Vitamix E320 Reviews: Does the Blender Has What You Need In Your Kitchen

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In the kitchen, we all have that one appliance maker we’re excited about and wish if we could get more from them. As for my case, I can’t get enough of Vitamix when it comes to blenders. The brand, though, happens to have a hefty price tag, with the Explorian series, which comprises Vitamix E310 and E320, considered the best bargain edition.

Even so, I wouldn’t say Vitamix E320 is affordable as the price is not any different from that of Vitamix 5200. However, it still saves you like eighty bucks that you would have otherwise topped up to get Vitamix 5300 or 7500 G-series.

Anyway, in this article, I would like us to look at Vitamix E320 reviews to see you invest in the right high-power blender. But before looking at the main discussion, let’s briefly look at when you should and should not consider this machine model.

The 5 Best Reasons You Should Get Vitamix E320

  • E320 costs less than most Vitamix countertop blenders
  • The Explorian chops much better from the wider container and blades
  • Vitamix E320 can fit in the standard 18-inch cabinet without a hassle
  • The Blender comes with 7-years standard warranty- longer than E310’s
  • Vitamix E320 has a powerful 2.2HP motor and ten incremental speeds
  • The Explorian blender can make Hot soups, frozen desserts, mojito cocktail, nonfat coffee toppings, and so forth

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When You Might Need to Find an Alternative Solution:

In some cases, the Vitamix E320 might not be the blender you’re after. Some of those times include:

  • If you need a blender that can do walk-away blending
  • You’re not ready to cope with the loud noise
  • If interested in a blender with premium metallic finishes
  • If you need a fancy blender for your smart kitchen setting

Vitamix E320 Review: Features and Capabilities of the Blender

Vitamix E320 Vitamix 5200 Vitamix A2500
Release Date 2017 2007 2016
Class Explorian C-Series Ascent
Material Type Plastic Plastic Plastic
Available Colors 2 Options
[Black & Red]
5 Options
[Black, Red, White, Platinum, Brushed Stainless]
4 Options
[Black, Red, Slate & White]
Weight 10.5 lbs 10.0 lbs 11.8 lbs
Capacity 64-oz 64-oz 64-oz, 20-oz, & 8-oz
Power 2.2 HP, 120 V 2.0-Peak HP 2.2-peak HP
Controls Pulse, speed dial High/ variable, speed dial Pulse, speed dial, preset programs, & smart App
[Count-up only]
Warranty 7 Years Standard Warranty 7 Years Standard Warranty 10 Years Standard Warranty
Price View on Amazon View on Amazon View on Amazon

Does the Blender Come with the PCA Package?

If you shop around, you’ll notice various retailers have Vitamix E320 in different package sets. For instance, Amazon has the blender as a basic unit with only the motor base, 64-oz blending container, tamper, and cookbook.

At Costco and Vitamix’s official site, however, the blender also includes a personal cup adapter + cups for single-serve blending. If you can remember, Costco was also the primary beneficiary of Vitamix V1200, in which case they also offered it as an extensive package.

Can I Grind Dry Grains with Vitamix E320?

All Vitamix countertop blenders have a high-power motor that you can use to perform light to heavy-duty tasks. The Explorian E320 is no different, considering it’s also a full-size machine. It has a 2.2 horsepower motor that the company innovated for the low-profile container.

Therefore, you can use to grind grains or spices, make hot soups, chop vegetables, and deliver a super-smooth smoothie. It does have a variable speed dial that you can set 1 to 10. So, it shouldn’t be an issue to perform either blending task with precision. This includes muddling or whipping with the Aer Disc container, whereby you operate at varying speeds.

Will the Machine Fit in my Kitchen Cabinet?

Absolutely. When talking about Vitamix E320 vs 7500, we saw the low-profile container has a shorter design than gives the Explorian a total height of 18 inches. So, you slip under the standard 18-inch kitchen cabinet without a hassle, unlike the situation with the classic 5200.

