Vitamix A2500 VS A3500 Comparison Between Two Sereies

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Overall, Vitamix Ascent is the blender series you can consider if you want to invest in the future of Vitamix. The product line comprises four models, all featuring sleek design and state of the art technology. However, we’ll first compare Vitamix a2500 vs a3500 since I would like the review to be as simple as possible to identify the key differences.

That said, however, the entire Ascent line is identical in a number of ways. The blenders have the same blending performance, wireless connectivity, and Vitamix smart system- Self Detect Technology, to enhance convenience and versatility.

How Self Detect Technology Works

Usually, the Ascent blenders have an 8-ounce cup, 20-ounce cup, 48-ounce, and 64-ounce container that you can in your processing. But the various containers require different conditions to deliver high blending efficiency. So, it’s the role of the Self Detect function to make the appropriate adjustments that conform to the used blending container.

If the detection program doesn’t recognize the container you have mounted, your vitamin won’t run. So, you can’t even use the previous Vitamix containers, including from the Legacy series, with any of the Ascent models.
That said, let’s now jump into our Vitamix A2500 vs A3500 comparison review to see which will better suit your needs.

Vitamix A2500 vs A3500: A summary on the Blenders

Vitamix A2500 vs A3500 1

Facts Vitamix A2500 Blender Vitamix A3500 Blender
Release Date 2016 2016
Series Ascent Ascent
Material Type Plastic Plastic
Available Colors 4 Options
[Black, Red, Slate, & White]
6 Options
[Red, White, Brushed stainless,black stainless, copper, and graphite]
Weight 11.86 lbs 14.92 lbs
Capacity 64 ounces 64 ounces
Motor Size 2.2-peak HP 2.2-peak HP
Variable Speed YES YES
Pulse Function YES YES
Pre-set Programs YES
[3 programs]
[5 programs]
Count-up timer YES  YES
Extras Tamper
Getting Started Guide
Getting Started Guide
Warranty 10 Years 10 Years
Price View on Amazon View on Amazon

Vitamix A2500 Blender

Vitamix introduced the Ascent series in late 2016. The model A2500 was one of the four released blenders, aimed to provide the consumers with a better blending and kitchen experience. It features a redesigned design and functions, with an easy-to-use interface and intuitive, user-friendly controls.

Similar to its cousins from the G-Series, Vitamix A2500 features a powerful motor that prepares silky smoothies in seconds. And turn your favorite frozen berries into chilled desserts with timely and consistent results.

The Vitamix A2500 blender has a built-in digital timer and multiple program settings. So, it’s even easier to achieve the perfect texture, whether you’re processing your recipes manually or with the automated programs.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art design and technology, Vitamix A2500 blender took home two awards in the 2017- Plus X Award and Kitcheninnovation of the Year Award. The machine comes with a 10-year standard [free] warranty. So, there’s still Vitamix’s rich history of high-quality and durability.

Vitamix A3500 Blender

If you would like to enjoy all the features that Vitamix prepared for the Ascent series, Vitamix A3500 has them. The blender features everything that model A2500 has, plus an extra enticing interface to “invite you to a distinctive culinary adventure”.

Similarly, the A3500 blender has a heavy motor that creates you smoother blends and faster. Furthermore, it comes with a 10-year full warranty, which means you won’t need extending as with the Legacy models.

As one of its kind, Vitamix added this blender with cutting-edge touchscreen controls to top on its elegant look. The machine is available in various high-end finishes, including multiple premium metallic options. Thus, it’s a bit quieter while blending since metal can block the motor noise better than plastic.

With that, let’s now move to our comparison review and see how Vitamix A2500 and A3500 differ from each other.

Vitamix A2500 vs A3500: Comparing the Various Features and Capabilities

  • Use of Space

When it comes to the size, there isn’t much difference across the Vitamix Ascent series. Both models A2500 and A3500 has a base of 11 x 8 inches, in which case they take about 90 square inch work area. While comparing with the older Vitamix, it means the new blenders will take up more workspace than the 5200 C-Series and Pro 750-Series.

Meanwhile, Vitamix A2500 and A3500 blenders have a 17-inch height while the container is on the motor base. So, they can fit on most standard kitchen cabinets much easier than the earlier Vitamix series.

  • Durability

This is the strong point of all Vitamix blenders. The global manufacturer designs its products to offer high performance while at the same time lasting longer. This factor is pretty noticeable on the Ascent Series, whereby the provider decided to top the various models with a free 10-year warranty.

In any case, both Vitamix A2500 and A3500 has a well-made construction, featuring a tough plastic, metallic drive system, and heavy-duty motor. So, you have a guarantee of several decades while using either model.

That said, however, Vitamix A3500 has four selections which the base is a solid metal shell. Of course, I don’t think it’s any different from the A2500 models that have plastic housing. But metallic finishes usually involves dipping plastic in liquid metal, which then increases the resistance to wear.

So, the Vitamix A3500 with a true metal base will surely preserve its elegance longer than the regular colored composite shell.

  • Style and Color Options

As mentioned, the Ascent Series is the option to consider if you wish to invest in the future of Vitamix. According to the Vitamix chief, Anthony M. Ciepiel, the blender line “speak Vitamix design language at every angle.”

Instead of replicating the older models as with the G-Series, the company started creating the Ascent series from the scratch but based on the challenges with the forerunners.

Anyhow, both Vitamix A2500 and A3500 has a lovely styling, with more curves and a clean bevel. The former is available in four standard colors, including Black, Red, slate [gray], and white.

On its end, model A3500 is only in two standard colors- candy apple red and [all] white. The rest are the true metal finishes, namely brushed stainless, black stainless, copper, and graphite.

If you like it colorful or in cool style, therefore, these two blenders have some limited options to consider. However, Vitamix A3500 would be a better option if you need a versatile design that will blend with other stainless steel kitchenware.

