Vitamix Vs Nutribullet: An Honest Comparison on the Best Combo Kitchen Blender?

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Vitamix is the most talked-about full-size blender when it comes to power, performance, and durability. However, how does the brand rate when it comes to multi-blending capabilities? Or rather, what should you choose between Vitamix vs Nutribullet when you need a good combo blender for small and large batches?

Well, this will be our topic today, whereby we’re going to compare the two to see which should be perfect for you. Fortunately, both brands do have a series of combo blenders to choose from for your kitchen. And in this article, I’m going to share my honest review of their capabilities and limitations.

Even so, Vitamix is a much better combo blender compared to a Nutribullet.

The 6 Reasons Why Vitamix is the Best Blender

  • Vitamix blender is much easier to blend with
  • Vitamix operates at up to ten different speeds
  • Vitamix has both manual and automated blending
  • Vitamix uses Quality materials to enhance durability
  • Vitamix delivers smoother and more consistent blends
  • Vitamix blender comes with up to a 10-year free warranty

Vitamix vs Nutribullet: A Summary of the best Combo Blenders from the Brands

Here’s a quick summary of the features and capabilities between Vitamix A3500 and Nutribullet Combo. They both have a combo design, which allows you to blend with small and large containers without having to buy an additional adapter.

FactsVitamix A3500Nutribullet Combo 1200
Release Date20162019
Country of OriginUSAChina
Container MaterialPlasticPlastic
Gear Drive SystemSolid MetalSolid Plastic
Blending Capacities64-ounce, 48-ounce, 20-ounce, & 8-ounce64-ounce, 32-ounce, and 24-ounce
Power OutputApprox. 1640 watts1200 Watt
Speed Control10 Variable Speeds3 Fixed Speeds
Pre-set ProgramsYESNO
Pulse FunctionYESYES
Built-in TimerYESNO
Control TypeTouch and Digital dialPhysical Buttons
Best FeaturesSoft start, noticeably quieter, & pairs with all self-detect containersAffordable, compact design, & come with all containers
Standard Warranty10-Year warranty1-Year warranty
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Is a Vitamix Blender Any Good?

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Indeed, Vitamix is worth it if you’re looking for a full-size blender that lasts and won’t mind the high price tag. Of course, the space-saving blenders come at an unprecedented price, but they’re also limited in various areas.

So, it would be better to prepare your wallet and invest in a Vitamix countertop model at once. Why do  I say that?

For one, the Vitamix full-size blender has a well-made and durable design that comes with up to ten years of warranty. Then, as we saw on the Magic Bullet vs Vitamix test, the local brand usually depends on the motor power to pummel through the ingredients. Hence, the reason it delivers blends with unrivaled consistency and taste, year after year.

If you’re unable to afford the half grand, remember Vitamix has the Explorian E310, which is relatively cheaper than the other full-size machines. And the best part, Jessica– Vita-Mix representative, confirmed with me you can use the Vitamix E310  with its 48-ounce and the classic 64-ounce container

Is a Nutribullet Blender Any Good?

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Yes, indeed, Nutribullet is also a great brand. Of course, many doubt since it’s not American, but it’s still one of the names dominating the category of single-serve and portable blender for travel. In fact, it still rates high on full-size blending, with models like the Nutribullet Combo featuring thousands of recommendations on Amazon and other outlets.

One of the main selling points for the Nutribullet is the fact that you can get decent blenders under $100. So, it’s a great choice if you don’t want to break the banks for your first or alternative machine.

Even with the price low, Nutribullet still manages to perform most of the functions you can do with a blender like Vitamix. Whether it’s smoothies, chopping classic Pico de Gallo salsa, or making Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino Chilled coffee, the blender handles the recipes pretty well. The main difference comes when you want to blend hot soups or the overall blending experience.

More on that, let us break down the most crucial features in a combo blender. Then, compare Nutribullet vs Vitamix side by side to see which is better where and what that means to your blending life.

Vitamix vs Nutribullet: Comparing the Key Features and Capabilities

The various similarities and differences between the brands include:


When it’s a question about pricing, Nutribullet takes the points, for sure. A decent blender from the manufacturer will cost you from as low as fifty bucks up to a hundred and fifty. That’s about two to ten times cheaper than Vitamix, which cost up to $600.

Regardless, Vitamix is a high-end blender and a perfect choice if you’re looking for a first-class blending experience. The company is also based here in the US and as you know our production costs tend to be high.

Even so, Vitamix and Nutribullet blenders usually have limited–time offers from time to time, especially during major holidays. So, you can keep an eye on them if you’d like to save big on your dream machine.

Included Accessories

Similarly, the points here also go to Nutribullet as the blender mostly comes as a complete set. If it’s our reference Nutribullet Combo, the sale box will come with everything that you intend to use with it. That includes a motor base, 64-ounce blender pitcher, 32-ounce blending jar, 24-ounce cup, extractor blade, to-go lids, tamper, and a recipe book.

Therefore, you can start making small or large amounts of smoothies without having to go back to the store. Oh, and don’t forget all those accessories are still under the regular price of the product, which is a fraction of Vitamix’s.

As for the Vitamix here, you’ll have to purchase most of the accessories separately in most cases. For instance, our reference A3500 can directly blend with the 8-ounce bowls, 20-ounce cups, 32-ounce jar, and the new food processor attachment. However, the company only delivers to you the motor base, 64-ounce jar, tamper, and cookbook. So, you’ll have to go back to your wallet if you want to fully maximize the machine’s capabilities.