More on that, the blender has a footprint of approximately 11 by 8 inches. So, can use on any kitchen countertop without issues.

Can I use my Vitamix 5200 Dry container on this base?

First, the motor base of the Vitamix 5200 isn’t the same as the G-series and Explorian blenders. Not that they have the Self-Detect like the Vitamix a2300 and a2500, but all machines with the Low-profile pitcher are relatively stronger. There’s a 0.2 HP (about 149 watts) power difference with the Vitamix 5200, which is substantial if you want to maintain the life of your machine.

Of course, some bloggers claim that there’s no difference in power between these models, but who should we believe? The maker or the marketer?

Even so, the power base of the Vitamix Classics (C-Series, G-series, and Explorian) has a similar top. So, the 48-oz dry container of Vitamix 5200 can fit well on the E320. By the way, this could be very convenient in blending as the 64-oz Low-profile jar tend to struggle to handle small batches.

But again, the extra-wide bottom of the container makes it easier for the blades to chop, or else work on large amounts of blends. Also, don’t forget the shortness of the container is the main reason you’re able to fit the whole blender in the cabinet.

What’s the Size of the Provided Tamper?

One of the vital tips on how to use a Vitamix Blender is to not share the tamper between device model. In particular, you should not share the tamper of the tall blending jar with a low-profile container. You can easily come into contact with the spinning blades, which can be fatal to either subject.

Regardless, the Low profile tamper consists of food-grade material like that for the classics. You can also wash in the dishwasher, albeit on the top rack where there’s no much heat.

Does the Blender have Preset Programs?

Unfortunately, Vitamix E320 doesn’t have preset programs that you can use for automated or walkaway blending. It also doesn’t have Bluetooth or auto-sensor innovations of the Ascent and Venturist machines. So, you can’t send programs with the Vitamix smart app or otherwise sync with the smart blend scale.

Everything with the Explorian is the old classics, with manual controls and all physical buttons. Different from the model 5200, however, the blender has a definitive pulse button and also a full-range variable speed knob. Also, the speed control has a soft-start style, whereby the motor will quickly ramp up in case you accidentally start at maximum speed.

What’s the longevity of the Blender?

Apart from the high power, Vitamix blenders have a well-made design, with heavy-duty plastic and metal components. The gear system is all metal, unlike the Ninja Bl770 and Bn801 Kitchen System that are made of plastic materials. So, our Explorian E320 can crush frozen fruits and handle other tougher tasks for a long time.

Even better, the machine comes with a 7-year standard warranty, reflecting their rich quality and performance. The warranty actually covers the two-way shipping cost in case you wish to return your non-operating device.

Ps. Usually, Vitamix provides their E320 with a standard 64-ounce plastic pitcher. If you need to keep your kitchen plastic-free, you can check the Vitamix stainless steel container that the company released last year.

Does Vitamix E320 have Self-cleaning?

All Vitamix blenders, including the model E320, are quick and straightforward to clean. You just need to add some drops of liquid soap and half-full warm water into the jar, then let it run at high speed for 45-60 seconds. After you rinse, the container should be sparkling. So, it’s not something you need to use the dishwasher.

Nonetheless, I do recommend washing immediately after blending to avoid the dark minerals clouding the sides. Also, you can give a deep wash with a cleaning sponge once in a while to remove the food particles that might be stuck in the corners.

As for the motor base, you can wipe with a damp dishtowel while ensuring no dripping water enter through the breathing spaces.

Vitamix E320 Review: How Does it Compare With the Others

Here’s a quick summary of how Vitamix E320 stands out from the previous and later models.

Vitamix E310 vs E320

I personally will give the golden start to the Vitamix E310 as it’s cheaper but still powerful enough to do what E320. It also comes with a 48-ounce container, which is a big bonus as one can process small to medium blends.

