s able to complete most blending tasks within this timeline.

If not done by the end of the runtime, you just have to start blending again- in another 50-second cycle. The blender also has a dedicated pulse function that you could not only use to blend in short pulses. But also blend continuously by tapping it without releasing it.


  • It looks pretty neat on the counter
  • Handles soft & hard ingredients well
  • Effortless & fun to operate the controls
  • Has a digital timer to show the blending time
  • Features the extra-wide jar to enhance blending
  • You can remove the lid cap to add ingredients


  • It’s more expensive than others (above)
  • The machine is relatively noisy when blending
  • It’s a bit lacking in flexibility (from the 50-second limit)

Best of Value: Blendtec Professional 800 Stealth Enclosure Blender

Blendtec Professional 800 - Blender with WildSide+ Jar (90 oz)...
395 Reviews
Blendtec Professional 800 - Blender with WildSide+ Jar (90 oz)...
  • For Residential Use Only The World’s Quietest Blender: Features the most advanced proprietary...
  • Heavy-Duty Blender: This kitchen blender features a 1800-watt motor, matte black jar base, and an...

Well, we all know with great power comes great…. noise when blending, especially at the highest speed level. And at a 3.8HP (about 1800 watts) output, we’d expect this Professional Series to be the loudest on the list.

However, Blendtec sends the countertop blender with a sound enclosure. So, you can blend at the highest speed without waking up your family in the morning or interrupting your conversation. That’s not all.

The blending machine brings you up to a dozen incremental speeds to handle your variety of recipes. It also has six preprogrammed settings for when you want a helping hand so you can take care of other matters. Then there’s a pulse button for when making chunky salsa and other recipes that don’t require complete pulverization.

Blendtec has also innovated the Pro 800 with a contemporary design to bring a sense of modernity to your kitchen. It looks elegant on the counter and also has all capacitive touchscreen buttons.


  • It has a well-made, durable design
  • Delivers smooth & pleasurable blends
  • Way quieter than most when blending
  • The touch controls are easy & fun to use
  • Has a built-in timer to track your blending
  • Its heavy base keeps it in place throughout blending


  • It’s so expensive to own
  • Bulky and a bit tricky to move around
  • It’s still tricky to work on small batches

Best of Deal Blendtec Total Classic Original Twister Jar Blender

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender, 90 oz WildSide+ Jar, 24...
  • 10-Speed Control: Customize consistency of your blender's smoothies with incremental speed cycles
  • Easy to Use: The kitchen blender has 6 blend cycles to make anything from smoothies, sauces to soups

Last on the list is a second variant of the Blendtec Total Classic (my first recommendation). But in this case, you receive the blender with both the 90-oz Wildside+ jar and a 24-ounce Twister jar. You can blend either single or large amounts without issues.

The Twister jar has a standard lid with a removable cap and a proprietary lid with a built-in spatula. So, you can scrape the content on the walls when making butters and other thick blends with ease.

Other notable perks of the classic Blendtec blender package include:

  • It comes with a spatula for the large jar
  • Has a powerful 1560-watt motor
  • Offers up to ten incremental speeds
  • Has up to six preprogrammed settings
  • Features a low profile that fits under cabinets
  • It has a built-in digital timer to track your blending


  • It’s so loud when blending
  • The lid doesn’t stay in place
  • Its feet may leave marks on your clear counter

Common Related Questions

How long will a Blendtec blender last?

Technically, how long a Blendtec blender last usually varies with the user. But it features a well-made build, with a Heavy-duty motor, sturdy all-metal drive gear, thick blades, and a tough blending jar. Thus, can last over a decade without issues if maintained well.

Can I make hot soup in a Blendtec blender?

Besides smoothies and juices, you can make hot soup in a Blendtec. You just need to run the machine for six minutes continuously for the blades to generate the friction heat. Most models already have a preset soup program, where you just leave it to run, and will stop after six minutes.

What kind of warranty protection does Blendtec offer?

 Different from regular brands, Blendtec offer four different kinds of warranty protection. It has a 10-year warranty for the Pro 800, an 8-year warranty for Designer Series, and 2-year protection for the Classic/ Total Blenders. Then refurbished models have a 1-year cover

How does Blendtec compare to Vitamix?

 Blendtec compares to Vitamix in several aspects. They are both (high power) premium blenders, with a durable build of hardened blades, tough blending jars, and an all-metal drive system. But Blendtec utilizes the patented thick and blunt blades and an extra-wide jar to enhance blending.

Does Blendtec have a lifetime warranty?

No, Blendtec does not have a lifetime warranty. The Pro 800 has the longest warranty support of up ten years, while the Classic series has protection for two years. You can easily claim the warranty by contacting customer care at 1-800-748-5400.

Final Thoughts:

Well, investing in one of the best Blendtec blenders is worthwhile if you enjoy being in the kitchen. It doesn’t just provides you with quality blends. You’ll also have access to a wide range of culinary possibilities not possible with regular blenders.

For instance, you can now grind coffee and mill grains throughout the week without having to worry about the blades dulling. After all, the blades come already blunt.

As for the best, Blendtec Total Classic Original blender is still my first recommendation. It comes with a decent price tag, yet still blends fast and well.

You’ll miss out on the modern touch on the Blendtec Original Designer Series or PRO 800, for sure. But at the same time, you’ll have to pay a little more for these two.