Vitamix E320 vs E520: Which is the Best Blender to Get?

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We all know Vitamix is the Ferrari of blenders. However, what should you choose between Vitamix E320 vs E520? Which of the blending machines will be more worth investing your hard-earned money in?

Vitamix E320 and E520 are both from the Explorian family, which the local brand introduced back in 2017. The E520 didn’t come out then, though. It’s a recent addition to the product line, whereby the Vitamix team aimed at adding a feature customers of the previous (Explorian) products have been asking for.

Verdict: 5 Reasons Vitamix E520 Is the Best Blender

  • Vitamix E520 has a much better deal most of the time
  • Vitamix E520 has programs for walk-away blending
  • Vitamix E520 has bonus tumbler cups for drinking or travel
  • Vitamix E520 has a powerful motor for light & heavy tasks
  • Vitamix E520 has a low profile that fits under cabinets well

Vitamix E320 vs E520: Specs of the Full-size Countertop Blenders

 Vitamix E320Vitamix E520
Release Date20172021
Available Colors2 Options [Black & Red]2 Options [Black & Slate]
Weight10 lbs10 lbs
Power1400 Watts1400 Watts
Ease of UsePhysical Controls [Pulse, speed dial]Physical Controls [Pulse, speed dial]
Automated BlendingNOYES [3 blending programs]
Warranty7 Years [Standard/ FREE Warranty]7 Years [Standard/ FREE Warranty]
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Should I Get the Vitamix E320 blender?

Are you a big fan of the classic way of things? Vitamix created the Explorian blender series for this, specifically for kitchen lovers who still appreciate the physical controls.

Unlike the smart Ascent blenders released a year earlier, the Vitamix E320 has physical switches and the traditional knob. Thus, even seniors who aren’t into “touchscreen” controls or someone with poor eyesight can operate.

On the Vitamix E320 reviews, we see the countertop blender not only delivers silky, super-smooth smoothies and blends. Its 2.2 horsepower muscles are also able to grind spices and grains into fine texture without a hassle. The motor will also deliver a perfect ice cream, milkshake, margarita, and other frozen desserts.

Should I Get a Vitamix E520 blender?

Are you looking for the latest classic blender with automated blending? The Vitamix E520 could be a perfect pick for your kitchen. It’s more like an improvement of the Vitamix e320, with everything it has and some extras it doesn’t.

For instance, the blender is a full-size model, whereby it comes with a 64-ounce low-profile pitcher. So, your chopping tasks will be a little more precise than the Vitamix blenders with the standard tall jar.

Vitamix E520 is also one of the best blenders for dry ingredients to make spices, powders, & flour. It packs the heavy-duty, in-house motor that holds to the powerful performance and versatility we know of the brand.

Furthermore, Vitamix has designed the Explorian E520 with all physical controls- a traditional speed knob and up/ down switches. Then, the knob can turn counter-clockwise to enable the automated blending programs.

Continue reading the Vitamix E320 vs E520 comparison below for other similarities and differences of the blenders.

Vitamix E320 vs E520
Vitamix E320 vs E520

Vitamix E320 vs E520: Comparing Features & Performance of the Blenders

In this section, I’ll now briefly take you through the main similarities and differences between Vitamix E320 and E520 blenders. Let’s start with the most obvious aspect, price point:

·         Best of budget

As you may come to notice, the Explorian series harbors the cheapest full-size Vitamix blenders. The Vitamix E310, a countertop-but-not-full-size blender, is the cheapest of all, with a regular price of under $400.

As for our two subjects, the Vitamix E320 has a regular price of around $400 – $450 when a brand-new product. If that’s higher than your budget at hand, the certified refurbished options are available for as low as $365.

In a nutshell, this means the E320 is slightly cheaper than the Vitamix 520 with a regular price of up to $525. If you opt for the refurbished model, the regular cost is down to about $350.

Grab on Sales: When there are ongoing deals on Vitamix blenders, you can save up to $100 or more. Like now, various retailers have a Vitamix E320 at about $360 ($300 during flash sale) when brand-new or $290 for the refurbished model. Then, Costco has the Vitamix E520 on sale at $400 ($300 during flash sale) or $280 for the refurbished option.

·         Best of accessories

Technically, the amount of accessories you get on any Vitamix blender depends on the amount you pay. Like the Vitamix E520, the standard price will give you the blender with a full-size blending jar, tamper, 2x tumbler cups (with resealable lids and straws), and recipe book.

