How to Make a Protein Shake without a Blender

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As you know, a protein shake is one of the best food supplements to boost your metabolism and enhance muscle development. However, some of us usually go to a smoothie shop to get the diet drink, yet it’s very simple to make one yourself or at home. You don’t even need a machine to do it. Hence, the reason I have picked this topic and show you how to make a protein shake without a blender.

Regardless, a blender machine is the best for the task due to the powdered motor and the fast-moving blades. It’s also a better choice if you would want to give your shake an extra sweet flavor or additional nutrients with your favorite fruits. And in case you would want to make a larger amount, the whirling from the blades can break up the powder grains. Thereby ensuring the whole scoops get to dissolve in the mixing agent you’re using- that’s water or milk.

That being the case, though, some blenders tend to have a wide container that may prove difficult in processing small batches. Also, it’s kind of boring to know you’ll later have to clean the blender components and the containers you drink from. So, if you’re just making a simple shake with only the powders, alternative solutions might come in handy.

What you need: Pint glass and spoon, shaker cup with lid, or an old spaghetti jar with a solid lid.

Should You Use Water Or Milk?

This is a common question that tends to confuse many, especially if new to using protein powders. Of course, you’re free to use either the milk or water, but each has its unique features and, well, effects.

  • Milk

Milk is the best mixing agent when it comes to creating a good protein shake. Just like when you’re making some hot cocoa, it helps create a creamier shake, packed with additional nutritional value.

However, how creamier the texture will depend on the available fat content as you can either use skimmed or low-fat milk.

  • Water

Water is the easiest choice in mixing protein powder since it’s readily available. Unlike milk though, you have to be extra careful as you can end up with a thin solution very easily.

Also, you may find the taste from a water-shake a bit boring even if you have the tastiest protein powder in the mix. The only difference possible is if you’re using something like coconut water.

Step By Step Guide On How To Make A Protein Shake Without A Blender

Like I have just said, the following techniques can deliver a smooth protein shake without lumps or floating bits. With the first one, I have experimented it myself and proved successful. So, you too can make it happen if you do it in the right manner.

#1: How to make ANY protein shake with a Pint Glass


  • Start by putting a little bit of milk/ water in the drinking glass, then add your scoop{s} of protein powder. The whole idea is to first create a thick mixture.
  • Stir the mixture vigorously until all the powder is dissolved. You’ll want to add that ¼ or ½ scoop of plant-based chocolate at this point if you don’t want to have a lumpy or grainy drink. If you encounter some stubborn bits that won’t mix by stirring, mash them against the edges of the jar to break them up.
  • After all the ingredients have mixed, you should have a dense protein shake. You’ll now need to thin it to your desired consistency. So, gradually add your milk/ water while stirring to ensure all is well-mixed.
  • Finally, transfer your shake into a gym bottle, or else drink directly from the glass without dirtying other utensils.

#2: How to Make a Hearty Protein Shake with a Shaker Cup

For this one, everything’s straightforward and hassle-free. You just need to have a shaker cup, with its airtight lid and mixing ball.


  • Place 1-1/2 cup milk in a clean shaker cup
  • Add one scoop of Vanilla Protein powder and one chopped well-ripe banana
  • Secure the lid of the container, and shake it vigorously
  • Shake. Shake. Shake, until all the ingredients dissolve into the liquid.
  • Pour the protein shake into a drinking glass, or sneak the shaker cup into your bag and head to the gym.

The use of the banana in this case is to enhance the taste of your protein smoothie. It also packs numerous essential vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin B6, manganese, potassium, and copper. Hence, aiding in metabolism, digestive health, and muscle recovery along the way.

Thanks to the contained mixing mechanism, the shaker can cut through even the thickest ingredients, including bananas and nut butter. So, you have a better chance to customize your shake to your desired taste.

#3: How to Make a Creamy Vanilla Protein Shake with an Old Jar

For this technique, the whole idea is to use your old spaghetti jar as the shaker cup. Therefore, you have to make sure the lid is solid and airtight. Then, you’ll add two ice cubes to the mix to help the powder mix well.


  • Put the ice cubes in your jar, then add one cup of low-fat milk. The container has to have clear walls so that you can see the content levels
  • Add one scoop of vanilla protein powder and a teaspoon of peanut butter
  • Secure the lid on the container, and shake vigorously
  • Shake, again and again, making sure all the ingredients are properly mixed.
  • At this point, you should only have a smooth, creamy shake in the bottle. If you notice some remaining bits of undissolved powder, mash them against the edge of the jar using a long spoon.
  • Pour your peanut vanilla protein shake into a drinking glass, and enjoy!

To Conclude:

These are the three simple tricks that you use to mix your protein powder and still get a silky shake without being lumpy or grainy. The use of a shaker cup is the most efficient of all due to the mixing mechanism sitting at the bottom or on the lid.

In a time of emergency, however, let’s say your blender accidentally spoils and no shaker cup, you can still make a shake if you wanted. If it’s the drinking glass you have, you only need to make a thick powder paste- like when making sauce (during cooking). Then, you gradually dilute it when stirring with a spoon.

If not that one, then you can go with an old jar and ice cubes. You’ll still get a lovely protein smoothie and due to the ice, you get to enjoy that extra icy sweetness.

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