4 Easy Ways on How to Use a Nutribullet Right

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Did you know you can make your own lactose-free milk with a Nutribullet? That’s right. You can make healthy almond milk right from your kitchen while using only natural ingredients. It’s an easy recipe to make but, surprisingly, many of us still don’t know how to use a Nutribullet to the maximum.

Needless to say, it’s quite understandable that most fear exhausting their machine sooner than expected. So, they only use the blender for green smoothies, which in many households is like once per week. Instead of using that chance to make a milkshake or something like Frappuccino, they’d rather drive thirty miles to go and buy.

But, anyway, this topic is all about how to use Nutribullet blender for the best. So, I hope by the end of it you’ll already have at least ten recipe ideas to try by next Saturday.

Is Nutribullet a Good blender?

Before all else, Nutribullet is among the best choices if you’re looking for affordable blenders under $100. This includes personal/ single-serve models, as well as a few full capacity models that can come in handy when blending for many.

More on that, the company has recently (2021) introduced Nutribullet Go, a portable blender for travel that you can recharge. And even though, the innovation hasn’t been able to deliver like the previous series, we can say the brand now has almost all categories of blenders.

See the chart below on the various classes Nutribullet blenders available

Blender Category Nutribullet Series PowerView Details
Personal Blender Nutribullet Pro 900 Watts See full details
Countertop Blender Nutribullet Blender 1200 Watts See full details
Smart Blender Nutribullet Combo 1200 Watts See full details
Kitchen System Magic Bullet Kitchen 250 watts See full details
Immersion Blender Nutribullet Immersion 350 watts See full details
Portable Blender Nutribullet Go Cordless 70 Watts See full details

Apart from affordability and making smoothies, a Nutribullet can also handle various food processor tasks. You can use it to chop vegetables, make soups, mix stuff, and grind flour, though not as finely as a high-power blender like Breville Super Q or Vitamix.

More on that, let us jump into our main topic and see how you can make the most from the little brand little. I’ll be using Nutribullet Select for reference as I’ve had a chance to blend with it several times.

The 4 Ways to Use Your Nutribullet Right

In general, a Nutribullet is very easy to use. Of course, the kind of blender you have matter, but they all have a manageable size and controls that are simple to understand. Furthermore, all models, including personal and countertop blenders, processes beyond the obvious smoothies if given the chance. But again, sometimes, you could end up hurting your device if you don’t know how to work around it properly.

How To Use A Nutribullet To Blend

Various types of Nutribullet blenders have different techniques to use. The early Nutribullet 600 and 900 models don’t have any physical buttons. So, you’ll have to use the blending cup to activate the blending. That’s as simple as pressing down the cup and twisting clockwise to engage the motor.

Meanwhile, other Nutribullet machines have dedicated buttons that you can use for a specific function. This includes the powering switch, pulsing button, and speed controls that can be useful in blending different textures.

But again, a Nutribullet is not like a Vitamix or Blendtec that depends on its power to pummel through ingredients. Instead, it shares the responsibility between the sharp blade, motor power, and the ingredients for the recipe at hand. Therefore, you must chop all the foods further to ensure the blades can chew them without stressing up the motor.

Nutribullet for Smoothies

As with most regular blenders, a Nutribullet can make a decent smoothie from soft foods. In my experience, however, the smooth I made with the Nutribullet Select wasn’t as silky as the Vitamix 5200. One could still feel some tiny grains with the tongue, but it was still drinkable.

Another thing I noticed, the Nutribullet needs plenty of water to blend well. The provided 32-ounce container was also quite slender and the blades a bit short. So, it’s not able to pull down the ingredients to the center as fast. However, the blender processes as it ramps up and down to prevent the blade from getting jammed.

How to Use a Nutribullet

It’s also important to note that Nutribullet blenders (with buttons) will only activate when you lock the container to the base properly. The pitcher usually engages with a click, something I missed at first and thought the machine was spoilt.

Crush Ice and Frozen Foods

In a nutshell, you can use a Nutribullet blender to blend a recipe with frozen fruits or ice cubes. As was just mentioned, however, this blender will need you to chop down the ingredients for the blade to process faster. Therefore, the ice cubes you put into the container should also be small-sized or crushed if possible. Alternatively, you can add frozen fruits, which are a bit easier to blend and also great for thickening the blend.

Please note, frozen fruits and ice cubes should be on top of the soft foods when arranging in the blending jar. According to Nutribullet, the ice should also occupy only 25% of the total ingredients, whether you’re using personal cups or full-size jars.

Blend for Nut Butters

Can use a Nutribullet to make nut butters? Yes, you can! All you need are the nuts (like peanuts), some liquid (preferably oil, but water can also work), and preferred flavoring (like honey). Just like when you make a strawberry smoothie, homemade nut butter allows you to customize the recipe however you like. So, you can use all whole foods, which would be a hundred times healthier than the chemical-laced butter from the supermarket.

Needless to say, the process to make nut butter in a Nutribullet depends on the kind of blender you have. If it’s the single-serve design, you’ll need to blend in short intervals as you stop to scrape the dough from the sides. Remember, these blenders are also prone to overheating if you run them continuously for long. So, your blending intervals should be between five to ten seconds until you achieve the desired intervals.

Meanwhile, a countertop Nutribullet is much easier to make butter, thanks to the removable lid plug and tamper. Once you’ve added the nuts coconut oil to the pitcher, you’ll only have to pulse about four times. Then, blend the mixture as you stir and scrape the nut pieces on the side.

