Nutribullet 600 VS 900: Comparing The Various Features And Capabilities

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While the rebirth has truly saved us big time, Nutribullet now is more like Vitamix and their mind tricks. The brand has almost a dozen lines of mini-blenders, with some series quite tricky to tell apart. A good example is the Nutribullet 600 vs 900 models, which look very similar to the eyes, whereas they’re not.

Of course, you can still tell them apart if you truly know what to expect from each. But if you don’t, sadly, you can be easily spoofed with Nutribullet 600 even after paying for Nutribullet 900.

True, both models are compact, plus they have high blending efficiency and a friendly price tag. However, the 900-Series was an upgrade of the Nutribullet 600-Series, meaning it has several additional features that its counterpart doesn’t have.

With that, let’s jump to our subject and compare the two so that you can have a better decision on which to pick.

Nutribullet 600 Vs 900: An Overview on the Blenders

Nutribullet 600

Although the label was on the market in 2011 for the first time, the history of Nutribullet started before then. Homeland Housewares, LLC- parent company, had introduced its first Magic Bullet blender in the early 2000s.

At the time, the machine did serve its purpose but 8 years later, a lot has changed around the world. More people had now learned the health benefits of blending, but the 250-watt power was [somehow] inconveniencing.

That’s when Homeland decided to recreate the old, introducing the Nutribullet 600-Series, the first of the new label. Without changing the original design or controlling, the maker added the base with a more powerful 600-watt motor to improve the blending.

Nutribullet 600 usually comes with a “wet” blade assembly that you can use on soft materials like fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens. In some cases, however, the provider does provide an extra “dry” blade system for processing tougher ingredients like grains.

Nutribullet 900

After the release, the Nutribullet 600 did very well in the market. The creators, though, decided to bring their consumers a much better experience and introduced its second-generation model, 900-Series.
With the newer machine, the engineers fitted a slightly higher engine that they hoped would improve the milling and blending of tougher ingredients. The team also opted to integrate the wet extractor blade and dry milling blade into a single disc assembly. Thus, doing away with the hassle of carrying around two blade-lids.

Also known as Nutribullet Pro, the 900-Series often comes with a larger 32-ounce cup instead of the 24 ounces in the 600-Series. So, you can efficiently prepare a 2-serving beverage at one go.

Chart 1:

Here’s a summary of the various Nutribullet 600 and Nutribullet 900 Features and capabilities

Facts Nutribullet 600 Series Nutribullet 900 Series
Release Date 2011/ 2012  2013
Material Type BPA-Free Plastic BPA-Free Plastic
Available Colors 4 color options
[Black, Blue, Gray, & Red]
10 color options
[Blue, Champagne, Coral, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Rose Gold, Silver, & Teal]
Capacity  24 Ounce  32 Ounce
Motor Size 0.8 HP 1.2 HP
Maximum Speed 20,000 RPM 25,000
Speed Setting Single Single
Pulse function No No
Pre-set Programs No No
Available Features Blending
Key Benefits Cheaper
Easy to use
Fits under cabinets
2-in-1 blade system
More Power
Easy to use
Fits under cabinets
Warranty One year One Year

Nutribullet 600 vs 900: Comparing the Various Features and Capabilities


  • Construction

As mentioned, it’s not easy to distinguish Nutribullet 600 vs 900 with the naked eye. The blenders have the same well-made cylindrical design and base dimensions. Each set features a food-safe plastic cup that allows you to efficiently blend your materials and use without side effects.

Furthermore, the Nutribullet cups and lids are designed to be used in an upward and inverted position without leaking. The lids have a rubber washer and interior threading that allows screwing on the containers without much effort.

  • Ease of Use

All two Nutribullet blenders are straightforward and quick to use. They use the same blending procedure by inverting the cup.
Even so, the machines don’t have buttons like those on the traditional blender or pre-programmed settings. The control mechanism is the blending cup itself, whereby it locks in place on the power base and starts the motor. At this point, the cup is usually inverted since the securing lid has the blade disc for the processing.

Though they don’t have the physical pulse button, Nutribullet 600 and 900-Series does offer pulse setting. For you to initiate it, and the cup is on the power base, you’ll just need to apply pressure on it [cup]. The motor will start spinning the blade, which then stops as soon as you let go.

But if you’re milling tougher grains, you can as well let the blender work on its own. You just need to press down and twist the cup in the clockwise direction. There are plastic tabs on the assembly that lock it in place, triggering an electrical circuit that now starts the motor.

When all the grains have been ground or juice extracted, you can stop the motor by twisting the cup in the opposite direction. It will release the assembly, thereby disengaging the engine and brings it to a stop.

  • Versatile

Just like with the traditional blenders, nutribullet 600 and 900 can deliver various food processing tasks. They have a solid stainless blade that works in hand with the powerful motor to crash and break down even the toughest material.

In other words, you can use the mini blenders to blend smoothies, mill grains, plus chop and shred your vegan salads.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance

Whether it’s traditional or modern, all blenders require proper care and regular cleaning. Proper care means your tool will always deliver what’s expected, enhancing its performance and lifetime. Regular cleaning, on the other hand, will enhance blending and make sure you always have a fresh mixture in the container.

Fortunately, both Nutribullet 600 and Nutribullet Pro are easy to clean. The cups have a tapered design, with a wide mouth for effortless hand-washing. But if the ingredients dry inside the cups, you can as well do a heavier cleanup using the machine power.

