Blendjet 1 vs Blendjet 2: Which is the Best Portable Blender for Travel

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A compact portable blender for travel is one of the cool gadgets to have if you would love to maintain a healthy diet. But all the brands we have on this type of blender don’t exactly work the same way. And in this review, we’re going to try and compare Blendjet 1 vs Blendjet 2 to see which is worth buying.

Blendjet is the brand behind the two mini blenders. And while not many local dealers stock it, the company operates from right here in California.

Fast forward, Blendjet 1 and 2 are both nice rechargeable blenders if you don’t expect them to perform as full-size machines. But what to choose now comes down to what you plan to do as they quite differ in features and capabilities.

Verdict: The 6 Reasons Blendjet 2 is the Best Blender

  • The Blendjet 2 has a dedicated pulse mode
  • The Blendjet 2 has a slightly stronger motor
  • The Blendjet 2 has a higher-capacity battery
  • The Blendjet 2 has a larger, marked blending jar
  • The Blendjet 2 has a built-in safety “Lock” Mode
  • The Blendjet 2 has a water-resistant charging port

Blendjet 1 vs Blendjet 2: A Summary of the Portable Blenders for Travel

FactsBlendjet 1 BlenderBlendjet 2 Blender
Dimensions (in Inches)3.15 by 3.15 by 9.13.2 by 3.2 by 10.6
Available Colors27 Options [Basic & Colorful]27 Options [Basic & Colorful]
Single-Serve Cups12 Ounces16 ounces (optional 32-ounce jar)
Motor Output6 watts14.8 watts
Manual ControlSingle SpeedSingle speed
Pre-set ProgramsN/AN/A
Pulse FunctionN/AYES
Control TypesPhysical ButtonPhysical Button
Standard Warranty30 Limited Days30 Limited Days

Should I Get the Blendjet 1 Blender?

Are you looking for a simple portable blender for protein shakes and light smoothies? The Blendjet 1 certainly fits the bill.

At 6 watts, the miniature motor of the blender is enough to break down powders and fresh, soft fruits. You could add ice to the blending bottle for a more chilled and cooling drink. But from the limited power and processing space, you’ll want to work with pre-crushed ice for optimal results.

Nonetheless, the Blendjet single-serve blender does have a built-in strainer. You won’t need to worry about the unblended chunks falling into the serving glasses or your mouth if drinking from the blending bottle.


  • It’s so cheap to own
  • Pulverizes soft fruits and greens decently
  • Can fit in the standard cup holders with ease
  • Has a lightweight design & a carrying strap
  • It has built safety features to avoid splattering issues


  • It has no calibrations on the blending container
  • Tends to struggle with pulverizing ice cubes & hard foods

Should I Get the Blendjet 2 Blender?

Do you like the idea of the Blendjet 1 but would love access to more capabilities? The Blendjet 2 is the second generation of the series, with nearly all the improvements we asked for on the first machine, starting with more power to blend.

Yes, the motor is nowhere close to what we have in the Nutribullet RX or Pro personal blender. But it’s powerful enough to pulverize whole baby carrots and even the right size of ice cubes with enough water.

Even better, you could use the blender as a food processor on the go, thanks to the integrated pulse function. Then, it has a water-resistant design in that you enjoy your blends on the beach or poolside without worrying about damage.


  • It delivers smooth, pleasurable smoothies
  • You can make more drinks than the original
  • Blends without waking up your sleeping family
  • It has a safety lock mode to avoid accidental starting
  • The blending cups have calibrations for easier measuring


  • It’s still not powerful enough to crush a regular ice cube
  • Tricky to blend  carbonated or hot mixtures without exploding

Blendjet 1 vs Blendjet 2: The 9 Differences You Should Know When Buying

  1. Best of Budget

Overall, Blendjet is a nice option if looking for a simple but nice blender under $50. The Blendjet 1 has had a permanent promotional price of $40, whereas you can get Blendjet 2 at $49.88.

Furthermore, Blendjet still offers limited-time offers on travel blenders, with up to 30% savings on one or more purchases.

  • Best of Accessories

Compared to Nutribullet and Nutri Ninja, the Blendjet single-serve blenders do not have a lot of accessories. Say the original Blendjet (One), your box will only come with a rechargeable base, blending jar, strainer, lid with a strap, and Micro-USB cable.

