Vitamix v1200 vs e320: What’s Different Between Them?

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In our last post, we looked at Vitamix v1200 vs a3500 blenders but saw the Venturist lose to the Ascent machine. Today, I would like us to continue this discussion and compare Vitamix v1200 vs E320 so that we can see how they relate.

If you can remember, all Vitamix full-size machines have the same blending performance. So, the difference between these two is on aesthetics and some of the other features.

Nonetheless, the Venturist v1200 takes the lead in this case, in my opinion, as it has several amazing features not in the Explorian series. Here’s a brief of them before we can dive into the full comparison.

The 5 Reasons Why Vitamix v1200 is the best

  1. Vitamix v1200 has advanced self-detect technology that allows connecting smaller containers- 20-ounce and 8-Vitamix v1200 vs E320ounce, without the bulky adapter
  2. Vitamix v1200 features built-in wireless technology that you use to send up to 17 programs for automated blending.
  3. Vitamix v1200 includes a settable digital timer that can help make sure you achieve perfect blends without over or under-processing
  4. Vitamix v1200 has a sleeker and elegant styling due to the fine touches from various blender models.
  5. Last but not least, the Venturist has an all-clear container, including the lid and handle. While working, you’ll notice the blend is much visible than when using the Vitamix container with a black lid.

Vitamix v1200 vs E320: A Summary on the Blender models

Facts Vitamix V1200 Blender Vitamix E320 Blender
Release Date 2018 2017
Series Venturist Explorian
Material Type Tritan Plastic Tritan Plastic
Available Colors 4 Options
(Black, Red, Slate, & White)
2 Options
(Black & Red)and graphite)
Capacity 64 Ounces 64 Ounces
Weight 11.86 lbs 10.5 lbs
Motor Size 2.2-peak HP 2.2 HP
Variable Speed YES YES
Pulse Function YES YES
Pre-set Programs No No
Count-up timer YES YES
Extras Tamper
20-oz cup
8-oz bowl
Tamper Holder
Under Blade Scraper
Getting Started Guide
Getting Started Guide
Warranty 10 Years 7 Years
Details View on Amazon View on Amazon
Details View on Vitamix View on Vitamix

About Vitamix v1200

If we can revisit our previous Vitamix v1200 vs A3500 comparison, I did mention Vitamix primarily created the Venturist for Costco. However, you can also get the blender from other major providers, including Amazon and the official Vitamix 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07R1NBVFZ

Vitamix v1200 is for those who have a taste of the sophisticated tech, thanks to the wireless connectivity. But the blender has all physical buttons, including the controls for the count-down timer. So, it can still suffice your desires if you love classic touch in the mix.

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About Vitamix E320

Well, if you have always wanted a high-end blender, specifically from Vitamix, the Explorian series may have your answers. The Ohio-manufacturer unveiled it as a line of two variants, all budget-friendly and with only the blending essentials.

As I noted last time on E320 vs 5200 reviews, the Explorian came several months after the space-age Vitamix Ascent. However, the engineers didn’t include any newfangled features other than the sweet curves on the 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B08JXHQ3YF

Regardless, the Explorian E320 has a large 64-ounce container that came to address the issue of storage experienced by owners of the classic tall jar.

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More on that, let’s compare with what the Venturist has so that you can make the best purchase decision. After all, that’s the sole purpose of this write-up as neither of us wants you to pay for what you don’t need.

Vitamix v1200 vs A3500: Comparing the Blending Features and Capabilities

Which blender has better Looks?

When the two blenders are on the same table, you can easily tell they are from different lineups by just looking. Yes, the container design is partly similar but the rest of the features are entirely different.

For one, the motor base of Vitamix v1200 combines some elements of the Legacy and others of the Ascent blender line. Its front panel is similar to that of G-series models but with a timer embedded above the speed dial. The back is like that of the Ascent models where the air vents are instead of the sides.

In general, the Venturist machine looks more elegant in the kitchen than any of the Explorian blenders. That being the case, however, Vitamix E320 has curved bevels on the sides, which the maker borrowed from the Ascent line. The breathing spaces of the machine are on the sides all around, just like the previous classic C-series.

Ps. Both Vitamix v1200 and E320 comes with the standard color coats. Neither option has the premium metallic finishes like Vitamix A3500 or Pro 750 G-series.

How Powerful is the Motor?

This is a win for both machines since they have the newly-designed 64-ounce jar as the default container. The container, which first came with the Vitamix 750, has longer “4-inch” blades at the belly. Thus, the reason all its blenders come with a 2.2 horsepower motor (instead of 2.0 horsepower) since the cutters need more force to spin.

Regardless, for Vitamix, all full-size blenders deliver the same blend quality, whether it’s 2.0 or 2.2 horsepower.

