Comparison Between Vitamix Pro 750 vs A3500 Blenders

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Vitamix is one of the two top names if you need a premium blender for light and heavy-duty blending. The brand’s pretty expensive to own, though, with many of us having only a single shot of acquiring one. So, which will be a better machine to invest in between Vitamix Pro 750 vs A3500?

Well, this is the question we’ll be answering in this review. But so you know, all Vitamix countertop machines are similar in performance and blend quality. The only thing that changes between the dozen variants available is the user experience, where some are more efficient and fun than others.

Verdict: the 6 Reasons Vitamix A3500 is my Pick

  • Vitamix A3500 has a sleeker design
  • Vitamix A3500 has a user-settable timer
  • Vitamix A3500 has a 10-year standard warranty
  • Vitamix A3500 supports up to 17 preset programs
  • Vitamix A3500 also has fancy touchscreen controls
  • Vitamix A3500 can use various containers without an adapter

Vitamix Pro 750 vs A3500: A Summary of the Specs & Features of the Two Blenders

Facts Vitamix 750 Vitamix A3500
Release Date 2012 2016
Series G-Series Ascent Series
Material Type Plastic Plastic
Dimensions in inches 7.7 by 9.4 by 17.5 8 .0 by 10.75 by 17.25
Gear Drive System All Metal All Metal
Power Output 2.2-Peak HP 2.2-Peak HP
Speed Control 10 Variable Speeds 10 Variable Speeds
Pre-set Programs YES YES
Pulse Function YES YES
Built-in Timer No YES
Control Type Physical Switches & Dial Touch & Digital Dial
Noise Level Original Pro 750: 87dB, Heritage Pro 750: 80dB 87dB
Best Features Soft start, noticeably quieter, & a durable solid metal motor base Soft start, slightly quieter, & pairs with all self-detect containers
Warranty 7 Years 10 Years
Price View on Amazon View on Amazon

Should I Get Vitamix Pro 750?

Are you looking for a premium blender for a senior? Or perhaps you’d like to add a classic touch to your smoothies? The Vitamix Pro 750 has all physical controls, featuring a Start/ Stop switch, pulse trigger, and the dial for speed and presets.

As we mentioned in the Vitamix E310 vs 750 reviews, Vitamix didn’t introduce the G-Series as just another machine. The blender was more of a solution to address some of the issues in the flagship classic model 5200. Such improvements include a quieter motor, a soft start, and a shorter profile that can fit easily under most cabinets.

Other pros and cons of the Vitamix 750 include:


  • It’s easy to set up & operate
  • Delivers super-sleek blends
  • Crushes ice finely and fast
  • Comes with a tamper to aid in blending
  • Heritage model muffles the motor better
  • You can add ingredients during blending


  • It lacks suction cups for stable blending
  • Tricky to blend small blends without splattering

Should I Get Vitamix A3500?

Are you looking for a smarter way to make your smoothies or prep meals? The Vitamix A3500 is currently the smartest consumer blender from the brand. It has a sleeker design to blend with a modern kitchen, capacitive controls, and built-in wireless connectivity via NFC technology.

The wireless technology is built into the base of the blender and container to facilitate smart detection. And if you can remember our previous talk on Vitamix V1200 and A3500, we concluded that even the Ascent-certified 8-oz and 20-oz cups have this embedded NFC chip. So, you won’t need the bulky adapter that the older machines use for single-serve blending.

Conversely, this also means the previous containers from Vitamix E320, Pro 750, and others without the NFC tags won’t work on the new machine.

Other pros & cons of the Vitamix A3500 include:


  • It has a cute start animation
  • So easy to set up and operate
  • Has a 10-year free warranty
  • Features a built-in (user-settable) timer
  • You can send extra programs via the app
  • It also has a digital dial without absolute position


  • It doesn’t come with the single-serve cups for blending small amounts
  • The centering pad has a “curved” design that makes the jar rock slightly
Vitamix pro 750 vs A3500

Vitamix Pro 750 vs A3500: Comparing the Key Features & Capabilities of the Blenders


Technically, all Vitamix blenders are more expensive than regular blenders like Nutribullet or Magic Bullet, or Ninja. For instance, both the Vitamix Pro 750 and A3500 sell over half grand, which many of us will find as much.