Vitamix E320 vs 5200

When it comes to Vitamix E320 and 5200, their comparison is more of a tie. The blenders cost about the same, have no preset programs, and the warranty period is similar. Nonetheless, both blenders have varying container designs, each with unique strengths.

Vitamix V1200 vs E320

With Vitamix V1200 and E320, the Venturist is the clear winner, all thanks to the built-in smart detect sensor, settable timer, and a decent hybrid design. Similar to the Ascent machines, this blender can also use the 20-oz cup without the bulky personal cup adapter.

Vitamix E320 vs 5300

The two blenders have classic controls, a 2.2HP motor, a low-profile container, regular colors, and 7 years standard warranty. So, they are the same even though Vitamix E320 does save you about a hundred bucks, and also the curved side bevels appear cooler.

Vitamix E320 vs 750

All the brownie points will go to the Pro 750 as it’s relatively quieter, has premium metallic finishes, and you can do the walk-away blending. It also has a sleek and graceful control panel, albeit without fancy touchscreen buttons.

Vitamix E320 vs 7500

The only selling point for the Vitamix 7500 here is the vibrations dampening technology and, maybe, the sweet black and white theme. So, my five stars will go to the Vitamix E320 as it’s cheaper, yet performs everything else the G-Series do. Neither of the two blenders has preset programs, thus has to rely on manual controls.

Vitamix E320 vs A2300 vs A2500

While A2500 is a couple of dollars more expensive, I would prefer it over E320 anA2300. Not only is it sleeker but also has preset programs and a built-in timer that can count the lapse time during manual and automated blending. Furthermore, the Ascent blender has the newly-innovated wireless technology that enables the motor base to connect different containers directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Vitamix E310 and E320?

The Vitamix E310 and E320 are both parts of the Explorian family. Many of the features are identical, including the classic touch and sweet curves on the sides. However, the E310 is relatively cheaper and comes with a multi-use container that can come in handy when making butters. But if you need a blender to be blending for a larger family, the E320 has a larger 64-ounce jar. It also comes with a longer warranty period and in some single-serve blending cups, plus a personal cup adapter.

Does Vitamix E320 make hot soup?

Like any other full-size Vitamix blender, the Explorian E320 has a powerful motor that you can use to perform a variety of kitchen tasks. You can make frozen desserts, whip nonfat cream, prep sauces, and knead the dough for bread. Furthermore, you could run the blender at high speed for five to six minutes to heat your (soup) mixture.

What Is The Warranty For The Vitamix E320?

As with most brand new classic blenders, Vitamix offers E320 with a 7-year standard warranty. Unlike with many regular blenders, however, the Ohio-maker stands by their warranties for all the parts, performance, shipping fees, and labor in case it needs repairing.

What includes in the box of the Vitamix E320?

As was mentioned earlier, the Vitamix E320 comes with varying components depending on the retailer. You’ll find most that only includes the motor base, 64-oz low-profile jar, cookbook, user’s manual, and a tamper. In other cases, some providers will throw a personal cup adapter + 20-oz single-serve cups into the mix. So, you won’t need to make your large jar dirty if you’re only making your two-cup breakfast smoothie.

Final Verdict: Should You Get Vitamix E320?

Well, Vitamix E320 is an amazing machine if you aren’t into fancy touchscreens, wireless technology, or program presets. It’s a classic, a real strong one, by the way, and with some compelling performance punch to beat your smoothie to the smoothest taste you desire.

Although it’s still pricey, the Explorian could still save you like $100 when you decide you want to go full-size with the 64-ounce jar. And in case you feel the budget is still over the odds, you can get the refurbished Vitamix E320 that will save you like $180. Besides, this renewed model is what has been available for a long while when the new edition was out of stock.

In any case, hopefully, I have shed light on all the questions you had on Vitamix E320 reviews. You can click the embedded links to visit some of my previous posts on how the blender compares with its cousins. Happy Blending!