Vitamix 5200 Reviews: Is It Still Worth Buying?

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If you have had the chance to read some of the Vitamix 5200 Reviews online, you’ll notice some people still prefer the model over the newer versions. As I mentioned in some of the recent posts, the blender is part of the kitchen arsenal that has been assisting me for about two years already. So, this article consists of not only what the Vitamix team claims but from personal experience as well.

Besides, Vitamix 5200 is an old blender model, with over 10 years in production. The manufacturer introduceVitamix 5200 reviewsd it in 2007 as the replacement of the previous flagship model 5000 that had been in the market since the 1990s.

If you’re a technogeek or you would want to invest in the future of blending, therefore, 5200 is not your blender. Vitamix A3300 and the other Ascent models are the kinds with the newfangled features and design.

In any case, the purpose of this article’s to review the reasons why people are still buying Vitamix 5200. So, I will tell you everything you might want to know so that you can make a better buying judgment.

Facts Vitamix 5200 Blender
Release Date 2007
Series C-Series
Material Type Plastic
Available Colors Black, Red, White, Platinum, & Brushed Stainless
Dimensions (Approx.) 8.75 x 7.25 x 20.5 in.
Capacity 64 Ounces
Motor Size 2.0- Peak HP
Variable Speed YES
Pulse Function  No
Pre-set Programs  No
Count-up timer No
Noise Level Around 97 dB
Supported Capabilites Blending


Included Additions Tamper
Instructional DVD
Getting Started Guide
Warannty (Standrd) 7 Years
Price View on Amazon
Price View on Vitamix

The Various Features and Capabilities of Vitamix 5200 Reviews

Truthfully, many features of Vitamix are usually uniform across the various lines of blenders. It’s only a thing or two that the engineers add to differentiate each from the other and the blending experience.
Anyway, the various features that draw people to buying a Vitamix 5200 are:

How the blender looks

  • Design

For one, Vitamix 5200 is just a decent-but-simple machine, with nothing sophisticated or fancy like Ascent selections. It’s mostly identical to the model 5000, but a little more appealing in the design. The blender supports only manual blending with physical controls, which comprises a central dial, Start/Stop switch, and High/ Variable lever.

The 5200 C-series has been an inspiration for the other later machines. It features a well-built motor base, with a tough plastic housing and all-metal drive system. The base has smooth sides and vents all around to ensure a perfect circulation of airflow. If you put your hand around these open spaces, you’ll feel the built-in fan blowing air, which means the motor has minimal chances of overheating.

  • Styling

Initially, Vitamix offered the 5200 in about five different colors. Two of them were solid metallic finishes- platinum and brushed stainless, which are not only easier to blend with other kitchenware. But also they tend to retain their appearance longer before fading because of the coating process (in liquid-metal) involved.

Sad to say, however, the Vitamix 5200 variations you can find at the moment are only standard colors- namely red, white, or black.

  • Use of Space Work area

The last thing you’d want is a large machine that requires you to use it on the floor where there’s room. It’s not only awkward but also risky considering you’re working on wired electricity.

Luckily, Vitamix 5200 is not that large to despise. It has a base footprint of approximately 7¼ by 8¾ inches, which can easily fit in even a tight space like that of an RV. As a matter of fact, the blender has a smaller base area than most of the newer machines.

  • Storage

Without the container, the base unit of this blender is around 8 inches tall. But the machine uses the tall classic jar, which is nearly 13-1/2 inches high. So, after you’ve mounted and locked the container in position, the resultant height of the machine gets to about 20½ inches. In which case it becomes an issue if you have the standard 18-inch kitchen cabinet (like my case).

How’s the Blending?

  • Container

As I have just mentioned, this blender uses the classic 64-ounce pitcher that has a tall profile. At the time of its release, the designers have not yet thought through the low-profile container, which came like five years later. But if not concerned about the tallness, you’ll surely find Vitamix 5200 very handy.

For one, the jar is also slender than the newer low-profile containers. So, you can work on large and small batches of ingredients, with less or no risk of splashes. This makes it the best option if you’re hoping to be making nut butter and small amounts of smoothies from time to time. So, you won’t need to go back in your wallet so that you can buy the small 32-ounce jar.

Another thing, the tall, slender profile tends to blend with less turbulence compared to that caused by the shorter, wider container. Therefore, the appliance is likely to have fewer issues of air bubbles.

Similar to other Vitamix, the container of the model 5200 blends by the vortex form, which creates a tornado type action. Hence, allowing the blades to work on the ingredients faster and for smoother blends with richer mouth feel. Furthermore, the container does have a pour spout for accurate, clean serving, and a vented lid for easier adding of ingredients.

  • Blade

At the belly, the Vitamix 5200 jar has 3-inch fixed blades that cut through almost anything. The blades are hardened stainless steel, which means even the hardest, seediest foods don’t have a chance. This includes frozen fruits and dry ice cubes that many machines usually struggle to pulverize.

In addition to that, the use of stainless steel helps prevent rust while the extra hardiness ensures durability. So, you can continue making your smoothies and frozen desserts for years before you can replace the blades.

The “Blend All” Motor

  • Power

At the center of any machine, there’s usually an engine that’s the heart and soul of everything. For Vitamix, all the blenders have high-performance motors that work in hand with the robust blades to bring any of your culinary desires alive.

