DIY Troubleshooting & Fixes: Why Is My Ninja Blender Blinking Red on Power Button

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Ninja is one of the best cheap blenders for smoothies, with some full-size models going for as low as $80. But is the brand durable? And even if it’s, why is my Ninja blender blinking red on the power button without powering on?

Well, in the Ninja Bl770 or Bn801 (I’d assume other models too), you may notice the power button at the front blinking red. And besides the machine not powering up, the printed copy of the user manual doesn’t mention this issue under the Troubleshooting section. Thus, you’ll have to figure out the cause all on your own.

Luckily, you don’t have to struggle on your own. In this quick guide, I’ve put together four common problems that can have your Ninja blender with a blinking red light.

I’ve also made efforts to include how you can easily solve either issue still on your own before reaching out to technical support.

#4 Common Reasons Why Ninja Blender is Blinking Red Light & How to  Resolve the Issue

First, when your Ninja blender is blinking red light, don’t just sit and wait for it to resolve on its own. Try to diagnose the cause of the issue and fix it the soonest.

Of course, the blender should not start when that indicator is on. But if there’s anything we’ve learned from machines, it’s not every day they follow the desired protocol. If the blender somehow starts with an issue,  you could end up causing further damage or some serious physical injuries.

And the four common issues that can have your Ninja blender blinking red on the power button and fail to start blending include:

  1. The Blender Jar Isn’t Properly Mounted

The proper way how to use a Ninja blender is usually to mount the blending jar on the power base before loading the ingredients. But mounting isn’t just about placing the part on top, you’ll want to make sure it locks in position securely.

It’s a great safety precaution as an unsecured pitcher would hop off the motor base when the drive gear shaft starts spinning. And that would have ended up splattering your recipe all over the kitchen, shuttering the jar, or injuring your face.

why is my Ninja blender blinking red

How to fix the issue: the best way to ensure your Ninja blender jar is secured properly is to mount it on the power base with the lock symbols visible. Then turn the container clockwise until you hear a click- which usually indicates it has locked properly to the base.

  • The Lid Hasn’t Locked Properly

The second reason why your Ninja blender may be blinking red on the power button is if the lid hasn’t locked in place well. Not a lot of blender brands have this kind of safety precaution. But it’s handy to have in the case of Ninja to avoid the removable blade system from snapping out of the drive gear shaft.

Speaking of the blade, the edges are usually razor-shaft and could end up causing serious lacerations if it meets your face at a high speed.

How to fix the issue: the proper way how to fix a Ninja blender blinking red from an unsecured lid is to lock the part properly. And to assure that, you only need to place the lid on the pitcher while its (Lock) triangle symbol is aligned with the similar one on the (pitcher) handle. Then, press down on the lid handle down until you hear a click- which indicates it’s locked properly.

If the blender jar lid still doesn’t lock right, chances are that the blending blade system is out of position. Hence the reason you should always insert it (blade system) first before adding the ingredients.

  • Your Ninja Blender Has Overheated

Basically, overheating can have your blender suddenly stop working mid-blending. And it’s not until the thermal protection system (or thermostat) cools down the system will power on again.

In the case of Ninja blenders, some models will be ready to use again when the power button is no longer blinking red. It’s a nice safety precaution as it helps protect the motor from burning out and rendering the blender nonfunctional.

Furthermore, the thermal protection system helps reduce the risk of an electrical fire that could lead to a disastrous inferno.

How to fix the issue: as I’ve just said, you can only use your overheated Ninja blender after it has cooled down fully. You only need to unplug the power plug from the supply outlet and let it rest for 20 – 30 minutes before plugging back.

If the blender is still blinking red after an hour, chances may be safety mechanism is broken and requires immediate repair.

  • The Blender Has A Faulty Safety Switch

Technically, all the precaution features above rely on a safety protection switch to function. And like any other components of your Ninja blender, they’re likely to spoil at one point.

So, when you troubleshoot the three potential causes but the power button is still blinking, chances are the switch is broken.

How to fix the issue: the only way you can resolve the issue of a faulty safety switch is to repair it or replace the entire accessory. The latter is the most effective solution when dealing with most of these basic blenders.

Then again, Ninja blenders only have a one-year warranty cover. And this has many users past the free replacement window when issues like broken switches and lock tabs start.

Just Get a Whole New Blender

Well, that’s everything you should know on why your Ninja blender is blinking red on the power button and how to resolve it. The incorrect setup of the machine is usually the most common cause of the issue.

So, whenever you’re having this kind of an issue, confirm the pitcher has locked to the base properly, and so is the lid.

If your Ninja blender is still blinking after correcting the setup and you haven’t used the machine for a couple of hours, either safety switch may be the issue. The problem is that you may not know if the broken safety switch is for the lid, pitcher, or motor. Thus, contact the manufacturer for further assistance.

If you’re ineligible for a free replacement and the blender has served it years, just replace the entire system. Otherwise, you may replace the blender jar today, then the motor fails the next day.