A Comparison Review on Vitamix vs Ninja vs Blendtec Blender

While browsing through the selection of Ninja Counter tops, I came across the Ultima Blender +. Without a doubt, Ninja is a great blender brand, but how they compared with Vitamix was kind of unprofessional. Instead of a direct conflict with a specific maker, Ninja’s marketers should have used an inconspicuous term like “Other Blenders”.

In any case, I’ve decided to compare the Ninja Ultima and the said $600 Vitamix [apparently, Pro 750-Series] to see who wins where. Blendtec is another close rival of the Ohio-based manufacturer, so it’ll be in the mix as well. In which case we now have Vitamix vs Ninja vs Blendtec on the same worktop.

As I hope to help you make a better buying decision, this article covers all the key factors, not limited to design, performance, and maintenance.

Before we can come to that, however, let’s briefly reopen the archives of the three manufacturers and see their story. After all, the first rule to trusting any product is knowing its source.

A Quick Comparison between Vitamix vs Ninja vs Blendtec Blenders

As mentioned, we’re using Vitamix 750 Pro and Ninja Ultima Blender for reference. The two machines have a 2.2-peak HP and 2.5-peak HP motor respectively. For Blendtec, we’ll use the Total Blender Classic WildSide+ as it has an almost similar motor size.

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Vitamix vs Ninja vs Blendtec: An Overview on the Blender Brands

Vitamix Blender

Vitamix. Vitamix! Yes, Vitamix. These no doubt will be the answers when you ask any culinary expert on the best multifunctional, high-performance, and durable bender. The brand has been around for about a century now while still providing high-grade blending appliances to household and commercial joints.

Vitamix usually creates their blenders with two main points in check- to perform and last. It’s no surprise to find someone who still has a working 5000-Series that she bought in the late 1990s when the lineup was a hit. Even so, this model is no longer in the production after the maker replaced it with another high-end classic top-seller, Vitamix 5200.

In any case, many trust Vitamix as a reputed brand and provider who keeps to their promises. The brand usually offers extended warranty than most companies and as per other reviewers, they often stand true to its fulfillment.

Blendtec Blender

Blendtec total classic is the closest rival of Vitamix. We surely can’t say enough great things about the brand and its consistency in innovation. From one of the top stories, the Utah-based blender company was successful in a Patent infringement suit that involved Vitamix.

Similarly, Blendtec offers top-grade and long-lasting appliances. They have a wide range of products to choose from, both for residential and commercial use. Furthermore, the maker relies on an exclusive blade assembly that blends with much gust as in their marketing video series, “Will it Blend”.

Needless to say, though, Blendtec is not as famous as its rival, Vitamix. But their products are pretty advanced in tech, including features like the SmartBend and touchscreen technology.

Ninja Blender

On its end, Ninja Kitchen is an alternative of both Vitamix and Blendtec, particularly on the price-point. The two high-end rivals have a price range of $300-$700, which is a third of almost all Ninja countertops benders.

Even so, Ninja’s are not professional-grade appliances or built to last like its peers. If lucky and you meet with Mr. Perfect, you can use it for one or three years before requesting another one.

Besides the low price-point, by the way, Ninja blends are quite reliable when it comes to crushing ice. The brand’s blenders feature a 3-blade system similar to that of the Ninja Ultima Blender. The extra two blades are primarily for crushing and chopping the ingredients, whereas the bottom creates a cyclone to mix up the blend smoothly.

Vitamix VS Ninja VS Blendtec2

An In-depth Comparison of the Various Features and Capabilities

  • How’s the Design

All the three brands, Vitamix, Ninja, and Blendtec, has a plastic container for the blending process. The plastic used is food-grade, free of toxic compounds that would otherwise defeat its purpose to support healthy living.

Even so, the Ninja blender is relatively lighter, which is great as you can easily pick it up and store it in the top cabinet. The machine is about 17 inches high [when assembled], which is easier to store in small spaces.

As for the color option, Ninja is available in a modest black scheme. As such, you’ll probably be limited in case you’d like to blend the appliance with your flashy kitchenware.

Meanwhile, Blendtec comes in both dull and colorful styles, including black, red, and white. The brand is also light, but pretty heavier than the Ninja blender. So, you can as well store it in the cabinet and move back onto the counter without issues.

When it comes to the Vitamix, nonetheless, everything is pretty different. True, the Pro 750-Series has a low-profile pitcher that can fit comfortably in the cabinet. However, its overall weight is about 13 pounds, which surely will be kind of boring to move back and forth.

Nonetheless, Vitamix blenders usually comprise of denser polycarbonate material, then dipped in liquid metal like brushed stainless steel for the finish. Hence, one of the main reasons the appliance will still look new even after years of continuous use.

Like others from the maker, Pro 750-Series comes with a food-grade tamper that allows you to efficiently rid trapped air bubbles while blending. The component can also help push the nut butter or other sticky mixtures to the blades while blending.

  • What’s Power and Speed?

All three blenders are pretty powerful and they spin the blade fast. Of course, they do have different motor sizes, but you can use either with soft and tougher ingredients. For the Ninja, it has a 2.5HP motor that rotates the blades at a speed of up to 24,000 revolutions/ minute. The blender, though, has the extra removable blade system for crushing and chopping materials, which rotates at 5,000 revolutions/ minute.

vitamix vs ninja vs blendtec

Despite the high blending power, though, the ninja blender does make a lot of noises while in use. This is quite similar to the Blendtec, in which case even you can’t even hear your partner until the running stops.  After all, the Blendtec Total Classic also has a heavier 1560-watt motor and a good reason to make some noise. The machine is fast but it does have a 10-variable speed setting to give you better control while blending.

