The 7 Reasons & Facts Why Vitamix Blenders Are So Expensive To Own

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How much should a good blender cost? In truth, there is usually no direct answer to this question. But when you now ask me why are Vitamix blenders so expensive, there are quite a number of reasons to share.

Some staunch fans refer to the brand as the Ferrari of blenders. But by the end of this article, you’ll realize the high price tag is not an exaggerated hype as some people put it.

Almost all the reasons I’ve been able to put together about the high price tag of Vitamix point back to a better blending experience. And I’d assume that’s exactly what you’re looking for, right?

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Why are Vitamix Blenders so Expensive?

If keen enough, you’ll come to notice Vitamix blenders have maintained a steady price range for at least the past two decades. But the downside has always been that the prices are pretty high. Hence, why we have many admirers with the brand on only their wishlist.

And speaking of whys, here are seven reasons why Vitamix blenders are so expensive:

  1. Vitamix Blenders are Made in the USA

Indeed, Vitamix blenders are designed and assembled right here in the United States- headquarters are in Ohio. Some bloggers have been lucky to have a tour inside the Vitamix factory (my lifetime dream also) and managed to share a few pics of the production process.

As you can relate with other manufacturing companies, the production expenses here in the country are usually rather high. The said costs include not only for the blender parts/ component but also workforce (labor) and licensing.

Why Vitamix Blenders Are So Expensive

In fact, this should explain why in the last few years we’ve had many local brands move their production to Asia, especially China.

  • Vitamix Blenders Are a True Workhorse

Plenty of people usually get their Vitamix for juicing and smoothies only, but the brand is truly a workhorse.

The blender has a high-power motor, outputting approximately 2.0 horsepower (about 1380 watts) on the budget Vitamix E310 or the flagship classic 5200. Then the likes of Vitamix Pro 750 and A3500 with the redesigned low-profile outputs approximately 2.2 horsepower (equivalent to 1500 watts).

When you compare the figures, you’ll notice the Vitamix seemingly has a lower output than several blenders under 200– like Nutribullet Rx. It might convince some Nutribullet’s the most powerful here, forgetting the motor of a Vitamix has a high workload.

Ps. the heavy workload is the reason the Vitamix blender “pummels” through the ingredients instead of “chopping” them.

  • Vitamix Blenders Makes the Best Blends

When you make a smoothie in a Vitamix and another with Nutribullet/ Ninja, it’s very easy to tell the results apart. Even before putting it in the mouth, the glossy sight alone is convincing the blend will be delicious and pleasurable.

The blender usually combines its high-power motor, semi-sharp blades, and a powerful vortex to ensure everything will be pulverized. It refines even the tiniest seeds and fibers/ graininess that the regular/ basic blenders tend to miss.

Furthermore, you can easily make dry or wet crushed ice with a snowy texture in a Vitamix blender. You’ll also not need to pre-crush your regular frozen cubes, which is usually a crucial step when you use an Oster blender with the glass jar.

Still, Vitamix is one of the few best blenders for making flour and spice powders as good as the store-bought products. It might be great to have both the Vitamix Wet and dry container if you plan on milling/ grinding stuff a lot. But the former can still deliver on the task if you won’t mind the scratches or dulling of the blades.

Note: The Vitamix will still produce a silky blend when the blades lose their sharpness. But on chopping tasks, the vegetables will appear more beaten up than being “chopped”.

  • Vitamix Blenders Are Highly Versatile

Apart from Blendtec and maybe Breville Super Q, I’m not sure of any other blender as versatile as the Vitamix. It can blend mixtures for smoothies/ juice, mill grains for flour, or grind coffee beans for the espresso or press machine.

The prowess on ice also makes Vitamix a great blender for frozen margaritas and to make a slushie– or any other icy desserts. Then the Aer Disc container can muddle cocktails or whip egg whites into a thick cream for baking or meringue topping.

