How Long To Whip Whipping Cream with Electric Mixer without

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The other day, we concluded using a hand blender for whipping cream is faster than beating with a balloon whisk. A dedicated mixer will even speed up things a little bit. Then again, it’s crucial to know exactly how long to whip whipping cream with electric mixer for the best results.

Similar to when you whip egg whites to cream, whipping a heavy cream is a delicate culinary task. In particular, timing is everything if you’re to efficiently achieve those ultra-luxurious peaks your recipes needs.

A Mixer is Better for Whipping Whipping Cream than Blender

Homemade whipped cream beats canned stuff from the supermarket all the time. You get to oversee the cleanliness of the tools you’re using, plus you can forgo those questionable additives and stabilizers.

So, there’ll be no doubt when chowing down that Apple pie, cookie, cake, and other desserts that call for a sliver of whipped cream.

Meanwhile, you can make whipped cream in a blender or kitchen mixer. And while either of the tools gets things done, a mixer could be a little better. Why so?

whipped cream

Since you’re working directly in the mixing bowl, you can see how everything is progressing, which is easier to achieve the desired consistency. Be it soft peaks for coffee and baking or stiff peaks for topping on cookies and cupcakes.

Moreover, a kitchen electric mixer is a little harder to over-whip your whipping cream. But if you’re working with a hand electric mixer, there’s a slightly higher chance of splattering than when using a stand mixer.

After all, the stand mixer has control over the process (not your hand), and also it comes with a deep mixing bowl.


The process to whip whipping cream into a firmer texture involves aerating the mixture- or to be exact, the present strands of fat trap the air droplets. And as fast as more air gets incorporated into the cream, the faster it stiffens.

In a nutshell, this should also explain why the Vitamix A2300 or A3500 makes whipped cream in an Aer disc jar (aerating container) within seconds while the regular pitcher takes up to six minutes.

The statement should also explain why a whisk attachment with more wires thickens the mixture faster than one with less.

Don’t be too Early or Too Late to Stop

When a whipping cream isn’t whipped right with about any electric tool, you end up with either an under-whipped or over-whipped content.

An under-whipped cream is where your whipping cream fails to achieve the desired peaks. The issue usually happens from using the wrong ingredients or whipping at a very slow speed.

Whenever making whipped cream, the rule is to whip your ingredients at a fast-but-not–too-fast speed: a medium setting. And this applies not just to electric mixers but also when you use your blender for smoothies on the task.

How Long To Whip Whipping Cream with Electric Mixer

If you whip your whipping cream at a very high speed, the chances of over-whipping are very high. And just like when you over-whip egg whites, your cream here will break down into its primary compounds- milk and fat.

Meanwhile, running the appliance at a medium speed for too long will also end up over-whipping and separating your cream into milk and fat.

So, an idea of how long to whip whipping cream with an electric mixer is as crucial as any other step of the whole process.

A Step By Step Guide On How Long To Whip Whipping Cream with Electric Mixer

Basically, how long you should whip cream with your electric mixer varies from one situation to another. If everything is done right and with the right equipment, it will take you between two to five minutes to achieve the perfect thickness.

A “perfect thickness” for your whipped cream is entirely preferential- more or less depends on the recipes you wish to make. The soft peaks texture usually has the most applications, followed by medium peaks:

How Long To Whip Whipping Cream with Electric Mixer
  • Soft peaks- the whipped cream dollop barely hold shape and slumps immediately after the whisk is lifted
  • Medium peaks- the whipped cream dollop holds shape pretty well but slumps when the whisk is lifted
  • Hard peaks- the whipped cream dollop holds shape very well and doesn’t slump when the whisk is lifted

Recipe: A Homemade Classic Vanilla Whipped Cream

What You Need

  • 2 Cups of Whipping creampreferably the heavy kind holds shape longer and gives creamier result than the light version
  • 0.25 Cup of white sugar- gives a nice classic flavor touch. But you could also use honey or maple syrup
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract- it’s my favorite flavoring, but you could also use other extracts, spices, or even liquors

What You Need to Do

Now, to make whipped cream with an electric mixer:

Step 1: Prepare the Electric Mixer

The first step to making a nice whipped cream is to get your whipping tools cold. It’s not a must, for sure. But when the whisk (or beater) and mixing bowl are cold, they do help stabilize the cream to thicken faster.

Leave the tools in the freezer for like 20 minutes (do not freeze too long as we also don’t want the surface icy).

Step 2: Prepare the Whipping Cream

Before you start whipping, your whipping cream should also be cold to thicken properly and fast. If your cream is somehow too warm, the fat won’t be able to stabilize the mixture. So, it will be a great idea to leave it in the freezer for about twenty too to get as cold as possible.

Step 3: Gather Everything on the Countertop

Once you have the tools and cream chilled enough, gather them and everything else you’ll need on your working table.

Step 4: Pour the Ingredients into the Bowl

Pour the whipping cream, sugar, and vanilla into the chilled mixing bowl.

Step 5: Power on the Mixer & Whip

Switch on the mixer while on medium speed (setting 4 or 5  for a 10-speed system) and whip your mixture. It will get frothy with bubbles on the surface after about 1 minute. Then starts to thicken and form the first soft peaks after 2 – 3 minutes.

If that was your desired consistency, stop the mixer.

Step 6: Continue Whipping until Done

If the goal is to achieve stiff/ firm peaks, continue whipping your mixture at the same rate (or increase to medium-high: setting 6). After about five minutes, you should have stiff peaks.

Stop the mixer immediately after the firm peaks are formed to not over-whip your cream.

Important Tip:

Light whipping cream usually has 30% butterfat, whereas heavy whipping cream has 36% or more. So, the former may take you a minute longer to achieve the desired peaks.

Refrigerate your Whipped Cream for Later Use

 Be it for topping or baking, the six steps are how to whip whipping cream with an electric mixer to the desired peaks. The whipped cream will taste best when used immediately. But you could also store it in the refrigerator for later use (a few days will be ideal).

When you want to use your whipped cream again, you’ll just need to let it thaw for about 15 – 20 minutes. You can stir it a bit to loosen it again into a soft texture.

If you had whipped your whipping cream into stiff peaks before refrigerating, a bit of heavy whipping cream may be needed to loosen it.