However, the Vitamix A3500 has a price tag of $649.95, whereas Vitamix Pro 750 has $628.49. But is the extra twenty-two bucks on the Ascent machine worth it?

Winner: Vitamix Pro 750 as it’s about twenty-two bucks cheaper than A3500


Despite the huge price tag, Vitamix still doesn’t send the blenders with all the accessories. If it’s the Ascent A3500 and Pro 750, they both only come with a motor base, low-profile 64-oz jar, tamper, and cookbook.

So, you’ll have to purchase the other accessories, including the 20-oz and 8-oz cups for single-serve blending. And even the under-blade scraper if you plan to use the blender for making nut butter.

Winner: A Tie as both blenders comes with only the motor base, 64-oz jar, tamper, and cookbook

Design & Build

As was mentioned, the Vitamix Pro 750 assumes a classic style with all physical controls for power, speed, and pulse function. It also has a sturdy build, with the base fearing a tough plastic housing with a thin metallic coat.

However, Vitamix did introduce (in 2015) a line of the Heritage Pro 750 that has a solid metal base. Thus, more durable and also a bit quieter than the original Pro 750 or even our Ascent model when blending.

Nevertheless, the Vitamix A3500 base is also a tough plastic with a thin metallic coat. So, you’ll find its revving motor’s slightly quieter than blenders series like the V1200 that doesn’t have the premium metallic finish.

Winner: Vitamix Pro 750 as the Heritage has a solid motor base that’s more durable and quieter

Motor Power

This will be another tie as both Vitamix Pro 750 and A3500 have a high-speed motor with a power output of 2.2 horsepower. The two motors also have a peak power boost to help the machine overcome initial resistance when blending.

Speaking of blending, the Pro 750 and A3500 are both dedicated high-power blenders. So, they usually process your recipes by pummeling (you can think of it as hammering at high speed) through the ingredients.

Winner: A Tie as both blenders have the 2.2HP motor with a peak power boost

Speed Control

In comparing Vitamix A3500 vs 750 speed, you’ll come to notice some similarities. At the highest speed, they both achieve approximately 23,000 revolutions/ minute, which is still impressive considering the containers have a 4-inch blade.

On the minimum speed (variable 1), the speed is also almost similar, but the Ascent machine records around 1,400 revolutions/ minute. Thus, slightly slower than the Pro 750 which has 1,600 revolutions/ minute.

In addition to that, you’ll notice the G-series blender increases the speed evenly across the ten-level range as you turn the knob. But that of the A3500 will start gradually before increasing rapidly, which I’d believe has to do with its digital dial.

Different from the Vitamix Pro 750, the digital speed dial on the A3500 has no absolute position. So, it’ll always reset back to zero after completing blending.

Winner: a tie as both Vitamix blenders have a soft start and ten variable speeds.

Container Compatibility

The Vitamix A3500 is the clear winner in this part, thanks to its built-in wireless connectivity on the base and containers. Unlike the previous creations, including the Pro 750, the blender isn’t just compatible with the low-profile 64-ounce and 48-oz container. You can also connect the 8-oz and 20-oz cups directly to the motor when making single-serve blends.

Even better, you can use Vitamix as a food processor with the newly-released attachment. The attachment only works with the smart blenders and comprises all accessories of a regular food processor, including the chopping blade and slice/ shred discs. Thus, making it possible to do food prep tasks with much better control.

On the other hand, the Vitamix Pro 750 motor is only directly compatible with the low-profile 64-oz jar, plus 32-oz and 48-oz containers. However, you can get the Personal-Cup Adapter that connects with your motor to facilitate blending with the 20-ounce containers.

Winner: Vitamix A3500 as you can use the food processor attachment and personal cups without the bulky adapter

Ease of Use?

Again, all Vitamix machines are usually winners here as they only have the container (with a fixed blade) to mount on the base. Then, the motor is powerful enough to pulverize large chunks of hard food and whole fruits like bananas, strawberries, and carrots without chopping them down.

Furthermore, Vitamix Pro 750 and A3500 can make dry and wet crushed ice with the regular 2.5” frozen cubes. And you won’t even need to pre-crush the ice cubes as with most of those cheap blenders- of course, the Ninja Mega Kitchen blender is great on ice.

Anyhoo, the Vitamix blenders also have a user-friendly control panel. The only difference is that the Pro 750 has the physical pulse and Start/ Stop switches. Thus, can be a perfect option for your vintage taste or seniors.