Speaking of thick cream, Vitamix usually offers a tamper that’s very handy when you use the blender for making nut butter and creamy acai bowls.

Furthermore, the high-power motor can work in hand with the blades to bring your cold mixtures to a steaming temperature.

  • Vitamix Blenders use High-Quality Parts

As mentioned earlier, parts/ components are some of the reasons products manufactured here in the United States are so expensive. But it’s also a big plus on quality, as evident on the Vitamix:

Motor: thick/ heavy duty cables, plus premium commutator and electronic components are what you’ll find after opening up your Vitamix motor. The screws that hold the various parts together also feel very sturdy. Then there’s a radial cooling fan and thermal protection system to deal with overheating issues.

Blades: Hardened (Aircraft-grade) stainless steel blades that don’t break or need to be sharpened

Containers: the blending pitcher and personal cups are all tough Tritan plastic to counter the vigorous beating of ice cubes, frozen fruits, and other tough ingredients. The toughness also helps ensure the blender makes your hot soups without the material warping/ melting.

Drive Gear: Vitamix uses a solid metal drive gear and coupling to spin the blades. Thus, making it possible to work on even the toughest ingredients all year round without the parts disintegrating like the plastic gears.

Control Panel: the switches and speed dial on the Vitamix also feel sturdy and gentle to operate.

  • Vitamix Blenders Adopts Adept Craftsmanship

Vitamix (founded in 1921) is one of the oldest brands of household and commercial blenders. Thanks to the long-established craftsmanship and lean manufacturing principles, the company has put together blenders with what the consumer need.

Vitamix has been using a simple design on all the blenders throughout the years- no flashy features that will be irrelevant in blending. But, of course, the company has adopted contemporary technology(not flashy), as with the smart Ascent and Venturist series.

  • Vitamix Blenders Have Guaranteed Durability

The high-quality parts/ components and adept craftsmanship make Vitamix one of the most durable blenders on the market. It’s not uncommon to find people who are still using the Total Nutrition Center (commonly known as Vitamix 5000) from the early 1990s.

Even better, Vitamix blenders usually come with up to 10 years of warranty, which not only covers the motor base and performance. But also the accessories, plus the two-way shipping cost for returns/ replacements.

If we compare this warranty policy with that of most other brands, Vitamix no doubt trust the quality of their products. So, why would you be afraid to trust the company?

Commonly Asked Questions

What is so special about a Vitamix?

One of the special things about a Vitamix is that you get to enjoy a zero graininess smoothie and super-fine flours. The blender also has a premium build that makes it possible to perform tougher blending tasks for years. Then, you also receive warranty support of up to ten years.

How long will Vitamix last?

Technically, the question of how long your Vitamix will last depends on how you use and care for it. If everything is done right, the blender could serve you for over three decades without any major repairs.

Which is better the Vitamix or ninja?

Ninja is no doubt better than Vitamix at the price point, as some of the full-size blenders sell under $100. However, Vitamix is better than Ninja blender in blend quality, ease of use, versatility, and after-sale customer support.

Does Vitamix have a lifetime warranty?

No, Vitamix doesn’t have a lifetime warranty- actually, no blender I can think of has such a policy. However, the local brand provides up to ten years of warranty support that covers the machine, parts, and the two-way shipping cost during returns/ replacements.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are the seven key reasons why Vitamix blenders are so expensive. High-quality parts, high-power motor, versatility, and guaranteed durability, all these factors revolve around bringing you a smooth and pleasurable blending experience.

Of course, Vitamix did have one issue of quality control back in 2013, whereby they had eighteen reports of blades breaking. But the company jumped in and recalled all the 64-ounce low-profile blender containers that were affected- no injuries were ever reported.

The way Vitamix handled this issue was truly professional and also an indicator they value the safety of their customers. It’s not once I’ve seen reports of “unnamed” blenders selling at up to $200 breaking or rusting the blade, yet the manufacturers don’t recall them.