Blendjet vs Nutribullet: The 9 Crucial Differences You Should Know Before Buying

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A single-serve blender is usually the best if you want to make a quick smoothie. You can also drink right from the blending jar or even carry your drink to the gym or work. However, should you get a rechargeable or plug-in personal blender? Let’s compare Blendjet vs Nutribullet and see what you can do.

First up, it’s a bit unfair to compare the two brands. But besides everything else, they both have some of the bestselling blenders under $100 in the country (they market globally too). And the best part is you won’t need to break the banks to own either.

As we shall see shortly, though, the experience you get with Blendjet blender varies with that of Nutribullet. But they both have strengths and weaknesses that you shouldn’t overlook when shopping.

Verdict: the 5 Key Reasons Nutribullet is the Best

  • The Nutribullet has up to 900-watt motor
  • The Nutribullet has over dozen accessories
  • Nutribullet has a 32-Ounce standard jar
  • The Nutribullet has a bonus (flat) milling blade
  • The Nutribullet containers are dishwasher-safe

Blendjet vs Nutribullet: A Summary of the Original Personal Blenders

FactsOriginal BlendjetOriginal Nutribullet
Dimensions (in Inches)3.15 by 3.15 by 9.16.0 by 6.0 by 14.5
Available Colors27 Options [Basic & Colorful]1 Option [Basic]
Blending Capacity12 Ounces18-ounce & 24-ounce
Battery Capacity2000mAhPlug-in
Motor Output6 watts600 watts
Manual ControlSingle SpeedSingle speed
Pre-set ProgramsN/ANO
Pulse FunctionNOSorta
Control TypesPhysical ButtonBlending Button
Standard Warranty30 Limited DaysOne Limited Year
PriceView on Walmart View on Amazon

Blendjet vs Nutribullet: A Summary of the Upgraded Personal Blenders

FactsBlendjet TwoNutribullet Pro
Dimensions (in Inches)3.2 by 3.2 by 10.66 .0 by 6.0 by 15.0
Available Colors27 Options [Basic & Colorful]16 Options [Basic & Colorful]
Single-Serve Cups16-ounce & 32-ounce18-ounce & 32-ounce
Power Source4000mAh BatteryPlug-in
Motor Output14.8 watts900 watts
Manual ControlSingle SpeedSingle speed
Pre-set ProgramsN/ANO
Pulse FunctionYESSorta
Control TypesPhysical ButtonBlending Cup
Standard Warranty30 Limited DaysOne Limited Year
Price View on BlendjetView on Amazon

Should I Get a Blendjet Personal Blender?

Do you like the idea to blend at any place, anytime? Blendjet has about all the features of a good portable blender for travel.

Say the obvious, portability, the machine measures roughly 3 by 10 inches when assembled with the standard jar. You can slip it into your gym bag or backpack and place it in the cup holder of your car, bike, or kayak comfortably.

Secondly, the portable blender has a built-in 4000mAh rechargeable battery that you can complete fifteen blends per charge. And the best part, it does not take much power to recharge, as you can hook it up to a wall outlet or car charger.


  • It’s so quiet when blending
  • Lightweight & easy to carry
  • Has a dedicated pulsing button
  • Features a sturdy carrying strap
  • Available in many colors & patterns
  • It has a water-resistant charging port


  • It struggles on the regular ice cubes
  • Not ideal for carbonated or hot mixtures

Should I Get a Nutribullet Personal Blender?

Do you like the idea to make your drinks, as well as spices? The Nutribullet has everything you need in a blender for dry ingredients and wet blending.

Of course, the plastic drive gear isn’t very promising if you intend to use the little guy for tough tasks every day. But in Nutribullet vs Nutri Ninja review, we saw the motor is still strong enough to agitate the ingredients until complete pulverization.

Even better, the Nutribullet does have a bonus grinding blade to relieve stress on the wet-blending blade. Then it comes with multiple blending containers in that you can dedicate one for smoothies and the other for dry ingredients.


  • It feels pretty sturdy & durable
  • Delivers decently smooth blends
  • Available in many colorful options
  • Crushes ice & frozen fruits well
  • Can fit in the cabinet without a hassle
  • The base has suction cups on the bottom


  • It’s annoyingly loud when blending
  • Not ideal to blend hot or carbonated mixtures
Blendjet vs Nutribullet

Blendjet vs Nutribullet: Comparing Features & Capabilities

  1. Best of Budget:

As I’ve said earlier, either Nutribullet or Blendjet can make up if looking for a cheap compact blender. The actual price varies with the model, whereby you can get the original Nutribullet at $70 and Blendjet One at $40.

On the other hand, you can grab the second-generation Blendjet (2) at about fifty bucks, whereas the Nutribullet (Pro) goes for $80.

