Oster vs Ninja: Which is the Best Budget Blender/ Food Processor System to Own?

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Premium high-power blenders usually have the best blending experience. But when you compare Oster vs Ninja blender capabilities, you’ll notice they’re nearly as good.

On top of juicing and smoothies, you can use some of these budget blenders for making flour, grinding coffee beans, and other heavy tasks. Then others (like our reference models) come with a food processor attachment to chop, slice, or shred your veggies with better consistency.

In any case, the purpose of this guide’s to help you make an ideal purchase decision. So, we’ll look at the main differences that set Oster and Ninja Blender apart.

Verdict: The 5 Reasons Oster is my Favorite Pick

  • The Oster blender has a glass jar
  • The Oster has an all-metal drive gear
  • Oster blender has a removable feeder lid cap
  • The Oster blender’s cheaper than the Ninja blender
  • The Oster blender has relatively larger personal cups

Oster vs Ninja Blender: A Summary of the Regular Blenders

Both Ninja and Oster have a pretty wide line of blenders to choose from when shopping. Here’s a quick overview of two top bestsellers from the brands.

Facts Oster Pro 1200  Ninja BL770
Release Date 2015 2012
Design Combo Countertop Blender Combo Countertop Blender
Dimensions (in inches) 7.3 by 8.0 by 14.3 7.5 by 9.0 by 18.0
Material Type Glass Plastic
Available Colors Brushed Nickel Dark gray
Motor Output 1200 watts (Peak Power) 1500 Watts
Speed Settings 3 Modes 3 Modes
Gear Drive System All-Metal Plastic
Jar Capacity 48/ 40/ 24 ounces 72/ 64/ 16 ounces
Pulse Function YES YES
Pre-set Programs YES NO
Control Type Physical One-Touch Buttons Physical One-Touch Buttons
Best Features Relatively cheaper, plastic-free blending, feeder lid cap, & removable blade Larger blending capacity, faster motor, multiple to-go cups, & bottom suction cups
Warranty Three-Year Standard Warranty One-Year Standard Warranty
Price View on Amazon View on Amazon

Oster Blender Mini-Review

Do you need a decent blender that helps achieve your health goals while at the same time keeping your kitchen plastic-free?

Oster has some of the best blenders with glass jar for blending. It also has various selections with a combo design that you can switch the standard jar with a food processor bowl. Or perhaps use the single-serve cup to blend small amounts that may be tricky in a large container.

However, Oster does have a line of dedicated portable blenders for travel from as low as thirty bucks. And with their compact base, they are handy in the RV or even camping if you have the rechargeable ones.

Ninja Blender Mini-Review

Do you have a sweet tooth for frozen desserts and margaritas? If yes, Ninja is one of the best blenders under $100 that can produce snowy ice without struggling.

True, the brand isn’t ideal for the task on a long-term basis. But infrequently, the iconic Total-Crushing technology, which comprises a high-speed motor and razor-sharp blades, can pulverize ice cubes in seconds.

Some of the Ninja blenders also have a combo design that you mount the base with the regular jar, food processor bowl, or single-serve cup.

Furthermore, the Ninja catalog does include a dedicated hot and cold blender with a built-in heating element. Thus, making it possible to cook your soup or puree up to a boiling temperature.

Oster vs Ninja Blender: Features & Capabilities of the Blenders

In this section, we’ll now go through the various similarities and differences between the rival budget blenders.


While the two are affordable brands, Oster blender will be taking the points. Our reference model Pro 1200 retails at only $90 if you decide to forgo the food processor attachment or $130 with one.

If on a tighter budget, you can also get some of the classic Oster countertop or compact portable blenders for under $50. And for extensive blending versatility, you can grab the mid-range Oster Versa at a regular tag of $270.

As for the Ninja blender, our reference combo series has a regular retail price of $190 or $130 during deals. You could also get a decent full-size machine at $90 or a single-serve personal model from as low as $50

Furthermore, Ninja has a few mid-range blenders retailing for around $270. And for a professional kitchen system with only automated blending, you’ll have to put down up to $320.

Blending Accessories

Both Ninja and Oster share points here. In most cases, you’ll get your blender with all the blending accessories you need, including the regular jar, single-serve cups, and food processor attachment (if supported).

Nonetheless, the food processor bowl for the Oster blender comes with only the chopping blade and shredding/ slicing disc (no dough hook). Then the Ninja has the dough hook and chopping blade but lacks a slicing/ shredding disc.

Build Quality& warranty

If I’m to be fair, the Oster blender has a more durable design than the Ninja if you can care for it well. I’ve read on various culinary community forums where people have had their machines for more than seven years.

And that’s all possible, considering the company offers a three-year warranty on parts like the blade, motor, and controls. The all-metal drive gear system has the longest warranty: up to ten years.

Sadly, the Ninja blender has a plastic drive gear, which isn’t very promising in longevity. And we can say the manufacturer’s quite aware of that as they support the product with only a one-year warranty.