You just need to add warm water and soap in the cup, screw on the extractor blade and lock it on the motor base. After spinning for about 20-30 seconds, all the stuck materials should be loose.
Meanwhile, the power base doesn’t usually get dirty if you secure the blade lid properly. So, wiping down with a damp rag will be all enough.


  • Styling

Although the construction’s similar, Nutribullet 600 and 900 differ on the color selection. Of course, it’s not a big deal. But if you’d like to match your blender with other kitchenware, Nutribullet 600 has more color selections. This includes flashy colors like pink, coral, green, and red.

On its end, Nutribullet 600 has a selection of four colors, including Black, Blue, Gray, and Red. Gray, however, is the only option available in most stores at the moment.

  • Blade System

Unlike the traditional blenders that have the blade assembly embedded on the jug, nutribullet has its built-in on a lid. To blend, you just screw the lid onto the cup, then hook the cup [when inverted] into the power hub.

Both Nutribullet 900 and 600 usually come with their blade assembly included. In most of the cases, the 600-Series will come with one extractor blade for processing soft materials like fruits, vegetables, and herbs. However, some stores, like Amazon, do include an extra and heavier blade to process tougher seeds and grains.

For Pro-900-Series, Nutribullet decided to introduce the machine with a new motor and blade as well. Instead of relying on the two different blade systems, the new Extractor Pro blade combines their power into one. Thus, enabling you to process the soft and harder ingredients without the hassle of changing the blade now and then.

  • Power

Just as the name, Nutribullet 600 houses a 600-watt motor, which is equivalent to .8 horsepower. As we mentioned in the introduction, 600-Series was an upgrade of the pioneering Magic bullet that runs at the 240-watt motor. So, 600-watt was a great improvement to the blending community.

Although the motor could handle most of the home uses, some felt it still lacked enough power for some tasks. This inspired the release of the 900-Series that has a stronger 900-watt motor-equivalent to 1.2 horsepower.

The extra kick allowed the blade to spin faster at 25,000 revolutions/minute instead of the previous 20,000 RPM. Hence, lessening the processing time and enhancing the fineness of the liquefied or powered food.

On the contrary, high wattage machines tend to have higher electric consumption. But since the 900-watt blender is compact and the processing only takes a couple of seconds, this factor is negligible.

  • Capacity

If you’ll be processing smoothies for one person, 600-Series can work perfectly and effectively. The blender has a single-serving cup that can hold up to 24-ounce [710ml] fluid.

Meanwhile, Nutribullet 900 has a heavier motor and a higher rotational speed. So, the designers gave it a slightly larger, double serving, cup. The container can hold up to 32-ounce fluid, which is a third more than the cup of the Nutribullet 600. So, you can blend for a larger family faster and with more efficiency.

  • Included Accessories

The various nutribullet blenders not only have unique features, but also different accessories that they work with. For example, the Nutribullet 600 comes with its 24-Ounce Jar and its two re-sealable lids.

It also comes with three lip rings that you can screw on the cup mouth so that you can drink from it without hurting your lips. One of the Lip rings even has an integrated handle to enable better control.

In any case, here is a complete list of the accessories included with a Nutribullet 600 and Nutribullet Pro 900.

Nutribullet 600

  • 600-watt Power Base
  • 24-ounce cup
  • 18-ounce cup with handle
  • 18-ounce cup without handle
  • Milling blade assembly
  • Extractor blade assembly
  • Lip ring with handle
  • Two lip rings without handle
  • Two re-sealable Lids
  • A User Guide and Cookbook
  • One pocket Nutritionist

Nutribullet 900-Pro-Series

  • 900-watt Power Base
  • Extractor Pro Blade
  • Two 32-Ounce cups
  • Two to-go lids
  • Two regular lip ring
  • Two lip rings with handle
  • User Manual
  • One Pocket Nutritionist Guide, and
  • A Recipe Book
  • Price

Simply, Nutribullet Pro 900 has more features and capabilities than the original Nutribullet 600. So, its price no doubt is higher. The difference between them is not huge but still, you get to save around $30 when you pick the original.

Just like any other product, however, the Nutribullet prices may fluctuate at some point. Therefore, the difference may be more or less from time to time.

Key Takeaway:

In general, these are the main differences and similarities between Nutribullet 900 vs 600 blenders. Just like any other machine, the motor of the appliances needs proper air circulation to ensure excellent performance without overheating.

Whether you have the original 600 or the Pro 900-Series, therefore, you have to operate on a level surface without obstructing the slots on the bottom. Dust can also clog and block these slots. Thus, don’t forget to free them during the cleaning time.

Final Thoughts

Although the power is not much, Nutribullet 600 is pretty enough for making smoothies and chopping vegetable salads. .8HP is quite a power, plus the 20,000 RPM speed is also enough to deal with your ingredients in less time. Furthermore, the price of the mini-blender is fair, considering it comes with various accessories to enhance your culinary experience.

Natheless, Nutribullet 900 can be a better option if you want to work with both soft and tougher foods effectively. The second-generation blender has a higher power rate and a 25% higher work speed. So, you get to prepare more drinks and grain-flour while at the same time saving on time.

As for the noise level, Nutribullet blenders behave like the traditional makes, whereby they rate between 80-107 decibels.
Between Nutribullet 600 vs 900 models, though, the latter definitely has a higher pitch since its motor is also more powerful.

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