The 7 Best Cheap Blender for Smoothies in 2024

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How much should you spend on a good blender? A lot of people believe only the highest cost will offer you a great product. But the truth is that you can still find the best cheap blender for smoothies that are both drinkable and pleasurable.

Nonetheless, cheap is a relative term that we can use to refer to even the most affordable product from high-end brands. So, don’t be surprised to find Vitamix and Blendtec names in the mix.

What’s the Best Cheap Blender for Smoothies?

In this guide, I’ve put together about seven selections that you can consider while looking for an affordable blender to make smoothies. But any countertop Vitamix for juicing will give you the smoothest blend than other brands.

So, my favorite cheap blender for smoothies is the Vitamix Explorian, innovated for those of us who can’t afford to spend $500. If the amount on the product’s still a little too high, Ninja, Oster, and Hamilton Beach also have some great blending machines.

Features a 1380-watt high-power motor, sharp blades, strong vortex, all metal drive, ten variable speeds, & a slender jar

Features an 1100-watt high-speed motor, ice crush/ smoothie preset programs, built-in timer, razor-sharp blades, & 24-oz cups

Features a 700-watt output, glass jar, 12 blending functions, wave-action blending styling, plus tough & sharp blades

Things to Look for When Choosing a Cheap Blender for Smoothies

In all my years of blending, I’ve come to learn that not every blender is great at making smoothies. Vitamix is my number as I’m too familiar with its performance and how silky are the blends. But based on consumer reviews, I’m convinced Blendtec also delivers super-smooth drinks and puree.

When you’re now shopping, there are a few features I’d advise on if you really want a blender that can make a nice smoothie. They are:

  • A high-performance motor that can work on even the toughest seeds and frozen stuff without bogging down or burning out.
  • Pulsing mode to gain control over your mixtures, especially when you want an acai smoothie bowl. In a regular blender, the feature also gets the process going by overcoming the initial resistance.
  • A good blending blade is very crucial if you want to achieve a smooth smoothie. In particular, the regular blender usually blends by chopping down the ingredients. Thus, the edges should be sharp to pulverize everything in the mix.
  • Good blender jar volume is also crucial if you’re to make enough smoothies for everyone on the table. The design also matters in case you might want to make your blends in small batches.
  • Different blending speeds are vital when you want to achieve different blend textures. Thus, can be handy in making Acai smoothie bowls. The feature can also help avoid the splattering issue in high-power blenders.
  • A sturdy build is everything if you want a blender you can use to make quality smoothies for a decade or so without major issues. Tough containers, strong stainless steel blades, heavy-duty motor, rugged metal drive, and good ventilation are all features of a long-lasting blender.

1. My Favorite Pick: Vitamix E310 (Explorian) Countertop Blender

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender, Professional-Grade, 48 Oz....
  • Variable Speed Control: Ten variable speeds allow you to refine every texture with culinary...
  • Pulse Feature: Layer coarse chops over smooth purées for heartier recipes, such as chunky salsas or...

Yes, yes, you’ll still have to spend like $280-$350, but Vitamix E310 is the cheapest countertop blender from the local brand. It’s also the perfect option if you want to make a smoothie that has no chunks or even the tiny grains you feel when drinking from a basic machine.

Rather than chopping, the blender uses its high-power motor to pummel through the ingredients. It also has a bonus of slightly sharp blades and a powerful vortex. Hence, the reason the blends are also incomparable with other high-end brands.

Even better, the machine has a dedicated pulse and ten incremental speeds if you want to make a crunchy acai smoothie bowl. It also comes with a slender, low-profile jar and a tamper that can be very helpful whenever working with thick blends.


  • It feels sturdy and durable
  • So easy to set up and operate
  • Crushes ice and frozen fruits well
  • Makes the silkiest, pleasurable smoothie
  • Has a removable lid plug to add ingredients
  • It can handle small and medium batches of blends


  • It’s tricky to get out blends under the blade
  • You might find it rather loud during blending
  • It may move across the counter when blending

2. Best of small Blends: Ninja Nutri Pro Auto-iQ Personal Blender

Ninja BN401 Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender, Auto-iQ...
  • ULTIMATE POWER: 1000-peak-watt motor powers through the toughest ingredients and pulverizes ice to...
  • 2 VERSATILE PROGRAMS: 2 Auto-iQ preset programs are uniquely timed for smoothies & crushed ice -...

The Ninja Nutri Pro here’s the best blender for smoothies in small batches, say when you want a quick morning drink. It has a compact but high-speed motor and razor-sharp blades that pulverizes even frozen ingredients within seconds.

The motor also has a tiny control panel with manual features and automated blending programs for crushing ice and smoothies. Thus, making it even handier on those mornings you’re late but still want to start your day with a healthy drink.

