How You Can Whip Egg Whites in a Blender to Cream

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A whipped egg is usually a key ingredient in baking and making delicacies like Soufflé or Meringue buttercream. But can I whip egg whites in a blender in case my hand mixer failed to function? And if yes, how can I do it without ending up with scrambled eggs?

Well, for starters, a blender is the most common appliance in the kitchen. Many consumers usually have it to only make smoothies, but you also can use it as a food processor or kitchen grinder.

Furthermore, a good blender can perform the tasks of a dedicated mixer. And in this guide, we’ll look at the various steps to take when you want to whip egg whites into a cream. Pay attention to the details.

 Verdict: Can I Whip Egg Whites in a Blender?

Yes, you can use a blender to whip egg whites into a glossy, firm cream for your baking, meringue cookies, and other recipes. Any countertop Vitamix for juicing and smoothies should be able to deliver on the task better than most, thanks to the:

  • High-performance motor
  • Ten variable speed settings
  • Flat stainless steel blades
  • Patented Aer disc container

The Importance of Whipping Egg Whites

When you love to do all your cooking, it’s very easy to differentiate waffles or meringues from proper and poorly whipped egg whites. When “Poorly” is the keyword, your whites can be either under-whipped or over-whipped, and they both can impact your recipes in a significant manner. Why is that?

Basically, the egg white is the slimy, see-through part of an egg, made up of protein and water. During the whipping, the available protein strands usually stretch and incorporate air (bubbles) to improve the volume and texture.

If your whipped egg white fails to trap enough air, it might be hard to make the desired meringue topping or cake. And one of the reasons this can happen is from using the wrong tools or having impurities in your mixture.

The impurities, in this case, include not only the dirt from the tools you’re using for the task. But also that tiny outer shell that might have fallen in when breaking your eggs or the greasy walls of the mixing container.

Stop at the Desired Whipped Egg Whites Consistency

Meanwhile, whipping the egg whites usually undergo various stages to improve the volume and texture you want. It starts with a foamy texture (fluffy, dream-like foam), then the soft peaks (hold shape but slumps), and finally the firm peaks (hold shape without slumping).

As usual, different recipes require their ingredients in varying states. So, you should stop whipping your egg whites when the desired consistency is achieved.

Nonetheless, the whipped egg whites usually reach their fullest volume on the stage where the firm peaks form. It’s also the target consistency for most recipes, such as when you want your cakes to rise nicely. But that doesn’t mean it’s the very last stage of transformation.

can I whip egg whites in a blender

If you continue to whip your mixture after the firm peaks texture, you’ll now have over-beaten egg whites. It’s the reverse stage where the protein strands we mentioned earlier will break down and causes the foam to collapse.

In the end, what will be left is grainy and watery egg whites, no longer usable for baking or meringue cream. You can only salvage them by making something basic like scrambled eggs or omelets.

Can I Whip Egg Whites in A Blender:

A kitchen mixer is the dedicated machine for whipping egg whites into a cream. But if you have the right blender and container, you can also achieve the creamy texture in three minutes or under.

The Vitamix is my favorite in this part since you have two ways to whip up the egg whites: with the standard blending jar or Aer Disc container.

Part One: How to Whip Egg Whites in a Vitamix Aer Disc Container

The Vitamix Aer Disc container is the easiest way to whip eggs in a blender. Sadly, you’ll have to purchase the accessory separately. But it’s a great investment as you can efficiently make the fluffy foam for pisco sours cocktails and thick whipped cream.

