How to Make Whole-Food and Undiluted Carrot Juice in Vitamix

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The Vitamix is no juicer, for sure. But it does give you some delicious whole food juice, with all the nutrients in the fruit or vegetable. You just need to learn to make the most of the machine. And in this article, I’ll show you how to make carrot juice in Vitamix and still get to enjoy the last sip.

As you know, a carrot usually packs numerous essential vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin A, K, beta-carotene, and rich fiber for blood sugar control. So, on top of the ravishing savor, the homemade juice also grants you another health milestone from one of nature’s best sources.

In any case, upon receiving your Vitamix E310  or any of the other machines from the brand, the accessories in the box include a recipe book. However, many carrot recipes in the cookbook are too basic and averagely enticing. So, I’ve thought it might be nice to show you my style of juicing with the Vitamix.

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How To Make Carrot Juice in Vitamix Blenders

Typically, there are two main ways you can make carrot juice in a Vitamix blender: whole-food and undiluted versions.

In the Vitamix recipe book and most online sources out there, you’ll come across information on making the whole-food carrot juice. In my case, I like to call it the diluted version as it calls for water to prepare.

how to make carrot juice in Vitamix

Making a Whole-food Carrot Juice in Vitamix Blender

As I’ve just said,  you probably have already made this carrot juice recipe as it’s on the Vitamix cookbook. If not, the process’s more like using a blender to puree food into a drinkable form, just like with the smoothies.

As a matter of fact, the basic Carrot Juice Plus recipe on the Vitamix printed and online cookbook is more of a smoothie. But again, it’s a whole-food or total carrot juice with all the phytonutrients, plus soluble and insoluble fiber.

To Prepare the recipe:

You’ll Need

  • 1 cup of cold water
  • 2 Peeled, deseeded, sliced lemon
  • 1 piece of fresh, cubed ginger
  • About 500g of fresh carrots


  1. Prepare the blender and ingredients. As for the carrots, make sure you scrub them clean. You can also chop them into small pieces to speed up the blending process, but a Vitamix can blend even whole pieces.
  2. Add all the ingredients into the blending container in the order shown above and secure the lid
  3. Start the machine on low, then quickly increase to the maximum speed and blend for 60-90 seconds. If required, use the tamper to press the ingredients into the blades
  4. After the desired consistency is reached, stop the machine and serve your carrot juice while still fresh.

Note, the Vitamix recipe book doesn’t call for ginger when making the Carrot Juice Plus. It’s my idea to try it after several people mentioned that a sliver gives a distinctive kick on the drink.

Needless to say, carrots tend to have a massive amount of pulp, which usually results in a pulpy blend (and even taste). So, I had to add a bit more water during the processing to get a drinkable juice. And to be honest, the result was still sweet, refreshing, and totally enjoyable. However, the juice taste felt a bit watery, which inspired me to look into something different in my next recipe.

Making an Undiluted Carrot Juice in Vitamix Blender

In this method, the idea is to prepare your carrot juice in a similar way you make apple juice from raw apples. That’s after blending everything, you strain the puree with a strainer, cheesecloth, nut milk bag, or any other filtration device in your kitchen.

While you’ll feel the final result with a purer carrot flavor, the pulp that you filter comprises insoluble minerals like fibers. So, the drink will no longer be a “total” carrot juice, but a pure traditional carrot juice. I’ve labeled it traditional as the method is very similar to how our forefathers made their juices.

But, anyway, just as the name, the Undiluted carrot juice brings you the true concentration of the carrot taste and consistency. So, the recipe doesn’t call for any water. As a matter of fact, we won’t be adding any other ingredient during this blending. So, to prepare:

You Only Need:

  • 1-2lbs fresh carrots
  • A nut milk bag or any filtration tool
  • Clean, medium-sized bowl
  • Your Vitamix blender

What to Do:

Overall,  making this undiluted carrot juice in Vitamix is still very easy. But before you toss the carrots into the blender, don’t forget to scrub off the dirt and wash them under clean running water. I’ll also recommend peeling the outer skin this time to give the juice a sweeter and less bitter feel.

  1. After peeling the carrots, toss them into the blender (when chopped or whole) and secure the lid
  2. Switch on the blender at its slowest speed, then turn the dial to the highest mark
  3. Blend for about 45 seconds or until you achieve the desired consistency. Considering there’s no water added, the blend will be very pulpy. So, you’ll have to keep an eye on the corners of the jar and use the tamper to push the content towards the blades.
  4. Once done with blending, align your straining bag over your clean bowl and scrape all the carrot puree into it.
  5. Next, gently squeeze the bag to “milk” the juice out of the pulp into the collection bowl.
  6. Keep pressing while shifting the pulp around inside the straining bag until you extract maximum juice.
  7. Finally, transfer the undiluted carrot juice from the bowl into a spouted beaker. Then, pour into drinking glasses and serve immediately. You can go ahead and serve over three or four ice cubes for extra chill, especially during warm weather.

Important Notes: The Tropical Carrot Juice

The good thing about homemade dishes is that it’s all about creativity and trying new things. Since it’s your place and time, you have the liberty to customize and dress your recipes however you like.

If it’s our carrot juice, I would be thrilled to hear how you make of it when you slip a touch of tropical kick. So, after succeeding with the above Recipe (II) of undiluted Carrot Juice, you can try a combo of ingredients next time. Here’s an example to get you started:


  • ¼ cup of pineapple juice
  • 1 large, peeled, and chopped mango
  • I tablespoon of grated ginger
  • 1 cup of fresh, peeled, and cubed pineapple
  • 1 cup of fresh, peeled carrots


Once you have gathered all the ingredients, place them into your Vitamix blender. Then, repeat Step (2) through (7) of Recipe II above.


Well, that’s how to make carrot juice in Vitamix when your juicer dies on you or your kitchen doesn’t have one. Both the whole-food and undiluted versions of the drink are definitely something to enjoy when made right. But, of course, the undiluted one has a more juice-like feel even when you drink it.

As you prepare to blend your recipes, though, I’d recommend you peel the outer skin of the carrots. Of course, doing so will deplete some of the nutrients the vegetable has, but it will ensure your juice is sweeter and less bitter. So, you’ll be able to drink to the last sip with a smile.