As for the Vitamix A3500, the speed knob is the only physical control system while the rest’s a capacitive touchscreen. So, it would be a nice touch for a smart kitchen or if you want a more fun way to explore your culinary adventures.

Winner: Vitamix A3500 as it has touchscreen controls and also a digital dial

Walk-Away Convenience

All the two blenders have manual and automated blending options. However, my points on the walk-away convenience go to the Vitamix A3500. Why?

Well, Vitamix designed the Ascent machine with three different ways for you to get the automated blending. The first option is the factory/ default preset program that has timed blending timeouts for Smoothies, Frozen Desserts, Soups, Spreads, and Self-Cleaning.

On top of the five default presets, you can send additional twelve programs to the smart blender via the Vitamix Perfect Blend App. Thus, giving you a total of seventeen automated preset programs, including for Acai Bowls, Frozen Cocktails, and Nut Milk.

Additionally, the Vitamix A3500 has a built-in timer that not only counts down but also you can set your preferred blending time. The setting buttons are the (+) and (-) touch buttons on the right of the tiny display. Then, you can input up to 6-1/2 minutes (maximum limit), perhaps when preparing a steaming carrot soup.

On its end, sadly, the Vitamix 750 doesn’t have a built-in digital timer or compatibility with the Perfect Blend mobile app. So, you’ll have to rely on the five default pre-programmed settings of Smoothies, Soups, Frozen Desserts, Purees, or Self-Cleaning for the walk-away convenience.

Winner: Vitamix A3500 as it has more options of preset programs and settable timer

Warranty Policy

Vitamix A3500, as well as the rest of Ascent blenders, comes with a Full 10-year standard (free) warranty. And that not only covers the repair or replacement of your faulty part, but also the two-way shipping costs.

Of course, the Vitamix Pro 750 warranty policy also do cover the repairs/ replacements and shipping cost. But you only get a 7-year guarantee for free, then you’ll have to purchase the 3-year extension plan for $75.

Winner: Vitamix A3500 since it includes a full 10-year warranty for free

Use of Space

Last but not least, both Vitamix Pro 750 and A3500 utilize the low-profile 64-ounce container. And while the Ascent series is about a quarter-inch shorter (container mounted on base), they both have a 17-inch height range. So, you can slip under the standard 18-inch kitchen cabinet without a hassle.

As countertop machines, the two blenders will also assume a relatively larger working space than a single-serve portable blender like Hamilton Beach 51101AV. But, of course, the Vitamix 750 has a slightly smaller base footprint than the Ascent A3500.

Winner: Both as they can fit under the standard 18-inch cabinet.

Commonly Asked Questions

Which Vitamix is better 750 or A3500?

Technically, all Vitamix countertop blenders usually have similar blending capabilities and blend quality. The only difference between the various creations is the user experience. And in that case, the Vitamix A3500 is better than Pro 750 from the touchscreen controls, built-in timer, and compatibility with different containers.

How to turn on Vitamix a3500

All Vitamix machines are easy to set up and operate. If you want to turn on your Vitamix A3500, you’ll just need to plug it into the electrical outlet. Next, mount a compatible (self-detect) container onto the base and turn it on from the On/ Off switch at the side. Then, tap the Start/ Stop icon and turn up the dial to your preferred blending speed.

How to turn on Vitamix 750

If you want to turn on Vitamix 750, you’ll also need to plug the machine into the electrical outlet. Next mount the container to the base, confirm the variable speed dial is at the resting position and flip the On/ Off switch on the side. Then, press the Start/ Stop trigger and turn up the speed dial to your preferred setting.

Final Thought

Both Vitamix Pro 750 and A3500 are great options if you’re looking for a great blender for light and heavy-duty blending. They have a  powerful motor, solid all-metal drive system, and also support walk-away blending.

Nonetheless, the Vitamix A3500 is the best option if you want to invest in the future of blending with the brand. Its built-in self-detect technology allows you to use various containers, including the dedicated food processor attachment. Then, the base also has a Bluetooth function to send more automated blending programs.

Best of all, Vitamix sends the Ascent blender with a 10-year standard warranty. Thus, saving you the fifty bucks you’d have added on the Pro 750 tag to extend your device protection by three years.