Vitamix Wet Vs Dry Container: Do You Really Need Two or One Is Enough?

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Vitamix is the most talked-about blender, both at home and in food businesses. As an owner of the brand, however, have you been able to make the best of its capabilities? If you have, what’s your take on the Vitamix wet vs dry container? Do you really need to have the two or one of them is enough?

Well, this will be our topic today, whereby we’ll cover everything you need to know about the two blending containers. Before we come to that, however, here’s a quick overview of the various containers you can get for your Vitamix.

Vitamix Wet vs Dry Container: A Summary on the Various Vitamix Containers from the Brand

Vitamix has about a dozen of containers that you can choose for your culinary adventure. Some of them include

Type of ContainerCompatibility ModelsKey Features View on Amazon
Vitamix classic5200, Turboblend, 6300,64 ouncesSlim designWet or dry bladeFull Details
Vitamix 48-ozAll C-Series & G-Series48 ouncesWet bladeShort designFull Details
Vitamix low-profileAll G-Series & 530064 ouncesShort designWide bladesFull Details
Vitamix Stainless SteelAll C-Series & G-Series48 ouncesMetallic bodyClear Tritan lidFull Details
Vitamix Personal Cup AdapterAll C-Series, G-Series, Aspire series, & Explorian20 ouncesSpill-proof lidsDual-purpose styleFull Details
Vitamix Blending CupAscent & Venturist20 ouncesSelf-detect techDual-purpose styleFull Details
Vitamix Blending BowlAscent & Venturist8 OuncesSelf-detect techDual-purpose styleFull Details
Vitamix Aer discAll Full-size blenders48 ouncesPatented Aer discFull clear designFull Details
Vitamix Food Processor AttachmentAscent & Venturist Vitamix 12-Cup Food ProcessorFull Details

Vitamix Wet Container:

When you’re buying your Vitamix, you’ll get it with the standard container, which usually has a wet blade. In my case, for instance, my Vitamix 5200 came with the classic tall 64-oz pitcher, which, sadly, isn’t shared by many. The other two users I know are Vitamix 6300, Turboblend, and (maybe) Explorian E310.

In any case, all Vitamix wet containers can handle all kitchen tasks, including making smoothies, sauces, soups, purees, frozen mixtures, and more. You can even use it to make hot recipes, as well as grinding grains and making powders.

Regardless, a wet blade container isn’t the best idea if you’re planning to ground your coffee and flour regularly. If you do, the dry grains could end up scratching the sides of the container and dull the blade edges faster.

Vitamix Dry Container:

Usually, Vitamix offers the dry blade container as an add-on accessory. So, you’ll have to purchase it separately depending on whether you need it or not. But then, do you need it?

In truth, Vitamix innovates all its add-on accessories as a solution for the most common issues that consumers raise. If you can remember our Vitamix 5300 vs 750 sometime back, we mentioned the G-Series was a work-around for some issues with the older C-Series.

When it now comes to the dry blade container, Vitamix was trying to give an alternative to avoid issues like scratches. This mostly happens when you grind grains regularly. Then, the worst of it, the scratches cause the pitcher to hold smells, especially if you use the blender for juicing and smoothies.

More on that, continue reading the detailed Vitamix dry vs wet container review below.

Vitamix Wet vs Dry Container: Comparing the Various Features and Capabilities


As I’ve just mentioned, Vitamix provides the wet blade container with any full-size blender you buy. This includes even the Vitamix E310 that comes with the medium 48-ounce container. And in case the jar gets spoiled after the warranty has expired, you can get a replacement, albeit at a price.

Meanwhile, the Vitamix dry container is an add-on to enhance your blending experience. So, you’ll have to buy it separately. If you have the Vitamix E320 or any other legacy model, the dry blade jar is only available at a 32-ounce volume. On the other hand, the Vitamix V1200 and the four Ascent models have it at 48 ounces. So, you can make more flour or spice powder even though the price difference is less than one dollar.


In the design, the Vitamix wet and dry containers are very similar. They both have a tough Eastman Tritan copolyester material, which you can blend for many years when cared for well. The walls of the container are also clear to easily see the content inside and calibrated for precise measuring.

Furthermore, the two containers do have the patented walls to help fold ingredients back to the blades. Hence, ensuring faster, smoother, and consistent blends, regardless of what you’re’ making.

Even so, the Vitamix wet and dry blade containers have a varying blade design, which is the quickest way to tell them apart. Also, the jar lid of the legacy models is black, whereas the smart blenders have a clear one that closes with a snap.

Blade and Blending

This is where the main difference lies between Vitamix wet vs dry container, and define capabilities of either. For one, the wet blade has all four blades sharp 9not razor-sharp) and two of them slightly upright.