On the other hand, Vitamix E320 comes with only the full-size blending container, tamper, and recipe book. If interested, you could get the blender as a bundle with a PCA (personal cup adapter) kit.

PCA kit (which can be purchased separately) is what you use to blend with single-serve cups on the classic Vitamix blenders. The classic blenders, like our Vitamix E520 and E320, are not compatible with the self-detect cups and bowls.

·         Best of building & design

When you compare Vitamix E520 vs E320 from the side, they’re about the same on most of the appearance. The blenders have the sweet side curves the designers added to the entire Explorian series. However, the Explrorian E520 has curves extending to the control panel, which gives it a distinctive look on the front.

Besides that, the height of the E520 base is like that of the E320. The two have the same total height (with the container mounted) of 17.5 inches. Thus, you can easily slide under the standard 18-inch kitchen cabinet.

Vitamix has also innovated the two countertop blenders with the rich quality we know them of. In fact, they have been confident enough to issue a 7-year standard (FREE) warranty, which covers the power base and all components.

·         Best of blending power

On the point of power, Vitamix E320 and E520 are the same. The blenders have a 2.2 horsepower motor, which outputs approximately 1400 watts of muscle.

I know some are now arguing that’s about the same motor rating on slightly cheaper options like Ninja blenders. But you have to understand, that the motor of Vitamix machines will maintain a high blending speed throughout the process.

It’s also the reason I like to say the (Vitamix) blender blends by pummeling through ingredients. Not chopping like the entry-level blenders.

·         Best of blending control

Similarly, either Vitamix E320 or E520 will be ideal here. They both feature variable speed, with up to ten settings for total control over your recipes. So, you can prepare delicate recipes like a meringue, plus perform heavy tasks like grinding with great precision.

Moreover, the Vitamix countertop blenders have a dedicated pulse function for even higher precision on tasks like chopping and slicing. Thus, you can make salads, coleslaw, and chunky soups without having to worry about turning your mixture into smoothies.

·         Best of blending performance

Another similarity across all Vitamix full-size blenders is in performance, and our two Explorian models are no different. Thanks to the powerful motor and the hardened blades, the blenders switch from light to heavy tasks without issues.

So, either E320 or E520 can be a perfect choice if looking for a blender to make smoothies, chop vegetables, grind grains, or crush ice.

The container design also allows these blenders to perform some tasks more efficiently than the flagship Vitamix 5200. Say, a task like chopping.

·         Best blending capacity

Again, Vitamix E320 and E520 are full-size blenders, whereby they come with a 64-ounce blending jar. The blending jar has a low profile, which is how the blenders can fit under most kitchen cabinets without an issue.

Also, the blending jar of the blenders has a wide bottom, allowing the ingredients to make good contact with the blades. Thus, speeding up the processing, minimizing the need for a tamper, and also ensuring better results on tasks like chopping.

That said, the wide bottom of the blending jar means Vitamix E520 and E320 can’t handle small blends well. If you try to blend like a single cup of mixture, you’ll notice it causes splattering a lot. And this will call the use of a tamper a lot.

If interested, both Vitamix E320 and E520 are compatible with the medium 48-ounce and 32-ounce containers. You could also get the PCA kit to handle single smoothies and blends.

Note: the Vitamix E520 does come with two 22-ounce tumbler cups. However, these cups are for just drinking or taking your drinks with you. You can’t blend with them- they actually don’t have a blade attachment.

·         Best of Blending Convenience

When we now compare Vitamix E520 vs E320 convenience, the former takes the point. In addition to manual controls, the blender has a built-in automated blending option for smoothies, frozen desserts, and soups.

So, you can leave your Vitamix (E520) to continue blending while you do other things. When the program completes, the blender will stop running on its own.

On its end, the Vitamix E320 has no automated blending program. Everything is manual, which means you’ll have to babysit it all the time so you can stop it before ruining your recipe.

Final Thoughts

While there is still other stuff to talk about, the eight are the main crucial details to know between Vitamix E320 vs E520. As seen, both are good blenders you can achieve a lot in your culinary goals.

However, Vitamix E520 is still my first recommendation as you get manual blending and automated programs for walk-away convenience. The blender is also available at an amazing deal at Costco. But this shouldn’t be surprising, considering Vitamix released it as a special edition for the giant retailer.

If your budget at hand is under $300, a refurbished Vitamix E520 is still cheaper than the E320 by about ten bucks.

A certified refurbished Vitamix usually performs as well as a brand-new one.  The components are new, plus you’ll get a standard warranty of 3 – 5 years, which is still better than most new entry-level and midrange brands.

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