Magic Bullet Vs Vitamix: Which Blender Is the Best for Single-Serve Blending?

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Do you blend small amounts often? Perhaps a single smoothie for breakfast or a cup of protein shake to take to the gym. Then, you probably need a personal blender or a full-size blender that can also handle small batches. In this article, we’re going to compare Magic Bullet vs Vitamix to see how they rank against each other on single-serve blending.

Nonetheless, Vitamix is a high-end blender. So, it can be an amazing option if you want to take your blending to the next level and won’t mind its high price tag.

The 5 Reasons Why Vitamix’s the best blender

Magic Bullet Vs Vitamix
  • Vitamix is way much easier to operate and work with
  • Select Vitamix blenders support automated blending
  • Vitamix blender can blend both small and large batches
  • Vitamix blenders are more durable and include an extended warranty
  • Vitamix blender creates super-smooth smoothies and super-fine grain powders

Magic Bullet vs Vitamix: A Summary on the Best Single-Serve Blenders from the Brands

FactsMagic BulletVitamix A3300
Release Date20032016
Material TypePlasticPlastic
Available Colors1 Option [Silver]3 Options [Black, Pear gray, & brushed stainless finish]
Single-Serve Cups18 Ounces20 Ounces
Motor Size250 wattsApprox. 1641 watts
Manual ControlSingle speed10 variable speeds
Pre-set ProgramsNONO
Pulse FunctionN/AYES
Built-in TimerNOYES
Control TypesN/ADigital Dial
3 Best FeaturesSo affordableCompact designHas many accessoriesVersatilitySettable timerEasy touch controls
Standard WarrantyOne-Year warranty10-Year warranty
Reviews60,000+ Positive Reviews800+ Positive Reviews
Latest Price Check Magic Bullet Price Check Vitamix A3300 Price

Magic Bullet Blender

Overall, Magic Bullet is a great blender for juicing and smoothies, as well as chopping and other food prep tasks. It’s one of the best-selling and oldest personal blenders in the market, thanks to its affordability and compactness.

Unlike the countertop blenders, the Magic Bullet doesn’t have any physical buttons to operate it. However, it’s still easy to control, plus you can even blend in short pulses and hands-free by twisting the cup.

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As of 2021, the Magic Bullet blender is now available in two different series. The manufacturer, Homeland Housewares, LLC, managed by Capital Brands, LLC, released the second model, Magic Bullet Mini, last year- 2020. And just as the name, it’s a lesser version of the original model and at a lower cost, of course.

Vitamix Blender

On its end, Vitamix is one of those kitchen tools everyone desires to have. Some have even nicknamed it the “Ferrari of blenders”, and for a perfect reason. It’s one of the top brands if you want a blender that can go beyond blending.

As for our topic, all Vitamix machines, including the classic models like Vitamix E320, support single-serve blending. However, these classics will require the Vitamix personal cup adapter (PCA) kit, which, sadly, the company sells separately.

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Fortunately, in 2016, the local maker released its line of smart blenders, featuring the Ascent series and Vitamix V1200, that will no longer need the bulky PCA adapter. The smart blender has a built-in wireless technology (via NFC tag) that enables the base to automatically detect the mounted container. Then, adjust to the appropriate settings.

Magic Bullet vs Vitamix: Comparing the Key Features and Capabilities

Here are the key features that distinguish magic and Vitamix from each other. I’ve set the features based on their single-serve blending capabilities.


When you compare Vitamix vs Magic Bullet price-wise, the latter takes the points. It’s one of the few blenders under $50 that can still impact your kitchen and healthy lifestyle massively when properly used.

Meanwhile, Vitamix is a high-end blender and an expensive one. Hence, the reason many people have it on their bucket list instead of the shopping list. If it’s our reference model, Vitamix a3300, the regular price’s $499.95. Nonetheless, the manufacturer has an ongoing limited-time offer that could see you saving up to ninety bucks.

Included Accessories

At the price of the Vitamix blender, you’ll get the motor base, 64-oz low-profile pitcher, Low-Profile tamper, and recipe book. The package doesn’t include the self-detect blending cup set. So, you’ll need to purchase it separately based on whether you need it or not.

On its end, the Magic Bullet comes as a set of eleven accessories, including the motor base, blade assembly, and three blending cups. It also includes convenient to-go lids, and lip rings for the blender cups. Thus, you can start making your to-go smoothie instantly and won’t need to go back to the store.

So, the points for personal blending will also go to the Magic Bullet.

Blending Power

Technically, Vitamix falls in the category of high-power blenders. So, the blender’s the clear winner here even before we come to the performance. It houses a well-made motor that can generate up to 2.2HP-Peak output, which is equivalent to approximately 1641 watts.

*Peak horsepower is the extra boost given to a motor to help the blender counter initial resistance that might be there. Hence, the reason Vitamix can fully pulverize the soft and toughest ingredient without a hassle.

On its end, the Magic Bullet falls in the class of regular blenders. It has a much lighter motor, featuring 250-watt power output or approximately one-third of a horsepower. In a nutshell, this means the blender can handle many blending tasks, but not as good as a Vitamix.

Does it Blend Ice?

As I’ve just mentioned, the Magic Bullet can perform as many blending tasks. It’s a good blender to puree food, make smoothies, salsa, grind powders (limited), and mix liquids. You can also use it to blend ice and frozen fruits, but the motor power is quite limited. So, you’ll need to either use small ice cubes like those potable blenders for travel use. Or else crush the large ice blocks into smaller pieces.

