Care & Maintenance of a Blender: Can You Put Nutribullet Blade in Dishwasher?

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How well do you care for your blender? The first rule to a healthy and pleasurable smoothie is to make sure your containers are clean before you blend. But then, can you put Nutribullet blade in dishwasher alongside the other utensils?

Well, many of us today are busy bees and hardly have enough time in our houses. It’s also pretty expensive to “legally” hire a helper here in the States. Hence, one of the reasons we’ve seen increasingly adoption of automated appliances like robot vacuums and dishwashers.

The machines help run the various chores around the house, and, the best part, you don’t need to babysit them. In a dishwasher, since that’s our topic here, you only need to arrange your dirty utensils in the racks and run the desired cycle.

After an hour or so (varies on the chosen setting), all the plates, cups, glasses, blender jar, et cetera will be sparkling clean.

How Often Should I Clean My Nutribullet?

Well, how often do you clean your dinner plates and cups? If it’s after every use, you should do the same for the Nutribullet. And in doing so, you get to:

  • Prevent the blend remains from drying off on the walls of the container. It helps avoid issues like clouding,  especially if you use your Nutribullet for grinding spices.
  • Make sure the previous blends don’t ruin your next recipes with a sour taste or lead to food poisoning
  • Ensure optimal performance of your blender by minimizing the risk of overheating or the blade jamming
  • Maintain the original look of the blender, in particular leaving the containers clear enough to see your mixture inside
  • Make sure your blender lives the intended lifetime
  • Avoid unnecessary bills that you’d have spent to replace the cloudy blending jars or a burnt-out motor

How to Clean a Nutribullet & Accessories

The process and methods for cleaning a Nutribullet are pretty much the same ones if you wanted to clean a Vitamix. You can use either the self-cleaning technique by blending a mixture of warm, soapy water at high speed or do the hand-washing.

However, the self-cleaning option may not be very effective if you had put peanut butter in your blender mixture. The threaded mouth of the single-serve cups in the compact Nutribullet 900 or 1200 Combo blender will also trap some debris.

Can You Put Nutribullet Blade in Dishwasher

So, you might still have to hand-wash the containers and blade assembly. But it’s a simple task that will take less than five minutes if you’ve got fast hands.

You only need the warm water and 2-3 drops of your dish soap in a sink or bucket. Then:

  1. Hand-wash the Nutribullet cups and blade assembly well while using a sponge. Don’t use an abrasive scrubber as it will scratch the inside of your blending containers, which not only damages the look. But will also encourage pungent smell and staining, plus make it impossible to see inside. Remember to clean the to-go lids and lip ring as well.
  2. Once you’ve cleaned all the accessories (including around the grooves on the lid assembly), rinse them over running water.
  3. Next, wipe off the water on the exterior and interior of the blending containers using a dry, soft rag. Then place them (and the extractor blade assembly) on the dish drainer to properly air-dry before storing.


You should place the extractor blade assembly on the dish drainer rack on its side to make sure both the top and bottom sides dry completely.

Secondly, according to Nutribullet, you’re not supposed to take out the rubber gasket on the extractor blade. If you remove it, the company claims you can “permanently damage the extractor blade and cause leakage”. Instead, you should “rinse with vinegar/ water solution” to disinfect.

However, some foodstuff will still slip behind the rubber gasket, which will accumulate into disgusting debris over time. And for that, I’d personally recommend you remove, then clean the component at least twice or three times a year.

If the blender starts leaking from doing so, a new replacement extractor blade costs about ten/ fifteen bucks. Just order another one and you’ll actually have an added advantage of sharp blades for a better blending experience.

Can You Put Nutribullet Blade in Dishwasher

As was mentioned earlier, plenty of people hardly have the time to do the house chores. Some have taken two jobs in a day while others have to drive long miles to work and back, leaving only a few personal hours in a day.

Luckily, the Blending container of the Nutribullet is usually dishwasher-safe. After emptying all the blends, you only have to put the jar in the cleaning chamber alongside the other dirty utensils. Then, hit the normal cleaning cycle.

However, the Nutribullet blending cups are usually plastic- BPA-free, of course. And while the material is tough enough to withstand the vigorous beating of frozen stuff, it can warp/ melt at high temperatures.

But a dishwasher has a heating element to warm the water for cleaning at the bottom area. You should only arrange your Nutribullet containers on the top rack where the temperature is relatively cooler.

The Extractor Blade isn’t Dishwasher-Safe

Sadly, rubber material’s usually highly susceptible to stretching or warping at even low heat for long periods. And for this reason, you should NEVER put Nutribullet blade assembly in the dishwasher- not even on the top rack. If you do, the rubber gasket may become loose and lead to issues like leaking.

But again, you still have to clean your extractor blade since it will be coming in contact with food. A quick hand-wash with a dish-sponge in a sink of warm soapy water and a thorough rinsing should do the trick.

Once done with that, dry the extractor blade completely to discourage mold from forming. (Remember to place it on the draining rack on its side for both sides of the blade to dry well).

Can You Sanitize the Nutribullet in a Dishwasher?

Similar to laundry machines, dishwashers usually have a “Sanitize” cleaning cycle to get rid of common household bacteria.

The feature works by raising the heat higher than the normal cleaning, before finishing off with an even hotter rinse. Thus, can easily warp both plastic and rubber accessories while even on the top rack, considering even the cleaning time extends by up to 1.5 hours.

Also, this would mean you should never run the Sanize cleaning cycle of your magic chores machine when you have the Nutribullet containers. If you want to disinfect the accessories, the trick with a vinegar/ water solution would work.

Note: the vinegar/ water solution is also one of the mixtures we often use to clean a stained plastic container. And for that, you shouldn’t have the issue of clouding on your Nutribullet cups or pitcher as well.

The Base is also Not Dishwasher-Safe

The Nutribullet blade isn’t the only one you can’t put in a dishwasher. Your motor base is also highly susceptible to damage and a high risk of an electric short/ shock when the electronic parts come in contact with water.

But the base also gets dirty and you should clean it regularly as well. It’s the easiest task as you only need to wipe the exterior with a sponge or a soft, damp (not dripping wet) dishcloth until clean.

In the event of a spillage on the top area of the motor where the cups locks, you also shouldn’t attempt to clean it off with water. Just wipe with a damp cloth/ sponge until all the dirt comes off.