Nutribullet RX vs Pro: The 7 Main Differences to Know

Nutribullet is one of the best blenders under 200 for making smoothies and juices. You can even use the blender for dry ingredients, say to make powders and flour. But then, does this apply to all machines from the brand? If not, which will be better to put your money down on between Nutribullet RX vs Pro?

It’s no doubt the two Nutribullet blenders are some of the bestsellers on the market because of their affordability and impressive performance.

The Nutribullet RX is more or less an upgrade of the Nutribullet Pro. Then again, each model still has strengths the other doesn’t have. And in this guide, I’m going to take you through the crucial points you should know to make a more informed buying decision.

Verdict: 5 Reasons Nutribullet RX is the Best Blender

  • Nutribullet RX has a more powerful motor
  • Nutribullet RX can make hot soups & sauces
  • Nutribullet RX supports hands-free blending
  • Nutribullet RX has a higher blending capacity
  • Nutribullet RX has a metal composite drive gear

Nutribullet RX vs Pro: A Quick Summary on the Compact Blenders

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Should I Get the Nutribullet RX?

Are you looking for a blender to do both single and multiple servings? The Nutribullet RX comes with multiple blending containers, including a 30-ounce, 45-ounce, and 1-liter capacity. You can efficiently prepare 1-cup to 5-cup blends without having to purchase any other accessories.

The motor base of the Nutribullet RX is relatively identical to that of the Nutribullet 600 or 900 series. But it does have a dedicated power ON/ OFF button and another for making hot soups.

Even so, the RX blender doesn’t get the soups to a boiling temperature as a hot and cold blender with a built-in heating element. It only gets the mixtures as hot as 70°C/ 150°F.

Should I Get the Nutribullet Pro?

Do you need a budget personal blender to complement your existing countertop machine? The Nutribullet Pro fits the bill pretty nicely. It’s one of the few with more than 20,000 positive recommendations on Amazon, and for a good reason.

If we start on power, the Pro blender takes its other name, “Nutribullet 900”, from the installed 900-watt motor. And on the Nutribullet 900 vs 1200 review, we saw the model spins at a speed of up to 25,000RPM. Hence, the reason it’s able to pulverize even frozen fruits pretty decently.

Nutribullet RX vs Pro: The 7 Main Differences to Now before Buying

Now that you know the basics, let us go through the main features that stand out Nutribullet RX and Pro Series from each other:

Best of Budget

As mentioned earlier, Nutribullet is a great option if looking for a budget blender. And in our case here, the Nutribullet Pro is a bit cheaper as the regular price tag is about a hundred bucks. Then for the Nutribullet RX, you must be ready to put down $150 or wait until the company has limited-time deals.

In these promotion deals, you can save over fifty dollars on either model. But the Pro model will always be cheaper than the RX since the perks and features are also lesser.

Best of Accessories

Despite the reasonable pricing, Nutribullet most of the time offers its blenders will all the accessories you need to blend.

If it’s the Nutribullet Pro, there are up to a dozen accessories, including two blending cups, and a blade. The cups also come with lip rings when you want to drink comfortably without hurting your lips. Then there are sealable lids if you’d wish to take your drinks to-go without having to dirty up your traveling cups.

The Nutribullet RX comes with multiple blending cups, extractor blade, plus a comfort lip ring and sealable lid too. But unlike the Pro model, it also has two two-piece lids: one to use when blending with the Souperblast pitcher and the other to serve from any container without a mess.

Furthermore, the Nutribullet RX does come with a blade removal wrench that can come in handy when you want to clean or replace the blade.

Best of Build & Durability

Overall, the Nutribullet has a pretty nice build that could last for a few years. But it’s not the best option if you’ll be using your blender for ice and frozen daily. Why do I say this?

First, all Nutribullet blenders usually process ingredients by chopping them at a high speed. And blending frozen stuff may end up dulling the blades within days.

Secondly, the components used to put Nutribullet machines together aren’t as high-grade as we’d say for a high-power Vitamix or Blendtec. A perfect example is the Nutribullet Pro with a plastic drive gear, which we all know isn’t as durable as the metal system on high-power blenders.