On its end, the Vitamix 750 has a 1440-watt motor, which is a few points less than the Blendtec and Ninja. Impressively, the machine is still very powerful as you can grind flour from hard grains without a drawback. Moreover, it enables you to blend your materials at varying speeds, starting first through tenth gear.

  • How’s the Blade and blending?

As mentioned, Ninja Ultima blender uses a 3-blade system that makes it possible to blend various materials and efficiently. The top, removable 2-blade unit is the main one for the processing tasks whereas the bottom blade is to mix your blend smooth.

Sad to say, though, a smoothie from the Ninja is still not as smooth as when using the high-end counterparts. Furthermore, the blender can’t grind flour, plus you’ll always have to remove the extra blade attachment before pouring your blend into the cups.

Meanwhile, the Total Classic blender has a superior hardened stainless steel blade that pulverizes soft and tougher materials within seconds. It handles frozen fruit and ice pretty well but with smoother and creamier results than the Ninja. You can even use the machine as your home mill for grinding flour from grains like oat, wheat, rice, and sorghum.

On the other hand, Vitamix creates its blenders as a multi-purpose kitchen tool. If it’s the Pro 750-Series, its four-tipped blades work on the materials to a silky and smooth smoothie in less than a second. The blade system is also full of hardened stainless steel, providing high blending efficiency and for a long time.

Just like Blendtec, the Vitamix can also prepare fresh coffee and grind flour out of grains. However, the maker often offers the blender with a wet-blade container for processing softer materials and infrequent grinding. So, you might need to get a dry-bade container if you’re planning to be milling flour and kneading dough regularly.

  • Does it have pre-set Programs?

Although they do have some models with pre-programmed settings, the Ninja Ultima blender doesn’t support any. However, the machine does have a pulse feature, which is a fantastic alternative to control your blending [manually].
On its end, Blendtec company is a true innovator, which is why all their blenders have pre-programmed settings. The Total Classic Blender has up to six different smart programs, including for making smoothies, frozen treats, batters, mixed drinks, hot soup, and whole juice. Then, it has an illuminated LCD that displays the time remaining for your blended mixture to be ready.

As a plus, the Blendtec does have the pulse feature on one of its one-touch buttons. Thus, allowing you to chop those ingredients that don’t require a long blend cycle.

If you’d prefer Vitamix, do know the blender model doesn’t have the timer display like that its rival. However, the included smart programs are still timely, convenient, and consistent results. The various supported blend cycles include recipes for a smoothie, frozen dessert, soup, puree, and the extra for self-cleaning.

There’s also the press-release pulse button on the Vitamix Pro-750. So, you can as well use it to create delicate recipes for chunky salsas without liquefying the ingredients.

  • Can You Make Hot Soup?

Yes, you can make hot soups with your Vitamix or Blendtec blender. Both machines house a powerful motor and a high-grade blade that generates friction heat to warm your soups. It’s a shared aspect between the two, in which case you can heat the blend manually for 5 – 6 minutes. If not that, the two blenders have a preset hot soup program that auto-runs motor and stop when your steaming soup is ready.

vitamix vs ninja vs blendtec

Unfortunately, Ninja Ultima can’t heat soup. The design of the blades won’t even allow it, plus the manufacturer has clearly stated NOT TO put hot liquids into the pitcher. Unlike its counterparts, the blender’s lid design secures tight on the container and doesn’t have any vent to release the steam.

  • How easy is it to clean?

In general, all three countertop blenders are easy to clean. You only need warm soapy water in the blender container and run the highest level speed for about 60 seconds. If you’re using Vitamix, the blender does have a preset self-cleaning program. So, you’ll just hit the button and the machine will clean and switch off the motor automatically.

Even though the blenders are effortless to clean, however, the Ninja can be quite risky if you’re not careful. The brand uses razor-sharp blades that can cut your skin even with the slightest contact.

For Blendtec, the two-prong blade has a blunt edge that is impossible to cause injuries, unless you’re cleaning with the motor running.

Vitamix is not as blunt as the Blendtec or sharp like the Ninja. It’s true the four blades are tipped but the ends are flat. So, it’s possible, yet harder to cause injury on you.

Blendtec vs Vitamix vs Ninja : The Winner

Without any prejudice, Vitamix, Ninja, and Blendtec are all spectacular blenders brands and with awesome features to consider. However, the best one for you mostly depends on the budget and what you’re hoping to achieve. If you want a real multi-purpose kitchen tool and which will serve you for several decades, Vitamix it is. You only have to make sure you have a significant budget and enough counter space to store it.

But if your space doesn’t allow for the Vitamix, then the Blendtec can be a great alternative to a high-performance blender. It can also be a better option if you’re tech buff and if you’d want your smoothies to be ready in seconds. You only have to make sure you also have enough budget and if not, then, Ninja has affordable options.

That’s right. Ninja is relatively affordable and on top of that, it’s a real beast when it comes to making frozen smoothies. Nonetheless, do bear in mind the label is not a professional grade if that is a concern for you.

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