Note, you should start blending at low speed until all the nuts break down and the mixture becomes more uniform. After that, you can now ramp up the machine to high speed until your blend reaches the desired consistency.

Don’t forget, the nuts in the recipe have most of the water removed. So, make sure your butter jar is always airtight to prevent the little moisture left from drying out.

How to Use a Nutribullet Without Leaking

When you go through various online customer reviews, you’ll come across users complaining about leaking issues. The problem is more common with the personal blending cups as you need to use them when in an inverted position. But again, many users say the leaking will occur when the owner doesn’t follow the instructions provided. How’s that?

As a brand, Nutribullet is generous enough to provide its appliances with all the accessories you need. All the blenders come with a printed user guide that always starts with important safeguards to help you avoid the risk of injuries. Or else improper functioning and damage to your blender. But again, how many of us even bother skimming the notes?

Anyways, the five easy ways you can use your Nutribullet without leakage issues include:

Maintaining the MAX fill line

When you fill your Nutribullet jar beyond the maximum line, the internal pressure is also likely to exceed the expected limit. Hence, forcing the content, in particular, liquids, to look for a way to relieve the extra burden. If there’s even the slightest gap, perhaps a misaligned gasket ring or the lid not tightly closed, the blender will start to seep.

Therefore, make sure your ingredients don’t exceed the respective MAX lines whenever filling your Nutribullet pitcher or cups.

Secure the Extractor blade properly

In this one, the idea is to ensure the personal blending cups remain tightly sealed throughout the blending process. Otherwise, the pressure inside the container will force the liquids to escape through the left gaps.

Moreover, the vibrations of the motor could cause the cup to loosen up if not closed tightly to the extractor blade.

Using the right accessories

Still, Nutribullet recommends using each blender series with the respective components. The reason for this is to ensure the lids seals tightly without any risk of the stray liquids leaking out. So, you should not share components between blender series or use after-market parts as many won’t have the right Nutribullet’s specifications.

Hand-wash the accessories

Overall, a nutribullet is so easy to clean. The maker even allows you to clean the pitcher, cups, and to-go lids in the dishwasher on the top rack. However, the company has clearly stated in the user guides that you can “hand-wash the easy-twist extractor blade with soap and water”.

While not many heed this, one of the reasons here is to prevent the rubber gasket from getting damaged. According to the manufacturer, the Nutribullet gasket can loosen and fall out from the heat in the dishwasher.

Note, you’re not to remove the rubber ring from the blade unit as it could become loosen as well. Thus, defeating its purpose in providing an airtight seal.

Inspecting your blender components:

Last but not least, you can avoid leakage in a Nutribullet by inspecting all your blender components before use. This trick should help you detect damage, wear, or improper position (like gasket ring) that may impair proper functioning.

How to Use Nutribullet Magic Bullet Without Overheating

All personal blenders out there require delicate attention to blend without any chance of injuries. For instance, blending hot and carbonated ingredients in sealed cups can lead to pressurization, which can cause the component to violently separate.

If you had the time to learn how to use Nutribullet Magic Bullet or any other single-serve machine from the brand, that should be obvious. But then, many owners never bother to read the initial instructions of the user guide, maybe because they seem like a lot.

As for the overheating, it’s yet another common issue with compact blenders. However, you can blend with your blender for a year plus without having the issue if you followed the provided instructions.
For example, the Nutribullet guide warns that you shouldn’t run the motor for more than one minute non-stop. It can lead to the motor base shutting off, or worse, cause the container to overheat and burst open from the pressure.

More on that, the company is also against running your personal blender for more than three one-minute intervals consecutively. If the mixture still lacks the desired consistency after the third blending cycle, you should allow the content to settle (about 2-3 minutes). Then resume.

How to Use a Nutribullet to Last Long

Usually, a Nutribullet blender comes with a standard one-year warranty at no cost. You can purchase an extra three years extension if you wanted, but all that can be for nothing if you’re not careful. How?
On the terms, Nutribullet states that the standard and extended warranty doesn’t cover damage caused by:

  • Accident/ abuse/ misuse /misapplication
  • Improper maintenance (like not cleaning), and others

Therefore, you must use your blender in the right manner if you want it to serve you for long and remain under warranty protection. This means you should:

  • Always blend ice with enough liquids
  • Keep your blender clean all the time
  • Never blend hot foods with personal cups
  • Never fill beyond the stated Maximum lines
  • Always load up your pitcher in the right order
  • Chop your vegetables and fruits before putting them in the jar

Remember to Varnish the Countertop:

As of 2021, Nutribullet is still one of the most sought-after regular blenders from its affordability and innovativeness. Although it started with making personal blenders, the brand continues to expand its line of products while even using the latest technology.

For instance, the newly-released Nutribullet Smart Touch Combo has capacitive touchscreen controls in place of the traditional buttons. However, that will be a review of another day as I haven’t come in close with the blender and test what it can do.

As for the ones I’m familiar with, it does blend a nice product, but, of course, you can’t compare it with a high-power blender. If it’s a smoothie, it lacks that extra finesse to work on the tiniest grains, but the snack is still tasty and drinkable.

To conclude, it’s worth noting that all the Nutribullet blenders I’ve come across have suction cups on the bottom. So, you can use it on a flat acrylic countertop without the base moving around. If you want to use your Nutribullet on a wooden top, make sure it has a varnish finishing. Otherwise, suction cups usually struggle to stick on unfinished wood.