On the other hand, the Vitamix dry container also has four blades and with two of them upright. However, the remaining two blades have blunt edges, which I guess are to pummel the grains while the others refine.

Vitamix Wet Vs Dry Container

More on that, these (dry) blades run with a reverse vortex, which means they will push the ingredients upwards. Thus, minimizing the chances of the ingredients getting stuck under the blade.

Note, the dry container of both the classic and smart blenders is 3-inch wide since the bottom’s also small. However, the blade of all full-size low-profile containers is 4 inches wide.


Just as with any other Vitamix container, the wet and dry blade pitchers have a tough Eastman Tritan copolyester construction. Hence, ensuring efficient blending and for a long time. The material is also BPA-free to help support your healthy lifestyle and also minimize the issue of food poisoning.

Furthermore, the blade of the two containers is a hardened stainless steel material. The edges are slightly sharp when brand-new, but it does get dull after some years of grinding grains and crushing ice. Nonetheless, Vitamix blenders depend on the motor power to process. So, you never have to sharpen your blades yet will have super-refined textures.

Size/ Capacity

The Vitamix wet container is available in three different sizes. They include 32 ounces, 48 ounces, and 64 ounces (in classic tall or low profile design). Hence, enabling you to make small, medium, and large batches.

On its end, the dry container is available in only 32-ounce and 48-ounce volumes. So, you can only mill small and medium amounts of blends.


At the time Vitamix had only the C-Series (before G-Series came), you could interchange the containers between different models. However, this is no longer the case considering the range of blender series. If it’s the classic series, there are the Vitamix 5000, 5200, 6000, 750, 780, E310, E320, TurboBlend, and others. In this case, you can use the low-profile or the classic tall wet container and the 32-ounce dry container.  

Meanwhile, the smart blenders, which include the Ascent series (A2300, A2500, A3300, A3500) and Venturist V1200 use the low-profile wet container. Then, the 48-ounce dry container for the grinding and milling tasks.

It’s worth mentioning that all smart blender motor bases and containers have a built-in NFC chip that detects the type of container in use. So, you can’t borrow any of the wet or dry blade containers from the legacy (classic) blenders.


Last but not least, both the Vitamix wet and dry containers are designed to last. If it’s the container, the body comprises a sturdy Tritan copolyester material. So, you should blend, mill, and crush tough ingredients for years without breaking.

As I’ve mentioned above, the wet and dry blades are also aircraft-grade stainless steel materials. So, you never will have an instance where any of the leaves breaks on you. The blade drive system (coupler underneath the container) is all metallic. Thus, it won’t break or melt after running as the regular blenders with a plastic gear system.

Another thing, Vitamix warranty, which, by the way, is pretty long, covers both the machine and components. If you purchase a replacement wet blade container or a dry container for milling, you’ll also get a 3-year warranty.

Common Related Questions

Can you use Vitamix dry container for wet

Technically, you can use Vitamix dry container for wet chopping and even making smoothies. However, the results won’t be precise and efficient because of the reverse vortex blending and the blunt blades.

Which Vitamix container is best for smoothies

While you can use either design, the Vitamix wet blade is the best and most efficient for smoothies and other liquids. It also has all the blades with slightly sharp edges. So, it could chop better than the dry container that has two blunt blades for pummeling.

Are all Vitamix containers the same

A simple answer, NO. Vitamix has about twelve different containers that you can use to make the most from your machine. If it’s the wet blade container, it will process liquid recipes and chopping tasks more efficiently. Then, the dry blade container is specifically for grinding grains and spice powders.

Do all Vitamix containers interchangeable

After 2012, Vitamix containers are no longer interchangeable across the various blender series. If it’s the Vitamix Ascent and Venturist, the two classes have a built-in NFC chip at the motor base and containers. So, a container without the chip won’t be detected and the blender won’t start.

Do You Really Need Two?

In my opinion, having both the Vitamix wet and dry container can come in handy. Of course, you can still make your organic flour and spice powder with the regular wet blade container. However, the dry blade container can help avoid scratching and marring your favorite smoothie container.

Furthermore, having the two containers can ensure your wet blade remains sharp for a long time. Hence, delivering super-smooth smoothies and precise chopping.

In addition to that, dedicating the wet container to blending and the dry container to milling can enhance durability. It can also ensure you have a ready container whenever you need to ground your coffee or cinnamon.

All in all, however, many Vitamix owners find the single provided container enough for their household uses. After all, it’s not like you’ll be milling and grinding every day like you do smoothies. But if you do, then, the dry blade container is a worthwhile addition.