Motor Performance

The Ninja blender is the clear winner in this part. One of its bestselling features is usually a high-performance motor, which rates up to 1500 watts on output.

But the “high-performance” here is based on the fast spinning of the blades rather than the muscularity of high-power machines. Hence, why the blend quality is still not as silky as the one from the likes of Vitamix A2300 and A3500.

Meanwhile, the Oster blender starts blending with a peak power boost of up 1200 watts. And after the machine overcomes the initial resistance, it drops to the standard blending power of 900 watts.

Many of the Oster countertop blenders actually have around 800 watts output. Then again, this mostly has to do with its jar design, as explained below.

Blender Container/s

On the Ninja vs Oster blender container, we have mixed convenience. The Ninja blender jar takes the point on capacity, whereby you can blend up to eight cups of drink. Then its food processor bowl has a 64-ounce total volume or up to 7-cup blending capacity.

On the other hand, the Oster blender is the best if you want to keep your kitchen plastic-free. It comes with a rugged Boroclass glass jar, which is the reason the motor is also “underpowered”.

As for the largeness, the glass blending jar has 48 ounces maximum volume, with a blending capacity of about five cups. Then, the food processor bowl that also comes with the machine has a total capacity of about 40 ounces.

Note: the single-serve cup that comes with your Oster blender measures 24 ounces, which is relatively larger than that of Ninja (16 ounces).

Blending Quality

All the two blenders make a decently smooth smoothie. But as mentioned earlier, it won’t be as velvety as a true high-power blender, specifically Vitamix. As you drink, you’ll still feel some grainy texture in the mouth.

Also, the Ninja is a little disappointing when making blends with berries, chili, and other foods with tiny seeds. But the flaw is from its stacked blade system as the personal cup on the same base leaves everything smooth.

Blending Controls

The Oster Pro 1200 has three preset programs for walk-away blending. It also has a dedicated pulsing button for better control over your mixtures and three precision speeds for manual blending.

The Ninja blender also has a pulse function and three manual speeds as well. But similar to the Oster blender, the lowest speed setting is still a little too fast. Thus, you might want to stick with the pulse button when working with delicate recipes.

Ease of Use

If you know how to use Ninja Blender or Oster right, you can make almost anything a Vitamix owner can. But has everyone been able to do that? Surprisingly, NO!

As I’ve mentioned severally, Ninja, Oster, Hamilton Beach, and other regular blenders usually blend by chopping the ingredients. Their motors, even when displayed to have a high power rating, aren’t powerful enough to pummel as with Blendtec or Vitamix.

To be on the safe side, you’ll want to chop down your ingredients into small 1-2-inch segments and add enough water. Otherwise, you’ll risk ending up with unblended chunks or, worse, smoke your motor.

If you feel the blender struggling through a thick blend, you can even add more water midway. But now Oster blender will be much easier here as you can remove the feeder lid cap while the motor is still running.

Use of Space:

Overall, the two blenders will need some extra space for all the blending accessories you receive. But if we’re just talking about the base and the standard jar, you can easily slip either under the standard 18-inch cabinet with ease. Only that the Oster machine is slightly shorter and the base footprint a little narrower than that of Ninja.

Commonly Related Questions

How to replace the Oster blender blade?

It’s so easy to replace your Oster blender blade when dull or in case one of the wings breaks. You only need to pick that replacement blade and place it into the threaded jar bottom. Then, carefully tuck the sealing ring into the locking groove to make a complete blade assembly that you can screw on the blending container.

Does ninja blender have a lifetime warranty?

No, Ninja blender doesn’t have a lifetime warranty. Instead, you get one-year limited warranty support, which you can see is shorter than that of Oster blender.

Can you use a mason jar on a ninja blender?

Personally, I’ll recommend using the blending containers that usually come with your blender. But as you wait for your replacement personal cups, you can use a mason jar on a Ninja or Oster blender with a compatible blade assembly.

Can you put hot liquid in a ninja blender?

I’ll not recommend you put hot liquid in a Ninja blender container while blending as the company warns against it. But I’ve heard people say they were able to blend warm soups at half-full capacity and with the pouring spout open.

Are Oster blender parts dishwasher safe?

Technically, hand-washing in warm, soapy water is usually the best for longevity. But Oster blender container parts are dishwasher safe, provided you put the sealing ring in the bottom basket where it’s less hot.

Final Thoughts:

Undoubtedly, both Oster and Ninja are great blender brands to own. They are affordable, have extra blending containers, and the blend quality is decently smooth.

On the blending convenience, the Ninja blender has a larger container and also handles frozen fruits or ice cubes well.

Then again, the Oster blender can also make dry or wet crushed ice if you have the right size of cubes. And considering it’s slightly cheaper, plus has a glass jar and all-metal drive gear, I’m still keeping it as my favorite.