More to love, the blending cups have a spout lid that you can use to drink or carry your smoothie without a mess. But as with other personal blenders, the gasket on the extractor blade starts to come off once you remove it for the first time.


  • It’s an elegant design
  • Blends everything fast and smoothly
  • Takes less space to operate or store
  • Handles mixtures with seeds and nuts well
  • The containers and parts are dishwasher-safe
  • It has a built-in digital timer for optimal precision


  • It has a plastic motor drive
  • You might find it relatively noisy
  • The bottom suction cups don’t stick well

3. Best of Value: Blendtec Classic Wildside+ Preprogrammed Blender

Blendtec Classic 575 Blender wtih WildSide+ Jar (96 oz) and...
216 Reviews
Blendtec Classic 575 Blender wtih WildSide+ Jar (96 oz) and...
  • Elevate Your Blending Experience: High quality blender for smoothies, shakes, cocktail drinks,...
  • No Chopping Prep: Save time and never need to chop, slice or dice in advance of blending. Blender...

Wherever Vitamix is, Blendtec isn’t far behind. And in this part, the Classic 575 makes a great deal if you’re looking for a cheap blender for smoothies with larger capacity and more automated programs.

Of course, the company has calibrated the famous WildSide+ jar to 36 ounces. But it has a total volume of 90 ounces, thereby you can achieve up to 8-9 cups blends if desired.

On the performance part, the blender has a high-power motor and hardened blades that pummels through the hardest ingredients within seconds. It also supports up to four preset programs, plus manual blending in five different speeds and a pulse mode.


  • It has a well-made, durable build
  • Delivers a smooth smoothie & puree
  • Straightforward to set up and operate
  • Includes a feeder cap to add ingredients
  • Has a built-in timer to track your blending
  • It also has a spatula to scrape thick blends off the walls


  • It’s extremely loud when working
  • Lacks suction footing for steady blending
  • It might be a hassle to make thick smoothies

4. Best of Glass Jar: Oster Pro 1200 Brushed Nickel Multifunction Blender

Oster Blender | Pro 1200 with Glass Jar, 24-Ounce Smoothie Cup,...
  • Smart settings technology and 7 speeds including 3 pre-programmed settings for the most common...
  • Dual direction blade technology for extra blending power to chop and grind with precision extra wide...

Do you like to keep your kitchen plastic-free? The Oster Pro 1200 is the best cheap blender with a glass jar on my list. But it has a multifunctional base that you can also use with single-serve cups that are plastic- BPA-free, of course.

Different from most of the other regular brands, this blender has an all-metal drive. The stainless steel blade also has contemporary dual direction technology to enhance blending and help dislodge food stuck in blades.

Speaking of blending, this machine has a peak power of up to 1200 watts before maintaining 900-watt output when blending. It also has three precision speeds and a pulse feature to ensure maximum control over your mixture, especially for acai bowl smoothies.


  • It delivers decent smoothies
  • Supports walk-away convenience
  • Highly resistant to scratches & stains
  • Can easily add ingredients while blending
  • You can also prepare small & large batches
  • It fits under most cabinets without a hassle


  • The blender is rather heavy for some users
  • Its lowest speed setting is still a little fast
  • It may move across the counter when blending

5. Best of Under $50: Hamilton Beach 700W Countertop Blender

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Wave Action Blender For Shakes and...
  • POWERFUL BLENDING PERFORMANCE: With 700 watts of peak blending power and stainless steel Ice Sabre...
  • ULTRA-SMOOTH RESULTS WITH PATENTED WAVE ACTION SYSTEM: As you blend, ingredients are continuously...

Indeed, Hamilton Beach here is an ideal choice if looking for a decent cheap blender for smoothies under $50. You won’t have access to sophisticated blending features, for sure. But the basics are still easy to use in various tasks.

At 700 watts, the motor of the blender can efficiently handle mini ice cubes or frozen foods with enough water. I’ve seen some people say the thick “Ice Sabre” blades will even handle the regular ice cubs well. But I can’t recommend that in such a power output.

Other features that I’ve liked most on the Hamilton Beach blender include:

  • A tough glass blending jar
  • An exclusive no-mess pouring spout
  • Fits under most cabinets without a hassle
  • You can remove the blade during cleaning
  • It’s easy to add spices & liquids while blending


  • It has a plastic drive gear system
  • Can be a little too hard to remove the lid
  • The rubber feet leave marks on the counter-top

6. Best of Small Spaces: Nutribullet Pro 900 32-oz compact personal blender

nutribullet Pro 900 Watt Personal Blender - 13-Piece High-Speed...
28,281 Reviews
nutribullet Pro 900 Watt Personal Blender - 13-Piece High-Speed...
  • With 900 watts of power, the Pro is faster and stronger than the original, but just as simple to...
  • POWER YOUR DAY: 900 watts of power in this compact powerhouse turns anything from strawberries to...

