Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 vs BL771 Comparison Review

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Is it a must you have a Vitamix or Blendtec to enjoy the beauty of blending? A simple answer, NO. The two brands offer high-power blenders that are only suitable if you have a significant budget and or you need to upgrade from a regular machine. Otherwise, there are tons of affordable alternatives, which is why we’re going to compare Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 vs BL771 to see that’s worth the bucks.

As you (possibly) know, Ninja Kitchen is one of the top-selling blender’s trademark due to its affordability. Its machines are not professional-grade, for sure, but it can surely come in handy if you have a small budget at hand.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 vs BL771
comparison between bl770 vs bl771

Anyway, back to blenders BL771 vs BL770, the two are the most sought-after models from the maker. Not just from their reasonable pricing, but also from their versatility aspect, which allows you to perform a wide variety of applications.

Like anything else, however, these tools have both decent and not-so-good features. As such, it’ll be your needs, or else the current situation will determine if you should buy or not.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 vs BL771

Facts Ninja BL770 Ninja BL771
Release Date 2012 2012
Class Ninja Kitchen System Ninja Kitchen System
Material Type Plastic Plastic
Available Colors Dark gray Dark gray
Capacity  72 oz 72 oz
Motor Size 2.0 HP  2.0 HP
Multiple Speeds YES YES
Pulse Function YES YES
Pre-set Programs No No
Accessories  72-oz jar + blade assembly
2 16-oz single-serve cups
64-oz food processor bowl
Dough hook
Chopping blade
72-oz jar + blade assembly
2 16-oz single-serve cups
64-oz food processor bowl
24-oz mini prep bowl
Dough hook
2 Chopping blades
Warranty One Year Standard Warranty One Year Standard Warranty
Price View on Amazon View on Amazon

As I’ve just mentioned, Ninja blenders are amongst the best options if you need to enjoy blending capabilities at less. The brand is a division by SharkNinja LLC for the making and distribution of “5-star appliance” and cleaning solutions.

If you can remember our previous comparison on Ninja blender vs Nutribullet series, we mentioned the former having a good taste of innovation. It’s part of the company’s goal, which is pretty evident across their lines of products.

As for the Ninja Mega Kitchen System, it was first available in the market in 2012. Ninja Kitchen Group innovated it as an improvement of the Ninja Pro System 1100 that came about a year earlier. So, the new release was more powerful, plus had several extra features to sell better.

That said though, Ninja Mega Kitchen System didn’t come as one machine. It’s available in four different models- namely BL770, BL771, BL772, and BL773CO. So, our review on BL770 vs BL771 is around two siblings, which means they’re mostly similar in features and performance.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 vs BL771: Features and Capabilities

Here are the main similarities and the single difference between the two Ninja blenders.

How Does the Blender Look?

  • Design

As twin in the kitchen, Ninja BL770 and BL771 are very similar in construction and design. They have the same power base, in which case they have they deliver like consistency and results. The only difference between them is the number and selection of accessories that the manufacturer includes upon purchase.

For instance, both blenders come with a full-size pitcher, single-serve cups, a full-size food processor bowl, and their blades. if you opt for the model BL771, however, you can also get a mini prep bowl and chopping assembly to use for small batches.

  • Styling

If you are more into flashy finishes, sorry but the Ninja Mega kitchen system is only available in a simple dark gray finish. it does have a silver theme on the control board and the processing containers are all clear so that you can see as your recipes blend.

Can You Make a Perfect Smoothie

  • Container

Like any other blenders, BL770 and BL771 can make a whole fruit juice from various fruits and vegetables. The devices come with a full-size 72-oz pitcher and 24-oz cups that you can use when you blend for a whole family or only you.

Either of them can make a reasonable smoothie but the small cups do deliver it better as they can create a vortex much better. Meanwhile, the blade design of the main pitcher and its inability to create a perfect vortex makes it unable to process fibrous foods and small grains perfectly.

Another thing, these two blenders do have a 64-oz food processor bowl for tasks like chopping, kneading dough, and some grinding. Then, Ninja BL771 does come with a 24-oz food processor bowl that you can use to work on small amounts of ingredients.

Ninja BL770 doesn’t have a small food processor bowl.

  • Blade

The full-size jar and food processors (small and large) have removable blades, featuring the famous 6-blade towered design. According to Ninja engineers, the style is to enhance ice crushing and create a proper vortex. For the ice-crushing part, the machines do it pretty well as the claims- even much better than most regular blenders.

However, I’m rather dubious about the aspect of a proper vortex considering it doesn’t make perfect smoothies and fine powders.

In any case, the single-serve cups have the 6-pronged stainless steel blades, with two upright prongs that help stimulate a vortex action. Hence, the reason they do the smoothie task much better when compared to the main pitcher blades.

Which is the most Powerful?

  • Motor Size

As mentioned earlier, Ninja BL770 and BL771 are from the same product line and has a similar power base. The machines pack a 1500-watt motor, which is enough to completely pulverize even the hardest seeds if not for the stacked blade.

Regardless, the powerful motor and the 6-blade blade forms what Ninja calls Total crushing technology for processing ice and frozen fruit.