Yes, the Nutribullet RX advertises to have metal drive gear as well. But the metal used for the part is a composite that a handful of users have complained of stripping a bit prematurely.

Best of Blending Power

The Nutribullet RX is the clear winner here. It has a high-performance 1700-watt motor that pulverizes even the toughest ingredients within seconds. But again, the machine has a single blending speed that you might find inconvenient to work on different textures.

Sadly, the Nutribullet Pro also has only one high-speed setting, and as mentioned earlier, it has a 900-watt motor. Thus, a little less powerful than the RX model when it comes to performance.

Best of Performance

When we compare the Nutribullet Pro vs RX blend quality, the latter appears a bit silkier and more pleasurable to drink. It also pulverizes ice and frozen foods slightly quicker from the faster motor. Then again, the machine still works by chopping the ingredients at a high speed. And for that, the quality of the blend will start dropping when the blade edges begin to dull.

As for the Nutribullet Pro, the smoothies are also drinkable, albeit with a grainy feeling. You could also use the little guy to make shaved ice for a slushie, margaritas, and other frozen desserts. But do make sure you’re working with mini ice cubes as the regular blocks always end up with chunks.

Best of Blending Capacity

Again, the Nutribullet RX takes the points here as it comes with three different blending container capacities. It has a 30-ounce short cup, a 45-ounce oversized cup, and a 1-liter pitcher, thereby fitting well for one person and a small family.

Furthermore, the RX pitcher has a removable lid cap that makes it possible to process hot or carbonated liquids without the risk of explosion. And, unfortunately, this is something you can’t do with the Nutribullet Pro since the blending cups have no breathing vents.

Speaking of the blending cups, the Pro model comes with two of them with a similar 32-ounce capacity. So, you might find it a little inconvenient to blend for a family.

Best of Blending Convenience

Surprisingly, Nutribullet Pro is a little more convenient than the RX model in the usability. While it doesn’t have any physical buttons, you could use it to blend in continuous mode and also short pulses. Thus, very handy to make smooth blends and chunky textures for salsa and salads or coleslaw.

On its end, the Nutribullet RX has a smart technology that blends your mixtures in either a one-minute or 7-minute cycle.

The one-minute cycle is perfect for smoothies while the 7-minute setting is to make hot soups. It automatically stops blending when the chosen cycle completes, which means you can enjoy a hands-free, walkaway experience.

But even with this smart technology, the blender (Nutribullet RX) still doesn’t have an easy way to pulse your mixtures. It also doesn’t have a start/ stop button, which means you’ll always have to lift the blending container to stop mid-blending.

Commonly Related Questions:

Which model of Nutribullet is the best?

The model of Nutribullet which is best to have is usually subjective. If you have a tight budget or want a compact single-serve blender to use together with your countertop machine, Nutribullet Pro is the best buy. The Nutribullet RX is a much better choice if you need a blender you can use for single to four/ five servings or make hot soups.

Which Nutribullet has the strongest motor?

The Nutribullet RX has the strongest motor in the lineup, with up to 1700-watt output that can even turn cold mixtures hot. But do remember the model is still not as muscular as Vitamix or Blendtec, which is why the blend quality drops.

Does Nutribullet Rx crush ice?

Yes, Nutribullet RX does crush ice and frozen fruits better than the Nutribullet Pro because of the powerful motor and wider container. It can even handle regular ice cubes without leaving any chunks.

Can Nutribullet RX grind coffee?

Apart from ice, Nutribullet RX can also grind coffee beans with ease. But the lack of a dedicated pulse feature or low blending speeds makes it tricky to grind coarser coffee textures for the French Press machine.

In Conclusion:

Nutribullet RX and Pro are great blenders, but this isn’t where we can say you should get them both. If you have a small budget at hand or just need a personal blender to use alongside your countertop machine, Nutribullet Pro is a better pick.

But again, the Nutribullet RX is still relatively stronger and has more blending containers, plus the option to blend hot liquids or turn cold mixtures hot. It will make a better investment if you don’t have any other blender in the kitchen.