  • Blending Container

All the two Vitamix blenders come with a 64-ounce low-profile pitcher, similar to that of the G-series container. However, the Ascent container has a unique pour spout and it uses a clear lid instead of the previous black lids. Some say the new lid is no big deal but it’s a really great improvement as you’ll now have a better view while blending.

Like I said earlier, it’s not a must you use the large 64-ounce pitcher to prepare your blend. Vitamix A2500 and A3500 blenders also have 8-ounce, 20-ounce, and 48-ounce containers that you can use for smaller processing. This is another spectacular improvement considering the 64-ounce low-profile container is impossible to use with small batches due to the wide design.

  • Notes

All Ascent machines have a unique container that you can’t interchange with any of the previous Vitamix models. This comes as the new blenders have built-in near-field communication [NFC] technology that determines if the motor base and mounted container are compatible.

In other words, the NFC tag embedded on the Ascent bases and container is what facilitates the Self-Detect program. And if the container detection is not successful, then your blender won’t run.

  • Quality of Blade

Vitamix didn’t make any changes to the blade of the Ascent blenders. Similar to the Legacy selections, Vitamix A2500 and A3500 blenders have laser-cut, aircraft-grade stainless steel blades. So, the machines can handle the toughest ingredients, delivering consistent textures and great-tasting blends for many years.

More on that, the Ascent blenders can work on both the soft vegetables and harder materials like ice cubes and grains. If you’re hoping to make ground coffee or mill grain flour regularly, however, you’ll need to get a separate dry-blade container.

As for the 20-ounce cups, they have their blade assembly fitted on a lid, which you screw on the container when you want to blend.

  • Power and Speed

Both Vitamix A2500 and A3500 runs with a powerful 2.2-peak horsepower motor. The motor delivers a maximum speed of approximately 24,000 RPM, which is similar to the G-Series machines.

When it comes to the variable speed function, however, the Ascent blenders operate differently from the G-Series. On turning up the speed knob, both models A2500 and A3500 increase the speed gradually, then more quickly. If it’s a G-Series like the Pro 750, the speed usually increases evenly across the full range.

That said, the Ascent models are slightly slower than the G-Series at the minimum speed, though at a negligible difference.

Smart Features and Programs

All two Vitamix machines have preset functions to ensure high precision and remove the guesswork from blending.
Model A3500 has five program settings, including for making smoothies, Frozen Desserts, Dips & Spreads, Hot Soups, and Self-cleaning. The blender also has a programmable digital timer that allows you to blend “manually” in high precision without over- or under-processing.

Meanwhile, Vitamix A2500 has only three preset programs for Smoothies, Frozen Desserts, and Hot Soups. The blender also has a digital timer that counts up and displays the time of your manual blend. It doesn’t have the option to manually set a specific amount of time as its counterpart, model A3500.

Please Note, the small blending cups [8-oz & 20-oz] don’t have the breathing spout. So, you shouldn’t blend anything hot to avoid pressure buildup and the risk of blowing.

  • Ease of Use

All the four Vitamix Ascent blenders have a user-friendly interface, with an On-Off switch, as well as a pulse button.
Natheless, model A3500 uses touch-sensitive buttons and a digital knob whereas A2500 has physical controls.
With the physical switches, you get to operate the blender just like you would the G-Series models, only in an enticing style. The touchscreen controls, on the other hand, work in a similar way to a smartphone- touching the labeled icons.

As for the variable speed digital dial, it’s still a physical knob, but it doesn’t have an absolute position like that of the Vitamix A2500. So, the machine will always start at one after turning it on, in which case it prevents the mess that would occur by starting at max speed.

Still on the controls, these two Ascent models have built-in wireless connectivity [NFC technology] that adjusts the blending time based on the container. If using the 64-ounce pitcher, for instance, the blender will automatically turn off after 6½ minutes. The 48-ounce container can go up to 7½ minutes, but for the personal cups [8-oz & 20-oz], the motor stops after 1¼ minutes run.

More to love, Vitamix included the Ascent models with Bluetooth connectivity, which you can use to send up to 17 programs to the blender. This includes model A2500 that has only three preset programs.

  • Cleaning Time

Like any other Vitamix, A2500 and A3500 are quick and straightforward to clean. You only need to add soapy water [warm] in the container, then blend the mixture for 45 or 60 seconds. Vitamix A3500 even has a self-cleaning program that you can activate and walk-away.

Moreover, the Ascent 64-ounce container is dishwasher safe on the top rack. However, I would strongly recommend you clean any of your blender containers manually to preserve its original beauty and lifetime.

Vitamix A2500 vs A3500: Which Should you choose?

Well, what you need a blender for differs from my purpose. So, the Vitamix you may need probably is not what I would want.

Also, both models A2500 and A3500 have different price tags since their abilities are also different. The latter is about $100 more expensive as it has better improvements and more smart features, including touchscreen controls, user-set countdown, and premium speed dial.
In any case, you can choose….

Vitamix A2500 if you:

  • Prefer a stylish, “classic” touch [physical controls]
  • Are fine with the regular, colored composite base shell
  • Have enough workspace in your kitchen

Vitamix A3500 if you:

  • Fancy cool tech
  • Would like a sleeker styling and smart controls
  • Have significant budget
  • Are okay with the extra pounds [weight]
  • Have enough work area in your kitchen
  • Would like a uniquely textured metal shell

As for the programs, both Vitamix A2500 and Vitamix A3500 has multiple settings that allow you to blend with ultimate convenience and consistent results. After pairing with the free Vitamix Perfect Blend App, both blenders allow you to enjoy a new culinary adventure. That’s, you get to access up to 17 automated programs and over 500 recipes to try new favorite blends.

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