Blending Power

When you now compare Vitamix vs Nutribullet on power, the former is the clear winner. It’s purposefully for high-speed blending, which is what distinguishes it from all the other standard blenders.

As I’ve mentioned severally, Vitamix blenders usually rely on their motor strength to pummel through the ingredients. Hence, the reason you never have to sharpen the blades, yet you’ll always enjoy a crisp puree over the years.

Better yet, a Vitamix can run at up to ten different speed levels. As the user, this will enable you to work on smoothies, salsa, hummus, dough, plus cocktail slushies with optimal control and result.

As for Nutribullet, the motor is still powerful and fast. However, the blender is designed to blend by cutting through the ingredients. Hence, the reason the blades are pointy and sharp, or rather you’ll notice the blending consistency dulls over time. It will even get worse if you often use the blender for ice and frozen fruit or milling dry grains.

How Much Can You Blend?

Typically, both blenders should win here as you can work with various containers, including the single-serve cups/ bowls and the full-size pitcher. Thus, enabling you to prepare small, medium, and large batches of blends without a hassle.

That said though, Nutribullet is still a bit convenient as it comes with all the blending containers you’ll need. Then, single-serve cups even have flip-top lids so you can carry your whole-food drink without messing your Gym bag or car mats.

Does it Take Much Space?

If you compare Vitamix vs Nutribullet Pro on dimensions, the latter is far much compact. The same applies to various combo machines available. Thus, allowing you to use in about any kitchen, including in the hostel, apartment, and even RV without issues. The blender can also fight in almost any cabinet while the container is still locked to the motor base.

Furthermore, a Nutribullet doesn’t weigh much. So, you can move around the house or on travels with ease.

As for Vitamix, you can still carry the blender by hand, but it’s still quite bulky. Also, the machine has a total height of about 17 inches when the low-profile container is mounting on the base. So you can easily slip under most standard 18-inch kitchen cabinets, but not of many RVs.

The base footprint of the  Vitamix is also quite large (up to 11 x 8), which means it might be inconvenient to use on a small, clustered countertop. Or will it be okay to be blending your smoothies on the floor?

 Ease of Use?

In this part, Vitamix takes the win for various reasons. First of all, the blender has all the controls, including a dial to control the speed and a dedicated button for pulsing. Secondly, the blender does support automated blending. Thus, guaranteeing consistent results with no guesswork, as well as walkaway convince in case you’re multitasking.

Lastly, and most importantly, the fact that Vitamix incorporates its high-power motor and hardened blades to blend means you don’t need to further chop the ingredients. In fact, you can make whole-food and undiluted carrot juice by blending whole carrots and large mango chunks. Thus, saving you the time you’d have used chopping and slicing your ingredients.

Unfortunately, the Nutribullet depends on the blades to blend, mill, or crush the foods. So, you’ll want to further chop down the ingredients if you don’t want your motor to smoke in a year or less. A similar approach applies to even a blender like the Nutribullet RX that says to have 1700 watts of output.

What about Durability?

Yet again, Vitamix takes the points here as it has all the proof for extended durability. If it’s the motor, the maker has used high-grade components that not only bring you heavy power to deal with the toughest ingredients. But also blend for you year after year without having to worry about overheating or overload, thanks to the built-in thermal protection, automatic turn-off protection, and thick power cords.

The containers of a Vitamix are also tough Tritan material to protect against breakage. Then, the blades are hardened stainless steel, which is why you have never heard of a Vitamix breaking or bending any leafs.

More on that, the Vitamix blender usually uses a solid metal gear drive to spin the blending blades. And the best part, the machine comes with up to ten years of (free) warranty, which is proof the company is confident in its quality.

In contrast with Vitamix, the Nutribullet usually comes with a one-year warranty. Even before anything else, that means the company isn’t very confident in the quality of its product.

As a matter of fact, almost all blenders from this brand have most parts plastic, including even the drive gear system. The only visible difference is when comparing Nutribullet RX vs Vitamix, whereby the RX has a sort of metal. I’ve used “sort of” as the metal is a composite material that is strong, yes, but eventually wears out. So, it’s not a blender you should expect to use longer or blend tough materials more often.

Important Notes

While Vitamix has some of the best full-size blenders in the market, I can’t say the same for its space-saving combo blenders. In fact, the likes of models S30, S50, and S55 got retired early after failing to meet the desired expectations. I fear the same will happen with the latest entry-level Vitamix ONE, but, of course, time will tell.

Is Cheap Really Expensive?

Overall, both Vitamix and Nutribullet are great blenders to have. The main determinant on which to choose depends on your culinary demands and the situation at hand. If you have a limited budget at hand, Nutribullet fits your requirements perfectly. A about a hundred and fifty, you can blend from single-serve to medium and full-size amounts with no hassle.

Even so, Nutribullet company warrants that you may start encountering problems after one year. Of course, the rate is usually calculated for regular users, but even then, one or even two years is still not enough. In other words, that means you’ll have bought up to five of the Nutribullet blenders while the Vitamix is still under the free warranty cover.

So, I’ll recommend you invest in a Vitamix since it’s more durable and performs beyond expectations. Even better, you can find replacement components and repairs right here in the US in case the machine starts developing issues years later. Thus, guaranteeing a lifetime blending experience.