The Nutribullet Pro 900 is yet another great personal blender you can grab for making single smoothies. But on the chart above, you’ll notice it has a slightly narrower base than the Ninja Nutri Pro. Thus, could be ideal if looking for something powerful and compact enough to use in small kitchens like in RVs or hostels.

In a  performance test, the mini-blender pulverizes mini ice cubes and frozen fruits for chilled smoothies easily if there are enough liquids. The design of the extractor blade also handles mixtures of strawberries without leaving noticeable seeds.

Furthermore, the Nutribullet blender has:

  • Lip rings and to-go lids for the cups
  • A height compatible with most cabinets
  • Bottom suction footing for steady blending
  • An option to clean in the sink or dishwasher


  • It has plastic drive gears
  • You might find the noise pretty high
  • Tricky to put back the gasket when it falls

7. Best of Alternative: WantJoin WZ-200D 1800W Commercial Blender

WantJoin Professional Blender, Countertop Blender,Blender for...
  • Professional home and commercial Countertop Blender -adopt Max 1800W power (3 peak...
  • Easy to use and easy cleaning - Speed control to achieve a variety of textures,besides the common...

Last on the list, we have an alternative of a high-performance blender for smoothies that you can consider if on a tight budget. But as a big fan of Vitamix, I’m pretty convinced the manufacturer borrowed the design of the flagship classic 5200.

Even though it’s still not close to the original, the blender has some amazing features like:

  • A high-speed motor
  • Variable speed dial
  • A dedicated pulse button
  • Preprogrammed timer setting
  • A tamper to help with thick blends
  • Removable lid cap to add ingredients


  • It doesn’t fit under most cabinets
  • Catches rust easily on the drive gear
  • The container & parts aren’t dishwasher safe

Features, Pros, & Cons of Various Cheap Blenders for Smoothies

Best Cheap Blender for SmoothiesPower OutputBlending Jar CapacityDimensions (in inches)
Vitamix E310 Countertop Blender1380 Watts48 Ounces7.5 by 8.5 by 18.0
 Ninja Nutri Pro Auto-iQ Personal Blender1100 Watts24 Ounces6.3 by 6.9 by 14.3
Blendtec Classic 575 Blender1560 Watts96 Ounces8.0 y 7.1 by 15.5
 Oster Pro 1200 Blender1200 Watts (peak power)48/ 24 Ounces7.3 by 8.0 by 14.3
 Hamilton Beach 700W Countertop Blender700 watts40 Ounces6.5 by 8.6 by 14.7
Nutribullet Pro 900 personal blender900 Watts32 Ounces5.0 by 5.0 by 15.8
WantJoin WZ-200D Commercial Blender1800 Watts64 Ounces7.9 by 9.1 by 19.7

Common Related Questions

Can I use a normal blender to make smoothies?

Yes, you can use a normal blender to make smoothies. But I’d recommend chopping down your ingredients into small cubes to enhance the blending process and also avoid stressing up the motor.

What is the difference between a smoothie blender and a regular blender?

In my opinion, there’s no difference between a smoothie blender and a regular blender as you can use the latter as the former. But if you’re looking for the best smoothie blender, Vitamix is the first choice.

What type of blender is best for making smoothies?

As I’ve just mentioned, Vitamix is the best blender for making smoothies, thanks to its high-power motor and sharp blades. It delivers super-smooth blends without even the grainy taste of regular brands like Nutribullet, Ninja, and Oster.

Can you use an immersion blender for smoothies

Yes, smoothies are some of the things you can make with your immersion blender. You only need to add chopped ingredients into a beaker or any other type of container, starting with the toughest and the lightest on top. Then start your machine and blend while moving it around, and up-and-down to achieve a smooth consistency.

How long should you blend a smoothie for

In a Vitamix, it will only take you 45 seconds to blend a silky and pleasurable smoothie. The regular blenders will take about the same time. But you might want to blend for a little longer if your mixture had ice cubes and frozen fruits.

Final Thoughts:

Ideally, any type of blender out there can make a smoothie. However, only a few brands can deliver a smooth drink that you’ll relish to gulp down.

The Vitamix E310 is still my favorite recommendation if you want to enjoy a Starbucks’ smoothness. It not only pulverizes even the tough ice and frozen fruits but also the tiny fibers.

If the budget is still too high, Ninja Nutri Pro (BN401) and Hamilton Beach (58148A) are also great cheap blenders for smoothies. But, of course, you’ll notice the taste of the drink isn’t as smooth as with the high-end model.