  • Speed Settings

Neither of the two Ninja blenders has incremental speed settings like that of Vitamix. However, they have three different speeds, including low, medium, and high. So, you can work on the dough, chop vegetables, and make smoothies with maximum control.

Sad to say, however, the lowest speed of the machines still spins the blades at a higher pace. Thus, you might need to use the pulse button if it’s chopping tasks or preparing a dish that doesn’t need complete liquidizing.

Ease of Use?

  • Controls

Technically, the Ninja Kitchen system is so easy to start and operate. It has a power button that you use to activate and stop the blending process. Then, there are the 3-speed buttons that you use with either the large 72-oz pitcher or food processor (with the chopping blade).

If you don’t want to completely pulverize your blend or you’re crushing ices, you can use the pulse function included. The gadget usually runs at the highest speed as long as the user press and holds the pulse button.

  • Assembling and disassembling

Despite the user-friendly controls, sadly, Ninja BL770 and BL771 are quite complicated to use. They have various accessories that need assembling and locking so that you can continue blending. This includes fitting the blade assembly into the container and securing the lid, all in the right alignment.

If you don’t assemble all of the parts correctly, the power switch will flash, and your blender won’t start. So, you have to put everything as the manufacturer says on the printed manual.

Once done will performing the tasks, you’ll then need to disassemble the blender, using the same steps while assembling. As such, the system is not a perfect choice for someone who needs a simple full-size countertop blender.

But if you’re likely to use the single-serve option most of the time, the blender system is no doubt worthwhile. You just need to lock the blending cups in position (while upside down), then hold down the “single-serve” button to blend. Once your mixture reaches the desired consistency, you’ll just release the button to stop the motor.

Unfortunately, neither blender BL770 nor BL771 supports automated blending in case you’re interested. You’ll have to rely on manual controls for all the processing, whether using blender or food processor attachments.

Does it Use much Space?

  • Work Space

Just like other countertop blenders, the Ninja BL770 and BL771 will require a significant counter space to work on. The blenders have the same power base, remember? So, they have a similar 9.5 by 8.2 inches footprint.
But since the blenders use multiple attachments to operate, it means you’ll need to clear enough space on your counter. In fact, you may need to remove any other appliances, considering you’ll need a space to prep the ingredients.

  • Storage Space

When the container is locked to the motor base, all the two Ninja Mega Kitchen System have a total height of 17.8 inches. Therefore, you can slip them under the standard 18-inch kitchen cabinet and fit perfectly.

Regardless, the machines come with multiple attachments, including razor-sharp blades, but no special storage. So, you’ll also need to create extra space in your kitchen where you can keep them for easy access.


Truthfully, all the Ninja Mega Kitchen System variants are tricky and risky to clean. All the blade assemblies, for both countertop and personal containers, have extremely sharp edges that can easily cause lacerations.

Furthermore, the blade attachments for the large pitcher and food processor bowl comprises a spindle that has too many grooves. Hence, collecting debris that will need a thorough cleaning with a small brush not to compromise the taste or health benefits of your fresh smoothie.

On the bright side, however, all the containers are dishwasher safe. So, you can put them on the upper rack if you don’t want to clean by hand.

Pricing and Durability?

If you’re looking for a professional-grade blender that you can still use ten years to come, I won’t lie Ninja Kitchen is the right choice. Many of the components used on the machines are plastic, which we all know is not as long-lasting as metallic parts. Even the gear system that connects the blade shaft to the motor base is also plastic.

More on that, the containers feature a relatively thin form and aren’t shatterproof. Hence, the reason you should minimize the number of times you use to crush plain dry ice cubes to prevent the issue of cracking. Still, you should avoid cleaning with the dishwasher regularly to avoid weakening the walls, which in turn will lower the expected lifetime.

In any case, the two blenders, plus their attachments cost under two hundred dollars. So, it’s quite relatable the provider wants to maintain convenience while still operating at a low price-point.

Key Takeaway: Customer Recommendation

Market-wise, Ninja BL770 has been performing better than its counterpart. At the time of writing, the former had over 12,000 positive customer ratings on Amazon (only) whereas the model BL771 has 1,000 overall customer ratings.

So, it’s pretty clear which the majority of owners want for their households.

Final Verdict

Performance-wise, there’s no noticeable difference between Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 vs BL771. Both are variations of the same blender series, with similar motor power, blending containers, and blending capabilities.

Furthermore, both are affordable, making them a great alternative if you don’t have enough cash to buy a high-power blender. The included extra attachments for a food processor and personal blending are also crucial, making the machines more versatile than most regular blenders.

Despite the flexibility, however, the Ninja Kitchen system blenders have a few design flaws that limit their applications. If it’s a green smoothie, the 6-blade assembly is not exactly great at eating through fibrous materials. Hence, doesn’t make a perfectly smooth smoothie as Vitamix or Blendtec.

Furthermore, the containers of the Ninja blenders are not designed to handle foods than 180°F or make warm soups.
If you want to make the most with your machine, therefore, a professional-grade Blendtec or Vitamix might come in handy. And if you don’t have enough budget at hand, you can get a refurbished Vitamix Explorian 320 or Blendtec Total classic blender at around $270.

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