Breville Super Q vs Vitamix: Which is the Best Professional-Grade Blender Brand

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In this article, we’re going to look at Breville Super Q vs Vitamix blenders to see how they compare to each other. But then, Vitamix represents all the innovations from the local maker. So, we’ll use the Vitamix A2500 blender for reference purposes. Even so, choosing between this two is not easy, especially if you know little or nothing about blenders. They both have almost similar pricing, power rating, and blending functions.

In my opinion, however, Breville Super Q beats Vitamix 2500 in a number of ways.

The 5 Reasons Breville Super Q is the Best Blender

Breville Super Q  high speed blender
Breville Super Q

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  • The blender has up to five preset programs
  • It has premium and lasting metallic finishing
  • The Breville Super Q is quieter when blending
  • The Breville VAC Q device can prevent the issue of air bubble
  • Breville includes the blender with personal blending accessories

Breville Super Q Latest Price

Breville Super Q vs Vitamix: Comparing the Features and Capabilities of the blenders

Both Vitamix and Breville are amazing brands, whether you want a simple blender for juicing and smoothies or a sophisticated design for your smart kitchen. The following’s a summary of the two blending technologies before we jump to the detailed review.

Facts Breville Super Q Vitamix A2500
Release Date 2019 2016
Material Type Plastic Plastic
Available Colors 1 Option
[Brushed Stainless steel]
4 Options
[Black, Red, White, & Slate]
Jar Capacity 68 Ounces 64 Ounces
Dimensions 8.2″ x 10.6″ x 18.1″ 7.0” x 9.5” x 17”
Personal Blending YES YES
Motor Size 1800 watts 1640 watts
Manual Control 12 variable speeds 10 variable speeds
Pre-set Programs YES YES
Pulse Function YES YES
Control Types One-touch Buttons Classic switch buttons
3 Best Features
  • Less noisy motor
  • Make hot soups
  • Compatible with the VAC Q
  • Self-detect technology
  • Make hot soups
  • Muddle Mojito drinks
Warranty 10-Year warranty 10-Year warranty
Recommendations Read 100+ Reviews Read 600+ Reviews

Breville Super Q Review

Overall, Breville is part of the luxury blending like Blendtec and Vitamix. However, not many Americans talk about it, which I guess is because the brand is foreign- from Australia. It’s a nice and reliable home appliance company, though, and the Breville Super Q has proven that.

From a sleek design to a powerful motor, this blender has nearly everything you need to process food in the kitchen. It has a versatile powerbase that you can use with the full-size pitcher or single-serve cups if making a to-go smoothie.

Also, Breville Super Q supports both manual and automated blending. So, you can enjoy walk-away convenience, as well as produce certain recipes without guess-work

Vitamix A2500 Review

On its end, Vitamix A2500 is part of the smart blenders that the Ohio-based company introduced around 2016. Unlike Vitamix 5200 and 5300, or its other older cousins, this model came with a whole new design, including the look and capabilities. Yes, the results are all the same, but it has some bells and whistles that others before her don’t have.

For instance, all the classic Vitamix blenders (currently categorized as Legacy series) require a personal cup adapter to blend with the single-serve cups. With the Ascent A2500, though, the power base has a built-in wireless technology that enables the base to work with various containers. This includes the regular 64-oz jar, Aer disc container, 20-oz cup, 8-oz blending bowls, or food processor attachment.

Another thing, Vitamix A2500 and A3500 are the only Ascent systems with default automated blending. However, the two, plus A2300 and A3300 that have no presets can still support automated blending if you sync them up with the Perfect Blend App.

Breville Super Q vs Vitamix blender comparison
Breville Super Q vs Vitamix

Breville Super Q vs Vitamix: The Various Similarities and Differences between the Blenders

How’s the Pricing

In general, both Vitamix and Breville Super Q are relatively expensive to buy. They cost almost $500 but with a five-dollar difference between them. So, you must be ready financially to lay your hands on either.

Even so, Vitamix tends to offer promotional offers from time to time, whereby you can save $50 to $100+. It also does have the refurbished program that allows homeowners to get their favorite blender, in this case, A2500, at a discounted price.

The best part about the certified reconditioned Vitamixs is that you can get a standard warranty of up to 5 years, which you can even extend. And since the company doesn’t charge even the return shipping fees, it might be worth giving it a shot.

Which Accessories Are Provided

Despite the high price tag, the two blenders don’t come with all the accessories you can use on the blender. If it’s the Breville Super Q, you’ll get the power base, 68-oz jar, 24-oz personal cup + blade system, tamper + spatula, and a cookbook. So, you’ll need to buy the VAC Q system separately if you need your smoothie with a smoother texture and richer colors and flavors.

Meanwhile, Vitamix A2500 only includes the power base, 64-oz jar, tamper, and a cookbook in the package. The rest of the accessories, including 20-oz cup, 8-oz bowl, food processor attachment, Aer Disc container, blade scraper, and smart scale, you’ll purchase separately. This means you’ll still need to invest more in your Vitamix to make the most from it.

Therefore, Breville is the clear winner here.

How’s the Design?

Both Breville and Vitamix blender looks lovely from either side when on the counter. However, the local make has four regular colors you can pick if you wish to match with your other kitchenware. It also has a rather large control panel, and the curved bevel does give it a unique elegance that Vitamix 7500 and 750 never had. But again, the Ascent blender is pretty noisy when blending, which is the reason the design points will also go to Australia.