On the other hand, Vitamix is a high-power blender and uses hardened stainless steel blades for both the full-size and personal blending cups. So, you can just toss your ice cubes and frozen fruits into the blending cups without having to crush them. The machine can also grind grains, prep food, emulsify liquids, and prepare smoothies and milkshakes.

If you know how to use a Vitamix blender maximally, you can also make your own dairy-free milk, butter, and muddle cocktails. You can also prepare hot soups from the friction-heat of the spinning blades. But again, this last function isn’t available with the personal blending cups because of the risk of pressure built-up.

How Much Can it Blend?

As was mentioned earlier, the Vitamix blender comes with a full-size blending jar that has a capacity of 64 ounces. That means you can make up to six or seven US cups volume of smoothies, enough for a whole family.

However, the single-serve containers that you get separately comprise a 20-ounce blending cup and an 8-oz blending owl. The 20-oz cup is primarily for handling liquid recipes, in which case you can prepare a little over two US cups volume. Then, the 8-oz bowl’s to do chopping tasks- like when making dips, dressings, spreads, or baby food.

On its end, the Magic bullet comes with a tall and short blending container, with capacities of 18 ounces (2 US cups)and 12 ounces (1.25 US cups) respectively. The blender also does come with one party mug with a handle that you can use to drink. This mug can hold up to 16 ounces (exactly 2 US cups volume) and does have a flip-top lid if you wanted to take your smoothie on the go.

Ease of Use

When you compare Magic Bullet vs Vitamix in terms of usability, they both are effortless to operate. However, Vitamix usually depends on the motor power to pummel through the ingredients and still has sharp blending blades. So, it’s much easier to work with since you necessarily don’t need to further chop down your ingredients.

Furthermore, the Vitamix blender does have dedicated controls, including a start switch, pulse button, and variable speed dial. If it’s a model like the Vitamix A3300, there’s even a built-in timer that you can set the processing time of your recipe.

Meanwhile, the Magic Bullet doesn’t have any physical controls, not even the start/ stop switch. If you want to blend, you press the cup down onto the base and twist it clockwise to lock the plastic tabs that initiate blending.

As with other regular blenders, the Magic Bullet relies on its blades to cut through the ingredients and blend stuff. Hence, the reason you’ll need to chop down the ingredients into smaller sizes for easier and consistent blending.

Use of Space

Magic Bullet has a compact design, with a base footprint of approximately 4.5 by 4 inches. So, it can be a perfect solution if you have a limited kitchen space or want an easy blend for your RV. Also, the blender measures about 13 inches in height when you have mounted the blending cup on the base. So, you can fit under the standard kitchen cabinet with no hassle.

More on that, the Magic bullet blender is very light (about 5 pounds). So, you should carry it around the house or even when traveling with ease.

Meanwhile, a Vitamix blender is relatively bulky if you’re thinking of visiting your friend with it. It weighs around 12 pounds, which, of course, is easy to carry for a short distance around the house, but not traveling.

Furthermore, the blender has a base footprint of approximately 11 by 8 inches, which, no doubt will take a relatively large counter space. The total height when you have mounted the container on the base is also a bit large (≈17 inches) but can fit under most cabinets.

So, the points for the space usage go to Magic Bullet.


Vitamix is the automatic winner here and not just when compared to Magic Bullet but the general class of regular blenders. It’s 100% Made in the USA- one of the reasons it’s very expensive and uses all high-grade materials.

If it’s the blending container, the maker uses the tough Eastman Tritan plastic and the aircraft-grade stainless steel blades. The base is also a tough plastic housing, and sometimes the blender will have a metallic coating to enhance durability. A good example is the Vitamix A3300 with a brushed stainless finish.

Also, the motor of a Vitamix blender consists of first-rate components, plus has a self-cooling fan and thermal protection system. Hence, the reason the machine switches itself off when it’s unable to expel out the air and start overheating.

Common Related Questions

Does magic bullet crush ice

Indeed, a Magic Bullet can crush ice and frozen fruits, as well as grind nuts. However, the installed 250-watt motor isn’t as strong as that of Vitamix. So, you’ll need to use small ice cubes or crush your frozen fruits into a smaller size to avoid stressing out the motor.

What makes the Vitamix blender so good compared to other blenders?

Vitamix is the most sought-after blender and not just by home chefs, but also those in the food business, like Starbucks. When you ask them, they’ll tell you a Vitamix blender is powerful, easy to use, multifunctional, and durable.

Which blender is easy to use?

That’s easy, Vitamix. Unlike a Magic Bullet, a Vitamix blender combines its muscular motor and the sharp blades to blend. So, you can even blend large chunks of fruits and large ice blocks without having to further chop or crush them. Also, some Vitamix machines come with preset programs and a settable timer to enhance walk-away blending.

Which is easier to keep clean?

Both Magic Bullet and Vitamix are easy to clean in the dishwasher on the top rack or hand-wash in warm soapy water.

Final Thoughts:

In few words, both Magic Bullet and Vitamix are great blenders in their ways. However, Vitamix is my recommendation if you do have enough budget. The creator doesn’t just design it to do all the blending but also does it for a long time.

Furthermore, a model like the Vitamix A3300 has proprietary self-detect technology. This means you can attach various containers including the personal cups, Aer Disc jar, and food processor attachment. Hence, enabling you to expand your culinary without having to invest in a whole other appliance.