Similarly, the Blendjet 2 also has a power base, blending jar, lid with a strap, and a (Type-C) charging USB cable. The company didn’t include the built-in strainer despite its efficiency on the first release.

However, the Blendjet 2 does come with a bonus Jetsetter insulated sleeve (valued at $15) in various cases. Then you could purchase the Jetsetter insulated tote to carry your blender and other stuff when going to the gym, work, or beach.

  • Best of Build & Style

Both Blendjet blenders have a nicely built design that can last a couple of years if you use and maintain it well. The plastic housing of the power base, jar, and leak-proof lid feels sturdy. Then the blending blade is all stainless steel, so you won’t need to worry about corrosion and rust.

Furthermore, the portable blenders are available in many custom colors, with both basic and colorful options. You can get your favorite shade or pattern (out of 27 options) to match your daily style.

Unlike the original model, though, the Blendjet 2 has a water-resistant design. You never have to worry about damaging the charging port with liquids in the kitchen sink, pool, or when kayaking.

  • Best of Portability

The two Blendjet blenders share the points here. They have a compact design (roughly 3 by 10 inches) that you can stash in the gym bag without a hassle.

The diameter of the blender (3 inches) can also fit in the standard cup holder of your car, kayak, or bike. And the best part, you could get the Jetsetter sleeve or tote, which makes it easier to carry over long distances.

  • Best of Blending Power

When we compare Blendjet 2 vs 1 blender here, the former takes the whole point. If we start with the source of power, the model has a 4000mAh rechargeable battery that lasts over a dozen blends per charge.

Secondly, the second-generation Blendjet has an upgraded 14.8-watt motor with patented TurboJet® technology. It blasts your ingredients in a cyclonic action, which is how the machine has managed to pulverize even ice cubes. Sadly, the blending speed is only one.

The first Blendjet blender also has a single blending speed, which is relatively inconvenient if you want to produce different textures. But unlike the latest model, it has a 2000mAH battery that runs the 6-watt motor onboard for 9-10 blends per charge.

  • Best of Performance

In a performance test with baby carrots, the Blendjet 2 can pulverize them in two 20-second blending cycles. It’s also possible to use the blender for ice and frozen fruit for a more chilled drink. You just have to make sure the ingredients are small and have enough liquid to enhance the blending process.

On the other hand, Blendjet 1 is not able to work on whole baby carrots before chopping them into small cubes. It also struggles to crush ice cubes even after filling the blending cup halfway with liquid.

  • Best of Quiet Blending

You can use either of the Blendjet rechargeable blenders at any time of the day without being invasive. I’ve not been able to measure the exact decibel level of the machines with a meter. But you’ll find it all sound like the typical dentist drill.

  • Best of Blending Capacity

When we compare Blendjet 2 vs Blendjet 1 blending amounts, the former takes the lead again. It comes with a 16-ounce jar, which is enough to make 1.75 cups of blend per time. The jar also has calibrations in millimeters and ounces, which can be handy for recipe measurements when away from your kitchen.

Even better, Blendjet has also released a 32-ounce jar that you could use with the Blendjet 2 powerbase. The large jar isn’t compatible with the Blendjet 1. And for that, you’ll have to stick with the standard 12-ounce jar (without calibrations) that the company sends.

  • Best of Blending Convenience

When we put together everything we’ve just covered, the Blendjet 2 beats the Blendjet 1 on convenience. You can make more drinks, crush ice, plus enjoy longer blending and use without having to worry about water damage.

Furthermore, the containers compatible with the Blendjet 2 have a relatively wide profile, which is great for chopping tasks. And to make it even better, the power base has the option to pulse your mixtures.

The Warranty Could be Better

Whether you want a quick blend or the ability to blend anywhere, either Blendjet 1 or Blendjet is a nice investment. And at less than fifty bucks, you can get the rechargeable blender even when you own a full-size machine.

However, the Blendjet 2 is still my recommendation if you won’t mind adding the extra eight dollars. You can blend more drinks, chop nuts or salsa, measure your recipes with ease, and work on mixtures with ice longer.

But as you use your new blender, do remember Blendjet only offers 30-day standard warranty support (previously 60 days). You’ll have to purchase a longer protection cover separately, starting at $4 for 1 year or 3 years at $11.