Even though I haven’t used the blender myself, all the comments I have read from previous buyers say Breville Super Q is quieter. This came as a surprise to me at first, considering it has a very powerful motor, just like the Vitamix. It wasn’t until I realized that the creators did include noise suppression technology to cut down the sound level by some percentage.

Can I Store it in the Cabinet?

For this one, Vitamix A2500 wins, all thanks to the low-profile container. The blender (base + container + lid) has a total height of roughly 17 inches. So, you can slide under the standard 17.5 or 18 inches kitchen cabinet without a hassle.

More on that, the Vitamix machine has a base footprint that covers approximately seven by ten inches. Thus, will occupy a slightly lesser countertop space than the Breville Super Q that has a base of 8.2 by 10.6 inches. Also, don’t forget this blender counts up to 18.1 inches when the container is mounting on the base. So, it might be tricky to fit in the standard 18-inch cabinet while the lid is on.

Can I Make Cocktail Drinks?

Well, all full-size Vitamix blenders can make hot soups, flour, frozen desserts, and lots of other recipes. A blender like the A2500 has a 2.2HP motor that even includes a peak-horsepower boost. So, blending frozen stuff for a margarita and other cocktail drinks is also a breeze. You can even make fine-textured spice powders, grain flour, and fresh ground coffee without breaking or dulling the blades (hardened stainless steel).

Meanwhile, Breville Super Q also has a powerful motor, 1800 watts output to be specific, that you can use for various blending purposes. The blender can handle frozen fruits and ice for smoothies or cocktail drinks well. Then, you can also perform food processor functions like chopping, milling, and grinding without problems. The blender even can bring cold soup to a warm temperature in under six minutes, just like Vitamix and its rival, Blendtec.

However, Vitamix still wins on making cocktails as you can muddle mojito in an Aer Disc container without pulverizing the ingredients. It also produces a slightly smoother and consistent smoothie than Breville. Hence, the reason top brands like Smoothie King, and Tropical Café go for it.

Does it have Automated Blending?

Honestly, it’s right to say Vitamix A2500 and Breville Super Q are “smart” blenders. They both can operate on full-size or single-serve containers, plus you can choose to work with automated blending.

Even so, the Breville model has five default presets programs, whereas the Ascent makes has only three. Of course, you could sync up any of the four Vitamix Ascent machines to the Vitamix Perfect Blend app and send up to 17 programs. However, quite a handful of Vitamix owners have complained of the app crashing and also lack of custom recipes. Thus, not something to give high hopes on at the moment.

Regardless, both Breville Super Q and Vitamix A2500 have a built-in timer that can count up and down when blending. So, you can still customize your own recipes with precision if you know their exact processing time.

Is it easy to Blend With?

As was mentioned, Vitamix and also Breville is kind of luxury blenders. They both have a super-powerful engine and rugged stainless steel blades that pummels through soft to the toughest ingredients.

Furthermore, the blenders have a user-friendly interface, with physical buttons and a knob to ramp up the speed. So, you can produce about any texture to high consistency because there’s that control over the mixture.

That said, a Vitamix can deal with large chunks of fruits (sometimes even whole). So, you necessarily don’t need to further chop down your apple halves.

How About the Warranty?

This is yet another seemingly shared factor between Breville Super Q and Vitamix A2500 blender since both have a 10-year standard warranty. Nonetheless, the credit goes back to Vitamix as the guarantee policy covers not only the product but also the return shipping fees.

Also, all Vitamix blenders (refurbished and brand-new) come with extended warranty periods. So, quality and durability are guaranteed and not around chances.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Is there a better blender than Vitamix?

Vitamix no doubt is the best smoothie blender in the market. It also has a wide variety of models and variations to choose from, with either the vintage classic or modern digital touch.

For years, however, Vitamix has been only a dream blender for many households from its high price tag. So, if your budget is not right, brands like Ninja Kitchen, Hamilton Beach, Oster, and Nutribullet have some amazing deals. Breville is also a great blender, but costs as much as a Vitamix does.

What is the best blender on the market right now?

The term “best” is pretty broad and could represent a lot of aspects. If we’re speaking of the best budget-friendly blender, my hat tip’s to Ninja as you can even get models with presets under $100. When it comes to versatility, though, Vitamix is the first choice. The blender makes the silkiest smoothie to the finest flour, plus it has proven as the most durable over the rest.

What blenders do professionals use?

Truthfully, different people have unique preferences, and that extends to places of business. However, many food businesses here in the U.S. use Vitamix blenders due to their versatility and reliability. It can blend, chop, grind, and whip mixtures regularly without wearing down fast as many brands. A good example of food businesses that use Vitamix is Starbucks, Smoothie King, Tropical Café, and Portland Hunt + Alpine Club.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re looking for a blender that you can use for blending small and large batches, Breville Super Q and Vitamix both qualify. They both have a hybrid power base that allows you to blender with a large jug and personal cups without connecting other attachments. Also, the two machines have an extended warranty period, plus automated blending for several basic recipes.

Even so, the Breville model will be my recommendation over Vitamix A2500 as it comes with slightly more accessories, in particular for single-serve blending. It also has integrated noise dampening technology, which is a big plus if you have ear problems.

Anyways, I hope the article was helpful and with the details you were seeking to decide on your new blending machine.