Anyway, back to our comparison, both Vitamix E320 and V1200 have multiple speed settings, which is very crucial in preparing different textures. The control knob for the speeds counts a full-range of as high as “10”, plus it has a soft-start. So, the machines will always ramp-up to the highest speed, instead of instantly thrusting at maximum like the famed classic 5200.

Can You Blend Small Amounts?

If you have a large family to blend for, both Vitamix v1200 and e320 have a profile for the task. As already mentioned, the blenders have a 64-oz pitcher, equivalent to 6 -7 cups of smoothies. Also, the containers have a low-profile style, which is shorter and wider than the 5200 blender’s container. So, the two machines have trouble handling 2 cups or lesser amounts.

Luckily, however, Vitamix v1200 has the self-detect technology that enables the motor base to take different container sizes. The machine has NFC technology that adjusts the blending capabilities as per the container mounted. So, you can use even the 20-oz cups or 8-oz bowl without needing the bulky personal adapter.

Even better, the Venturist model can work with the newest Vitamix food processor attachment. Thus, allowing you to venture more into your culinary adventures.

Sadly, the Explorian blenders don’t have the built-in NFC tags. So, you must have the adapter if you would want to use the single-serve cups. If that’s not the option, then you’ll need the Vitamix 32 Ounce Container to be able to blend smaller batches.

It’s worth noting the 64-ounce low-profile jar is better in chopping tasks than the narrower classic containers. That’s both the tall 64-oz jar on Vitamix 5200 and the 48-oz jar with the Vitamix E310.

Will The Blender Fit In My Kitchen Cabinet?

Thankfully, all the two Vitamix machines have a short 64-ounce jar. So, either can comfortably fit under the standard 18-inch kitchen cabinet while the container is locking on the base.

But if you’re going for the smart tech on Venturist v1200, there’s a catch. The blender comes packed with several extra accessories, including a 20-oz cup, 8-oz bowl, tamper holder, and under blade scrapper. So, you’ll need to create extra room to hold everything in place.

Meanwhile, Vitamix E320 has a base footprint of approximately 11 x 8 inches while the Venturist measures 10.5 x 8 inches. So, the two machines will take pretty similar counter space while working.

Ease Of Use?

Technically, all Vitamix blenders are high performers and simple to work with. If it’s our two cousins here, they both have a powerful motor and hardened aircraft-grade blades that can eat through any food materials you put.

If it’s fruits, you can just put them while still in halves without needing to further chop them down. Then for the leafy greens and solid vegetables like carrots, you don’t have to shred as the blender can handle it all alone.

In addition to that, the full-size Vitamix blending containers use a fixed blade assembly. So, you don’t take time to prepare as with the Ninja Total crushing blenders that have removable blades.

Do You Need Automated Blending?

If the answer is yes, sadly, Vitamix E320 is not the blender you need. It only supports manual blending with the provided physical controls.

Similarly, the Venturist series don’t have preset smart programs but you can activate them using its built-in wireless connectivity. You just need the Vitamix app on your smartphone/ tablet and you can send up to 17 different programs wirelessly.

Furthermore, Vitamix v1200 has a settable count-down timer that you can input the minutes and seconds your recipe is likely to complete blending. The blender will automatically power off upon finishing the count-down, thereby providing walk-away convenience without relying on preset programs.

Pricing And Warranty

Until now, the Vitamix Explorian is the most affordable blender from the manufacturer. True, the cost is still high compared to the regular blenders but you can pocket $50 to $100 and not even from the refurbished section.

On its end, the Venturist is a bit expensive, considering the Bluetooth wireless connectivity and the self-detect technology. Furthermore, the blender comes with four extra accessories in one package, allowing you to test all capabilities right away.

As for the warranty, both Vitamix v1200 and E320 have generous warranty support of up to 10 years and 7 years respectively. The great thing is that this warranty doesn’t just cover the product, but also the return shipping fees that may be involved.

Vitamix v1200 vs E320: Which is the Best Buy?

Truthfully, I can’t openly announce blender A is better than B here as we all have unique needs and preferences. If you’re looking for more power and a machine that can take you through several years, either Vitamix v1200 or E320 is fine. They both will deliver sweet, silky smoothies and you can make hot soups right from the blending pitcher.

However, investing in the Vitamix v1200 proves more worthwhile if you have the right budget at hand. Not just about the smart features and the extra accessories delivered but also for it’s one of the few that holds the future of blending. This is pretty evident with last year’s release- food processor attachment, which allows you to perform more tasks and with precision. That’s not all.

Vitamix said that they will continue to provide more updates for the smart Ascent and Venturist creations. Who knows what they will surprise us with next time… A juicer attachment maybe?

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