With the model 5200, the engineers installed the 2 horsepower motor that the Vitamix 5000 was using. The motor is .2 horsepower less to that of the line of G-series and other later blenders. But it can still deliver enough muscle to turn whole grains into flour and bring cold mixtures to steaming hot.

Similar to the blades, the engine also consists of high-quality components so that it can achieve a long lifespan. The integrated fan and thermal protection system do play a major role in durability.

  • Variable Speed?

On top of a powerful motor, Vitamix 5200 has a 10-incremental speed setting that makes it possible to achieve different textures. The feature brings you optimal control in that you can achieve a perfect salsa, pesto, or vegan salad without liquefying the blend.

Different from the later series, though, the variable speed dial of this blender doesn’t offer full-range control. You have to set the switch on the left to “Variable” to activate the dial settings and enable the 10 different speeds.

However, if you’re making a shake, whole-food juices, grinding grains, or any other task that needs complete pulverizing, use your blender while on the “High” setting. Not only will you enjoy the best quality of refinement, but also maximize the motor’s cooling fan and evade instances of overheating.

Another thing, Vitamix 5200 doesn’t ramp up the speed the way models Pro 750, 7500, E310, and A2300 do. If you forgot and powered off your blender while in the maximum position, the motor will blast on high instead of gradually starting low through high speed.

Regardless, the motor does spin the blades at a higher speed (about 37,000RPM) than the blenders using the low-profile container.

  • So Easy To Work With

That’s right. The blender comprises all physical buttons, which need no special skills to start using. And in case you encounter issues, the packaging does include a printed instructional manual that will give you step-by-step instructions about your machine.

Even better, Vitamix has a wide variety of tutorial videos on their company website and YouTube channel. From their chief chef, you can also learn the many kinds of drinks and dishes that you can make with ease. This includes acai bowls, smoothies, milkshakes, nut butter, sauces, whole grain flours, frozen desserts, and crushed ice.

Thanks to the heat friction from the blades, the 5200 can bring cold ingredients to steaming hot temperatures in under 6 minutes. Hence, reducing the overall cooking time of various recipes.

Here are a video

Key Takeaway:

As you set out to go and buy Vitamix 5200, do know that the blender lacks a dedicated pulse feature. If you want to chop vegetables or crush ice, therefore, you’ll have to improvise with the Start/Stop button while set on “High”. The motor doesn’t ramp up the speed, remember?


Is Vitamix 5200 worth it?

If you’re looking for a good, high-performing blender that has only the basics, Vitamix 5200 will suit your needs. You can use it for a wide range of kitchen tasks, including food processes like chopping, emulsifying, grinding, and even kneading dough. Furthermore, the blender comes with a 7-year standard warranty, reflecting its guaranteed high-performance and durability.

Does Vitamix 5200 have a pulse?

Unlike other Vitamix machines, the model 5200 doesn’t have a dedicated pulse feature. On the supposed position of the control panel, the blender has a High/ Variable lever for enabling the variable speed settings.
Nonetheless, you can still improvise with the Start/ Stop switch + “High” switch and blend your delicate recipes with high precision and consistency.

What makes Vitamix so special?

Technically, Vitamix builds their blenders to enhance convenience and joy in your blending. In doing so, the manufacturer incorporates high-performance motors that deliver incredible processing speeds and consistent results. On top of that, the brand offers an awesome, lengthy warranty service that not only covers the machine and its components. But also the shipping and return fees involved.

What is the difference between the Vitamix 5200 and 7500?

Vitamix 7500 is one of the upgrades innovated to address some of the common issues with Vitamix 5200. If it’s the storage, the G-Series 7500 has a low-profile container that allows the blender to perfectly fit under most standard kitchen cabinets. The new blender also has a redesigned motor base and noise-dampening technology, thereby resulting in a quieter scene while blending.

Meanwhile, Vitamix 5200 has a slender jar, which means you can process small and large amounts of blends with ease. With the model 7500, the low-profile container is wide, which then makes it tricky to work on small batches.

Why is Vitamix so expensive?

Vitamix is one of the most expensive blenders in the market. However, the brand is one of the most sought-after by both household and commercial owners.

As for the question of cost, Vitamix is an American manufacturer with (nearly) all the production done here, in Ohio, USA. And as you know well, the production cost is very high in the United States when compared to other regions like China.

Also, Vitamix blenders consist of professional-grade design, with high-quality components, which is why they include up to 10 years warranty.

Final Verdict

If you’re e not interested in automated blending or trendy features like touchscreens, Vitamix 5200 can make a great kitchen company. For the two years with mine, I haven’t had any issue except that one of fitting in the cabinet.

As a big fan of natural fitness, I make whole fruit juice from apples, bananas, mango, berries, and a piece of melon every day. As you know, the latter tend to have many small seeds that not many blenders can come into contact with. But not a single day I have felt a seed or fibrous remains in my mouth.

Despite the glory and impressive performance, however, Vitamix 5200 has some drawbacks that are worth noting. They include:

  • Lack of a predefined pulse feature
  • Fixed blades, making it tricky to remove all the of the food trapped around it
  • Very noisy- about 97 decibels when blending.

Also, some people claim Vitamix 5200 to be more expensive than it’s worth, considering the machine doesn’t even have preprogrammed settings.

However, Vitamix blenders are more like an investment when you decide to have one. If you continue using and maintaining it as the maker advises, you’ll be surprised to have the blender running even 30 years later. This includes not putting in the dishwasher as you’ll start weakening the container walls, which then will lead to early breakage.

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