To do that:

You’ll need

  • Fresh eggs (preferably at room temperature)
  • A bit of tartar cream/ lemon juice (acid to stabilize the mixture)
  • A medium bowl (preferably glass or metal)
  • A full-size Vitamix blender base & an Aer disc container

What to Do

  1. Gather everything you need for the task. Make sure the bowl and the Aer Disc container are perfectly clean, without even the slightest residue. You can double-check the cleanliness by rinsing both containers and drying them up with a clean dishcloth/ paper towel
  2. Break all your eggs while separating the whites from the yolk. Put the egg whites in the medium glass/ metal bowl you just cleaned. (Note: If any egg shell or yolk gets into the bowl of whites, you’ll have to start the step afresh)
  3. Transfer your egg whites into the clean Vitamix Aer Disc container and also add the acidic agent
  4. Start the blender on the low speed “Variable 1”, then turn the dial to the setting “4” or “5”. No, DON’T turn the dial up to the maximum speed
  5. If you never secured the lid (applicable in small blends), you’ll witness the Aer Disc add air into the mixture. It will start with the first stage of a fluffy foam (after about 15 seconds). The mixture will then start to thicken and you’ll notice beautiful vortex folds form from the top.
  6. When the egg white mixture fully thickens (about 40 seconds since you started whipping), you’ll hear the motor noise change. The mixture will also stop moving, though you can still hear the motor spin.

Once your whipped egg whites cream is ready, scoop it with a long spoon and use in whichever recipes on your wishlist.

Note: The acid agent is usually optional but can help stabilize the mixture for the cream to form faster. You can go with the acid from the cream of tartar, but a bit of lemon juice or vinegar can be effective as well.

How to Whip Egg Whites in a Vitamix

However, don’t overdo your acid as it could end up changing the taste of the cream, something I’m sure you won’t find pleasurable. If confused about the ratio, you can always go with a 1/8 teaspoon per egg white you use.

Part Two: How to Whip Egg Whites in a Vitamix Standard Blending Jar

If you don’t have the Aer Disc container, it’s still possible to whip egg whites into a creamy texture with the normal jar. And this doesn’t just apply to Vitamix but also any other high-performance blender, preferably with variable/ multiple blending speeds.

However, the normal jar blade usually doesn’t aerate mixtures as fast as with the specialized Aer Disc. It can take up to 3-5 minutes to properly form the soft and firm peaks.

What to Do:

The steps to make whipped egg whites cream with the normal blender jar are pretty similar to the Aer Disc container. What will only change is the duration of the process, which as I’ve just said can take up to five minutes to form the firm peaks.

So, repeat all Steps 1 through 6 of Part One above. But do make sure you keep a keen eye on your mixture and also the blender. Why?

Blending at low speeds for long risks overheating the motor, especially when you have those budget blenders under $100. High-power machines like Vitamix could also overheat, but they usually have a built-in thermal protection fuse.

Common Related Questions

How long does it take to whip up egg whites by hand?

You can take up to 15 minutes to whip up egg whites by hand mixer (whisk) into a stiff/ firm peaks texture. But the process could be much longer depending on the temperature of the eggs and how fast you swish your tool.

What is the fastest way to whisk egg whites by hand?

Technically, the fastest way to whisk egg whites by hand will be by stirring vigorously in a circular, side-to-side motion while using your wrist- not the whole arm. Also, use your dominant hand for the task while the other one holds down the bowl in place.

Why is my egg white not getting stiff?

One of the reasons your egg white might not be getting stiff is if there were foreign residue in the mixture. The mixing container should be free of any sort of fat (such as grease, oil, or butter) and also the egg yolks. Then you must be vigorous when hand mixing.

Can whipped egg whites be stored?

No, whipped egg whites can’t be stored for long without collapsing (or losing the stiffness). The whipping to achieve the fluffy foam or cream (either soft or firm peaks) incorporates air bubbles, which at some point will burst.

In Conclusion:

In case of no working stand mixer, that’s how you can whip egg whites into a glossy cream in a blender within minutes. The Vitamix Aer Disc container is usually the best for the task if you would manage to invest in one. But you can still use the normal blending container, provided you’re okay to wait for the 3-5 minutes timeline.

If your whipped egg whites were for making meringue or frosting, you can substitute the acid agent with sugar and a bit of sugar. The two will help stabilize the mixture for the cream to hold its shape better while also enhancing the flavor.