How to Make Fresh Pure Fruit/ Vegetable Juice in a Vitamix

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Do you love cold-pressed fruit juices? If yes, you know the drink isn’t cheap from those organic juice bars. So, you can save some coins if you know how to juice with a Vitamix from your home kitchen.

No, of course, you can still get a cheap blender for juicing and smoothies to do the task, but Vitamix handles the task much well. Unlike other blenders, the brand combines a high-power motor with tough, sharp blades. Thus, you get to achieve a super-smooth blend with no grainy or fibrous remains.

Does this Make Vitamix Better than a Traditional Juicer?

Usually, every kitchen appliance has roles it excels best than the others. For instance, the primary role of a blender’s to blend, then a juicer shines best on juicing. And when you go beyond these tasks, what you’ll be doing is nothing more than improvisation.

In fact, when you compare Vitamix vs Juicer side by side, their process to extract the juice totally differs. But each method also has its pros and cons, as shown below.

Traditional Juicer

Basically, the process to make juice in a dedicated cold-press juicer involves crushing the foods at a very slow speed (between 80-100 rpm). The tool uses an integrated auger (or squeezing screw) that chews on the fruits and vegetables as they fall through the chute. Hence, its other name, masticating (means chewing) juicer.

Even so, the most common juicers in the market are centrifugal designs. In this case, the juicer usually extracts the juice by chopping the food at a very high speed (up to 13,000 rpm or higher). Then strains the drink through its perforated basket into the collecting bowl.

Despite their different working mechanics, all juicers usually extract water and nutrients from the produce but leave the insoluble fiber behind. For this reason, you’ll have a lot of pulp that’ll go to waste if you don’t have good use of it. Then, you’ll require more produce to yield juice of a similar amount to a Vitamix.

Vitamix “Juicer”

If you have a Vitamix, you necessarily don’t need to buy a dedicated juicer if you don’t want to or have a space for it. The machine is one of the few true high-power blenders that can make you a nice amount of juice within minutes.

how to juice with a Vitamix

In the previous test, we actually saw you can make whole-food and undiluted carrot juice in Vitamix. The machine does so by pulverizing and breaking down entire food, including the skin, seeds, and pulp to a cellular level. Thus, nourishing your body with all the valuable Vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that you’d have gotten if you ate the raw fruit/ vegetable. Here is the top-quality Vitamix blender for juicing at your home.

In the whole-food sense, the insoluble minerals also force the body to release nutrients into the bloodstream in slow and even doses. That means the juice you take will stay longer in your digestive system. Thus, could be a great option if you want to have a healthy, filling drink that you can substitute for one or two meals.

Other advantages of juicing with a Vitamix over a dedicated juicer include:

  • Juicing with a Vitamix usually leaves less to no food waste
  • The Vitamix blender requires less Produce to make the same amount of juice as a juicer
  • A Vitamix is more Cost-effective, considering it makes more juice with less food waste

Last but not least, a blender is overly convenient since it’s not limited to only one task. For instance, you can use your Vitamix as a food processor when you want to make salsas, flour, Pizza, meatballs, or even frozen desserts.

Step by Step Guide on how to Juice with a Vitamix

Typically, making a juice with a Vitamix is very easy. But again, the process usually depends on whether you want to make whole food or undiluted juice.

V1: Making an Undiluted Juice with a Vitamix

In this juicing method, the idea is to replicate the work of a traditional juicer in your Vitamix. It involves blending your fruits or vegetables at the highest speed of your machine until the blend has a smooth texture. Then, you filter the insoluble pulp out while using a filtering bag or a strainer.

But as you know, Vitamix makes the smoothest blends than other blenders. Even in smoothies, you won’t taste those tiny grains and fibers that cheap blenders leave behind. So, you’ll also have little pulp after filtering with the strainer.

how to juice with a Vitamix

The best part of an undiluted juice with a Vitamix is that you’ll enjoy the true taste of the produce. The reason being your blend will only have the natural concentrate from the fruits/ vegetables. In fact, you won’t even be adding water while blending, unless you want your juice watery.

A good example to illustrate here is a homemade orange juice, in which you only need fresh oranges. Since we’re not using water, 260 grams of the citrus will give you about half a glass of the drink. So, you might want to grab as many oranges as you can get if you’re hoping to share or save the juice for later.

Recipe Directions:

After you have gathered your oranges:

  1. Start by washing all of them and remove the peel
  2.  Halve the oranges, then cut in the center to remove as many seeds as possible (seeds can make your juice bitter)
  3. Once the oranges are ready, add them into the container of your Vitamix (you can add a bit of salt and honey to taste). Then, secure the lid
  4. Power on the machine and blend at the highest speed for 1 minute or until the desired consistency.
  5. Now filter the blend through a fine-mesh strainer or a nut milk bag
  6. Finally, serve your Pure orange juice into the drinking glasses and enjoy!

Note: some seeds and pith from the orange might still find their way into your blend. Hence, the reason I’ve mentioned you can add a pinch of salt and a bit of a sweetener in Step (3) to cut down the bitter taste.

V2: Making a Whole-Food Juice With a Vitamix

In a whole-food juice, the extraction process involves blending your fruits and vegetables until you have the right consistency. It’s the easiest method to juice with a Vitamix as you’ll be serving the drink while it still has the insoluble fibers. So, you won’t need to do the straining procedure as with the Undiluted juicing.

Instead, you’ll have to blend your ingredients until it takes on a smooth texture. You’ll also need to add some water when blending this time to achieve the right (light) consistency of a juice. However, don’t add too much water as it’ll dilute the concentration of your juice, thereby making it watery.

Check this video for live experience

In Conclusion

If you have enough room to use and store, it surely warming to own both a Vitamix and a dedicated juicer. Not only can you make all the kinds of juice you want, but also convince your mates of your serious healthy lifestyle (even when it’s not).  

However, a Vitamix will be more worthwhile if your situation proves impossible to have both kitchen machines. It has the means to make pure, undiluted juices and also the whole-food version (impossible with a traditional juicer). Then, there’s the aspect of versatility, whereby you can use the blender for blending, chopping, and other food processes.