  • Best of Accessories

Nutribullet comes packed with relatively many accessories. It has the motor base, extractor blade, plus two blending cups, flip-top traveling lids, and comfort lip rings. In various cases, you can also receive a bonus milling blade and “Stay-Fresh” re-sealable lids.

On its end, the Blendjet personal blender doesn’t exactly have many accessories. It only comes with a power base, jar, and lid with a rubber strap. The blending blade is usually integrated into the base.

  • Best of Build & Style

When you compare Nutribullet vs Blendjet build quality side by side, they both feel pretty sturdy. The blade is also sturdy stainless steel, which is rustproof and can withstand tough ice cubes.

If you’re a person of style, the two brands also have a wide variety of vibrant shades to complement your taste. Then again, Blendjet has far more color options to choose from, with some on custom patterns.

  • Best of Portability

As a dedicated blender for travel, Blendjet takes the whole point here. It doesn’t just have a small profile that you can stash in the bag with ease. The power base and blending jar are also all one part, whether you’re blending or drinking your smoothies. Hence, one of the reasons I said you can blend about anywhere.

If interested, Blendjet has an insulated sleeve and tote that you can purchase separately to carry your mini blender. You could even get “Ready-To-Blend” Smoothie diet packs to make a quick punch when inaccessible to fresh fruits.

Speaking of the smoothie diet packs, Nutribullet is the best single-serve blender for Shakeology smoothies. You could use the brand for Blendjet Smoothie diet packs too, albeit it isn’t as flexible to use anywhere.

  • Best of Blending Power

Nutribullet takes the lead here. The Original personal blender brings you up to 600 watts of blending power, whereas the upgrade has 900-watt output. And in either case, you can pulverize not only the soft mixtures, but also tough ingredients like ice cubes.

However, the Nutribullet personal blender has only a single blending speed to use for all your culinary needs. It’s the same situation with the Blendjet blender, which, unfortunately, also has a relatively underpowered motor (6-watt & 14.8 watts).

So, both machines limit the variety of textures you can make, unlike the Vitamix A2300 or A3500 which blends at variable speeds even on 8-ounce and 20-ounce cups.

  • Best of Performance

In a Blendjet vs Nutribullet performance test, they both can work on whole baby carrots and ice cubes. But the Nutribullet breaks down everything fast and without leaving behind any chunks.

Furthermore, you can use the blender for grinding spices and small batches of flour. The optional (flat) milling blade will be the best for the task, albeit the regular (cross) blade system could also work.

On its end, the Blendjet blender has only a single blending blade system built-in on the power base. You can still use it to work on wet blending and food processing tasks. But in a test with whole baby carrots, there were still a few chunks left even after running two blending cycles. The third time was the charm.

Note: to make a cold blend with Blendjet or Nutribullet personal blender, I’ll recommend you use mini-ice cubes and frozen fruits. It helps enhance blending for optimal results and at the same time doesn’t stress out the motor or blades.

  • Best of Quiet Blending

Blendjet is the best piece if looking for a personal blender that you can use early in the morning without waking up your roommate. I’ve still not been able to test the exact decibels with a meter. But the Blendjet is very quiet when running- sounds like the typical dentist drill.

Meanwhile, the Nutribullet is nearly as loud as the full-size blender. It still doesn’t drown conversations completely as the classic Vitamix 5200. But you’ll find the noise level relatively annoying and high enough to wake up your mate in the next room.

  • Best of Blending Capacity

If you’re shopping for a personal blender based on blending capacity, our two blenders are kind of the same. You can blend up to a 32-ounce amount, which is enough for three to four servings.

Nonetheless, the Nutribullet comes with the 32-ounce jar, two of them actually, as the standard containers. But for the Blendjet blender, you’ll have to purchase the 32-ounce jar separately as it only comes with a 12/ 16-ounce cup.

  • Best of Walk-away Convenience

Blendjet is one of the few dedicated personal blenders that you can enjoy walk-away blending. The automated blending doesn’t exactly have the multiple programs we have when using the single-serve cups with Vitamix. It only has a single 20-second blending cycle. And for that, you’ll need to run the cycle multiple times when dealing with recipes that take longer to blend.

As for the Nutribullet personal blender, you only got manual blending mode. The base even doesn’t have physical buttons to operate. You’ll have to use the blending cup to enable your preferred blending mode: push down the cup to engage the motor tabs.

Final Thoughts:

As I’ve said in the beginning, a Blendjet vs Nutribullet comparison is relatively unequal. Both are brands of personal blenders for single-serve blending, for sure. But the Blendjet is a portable single-serve blender for travel that you can use about anywhere as long it has a charge.

On the other hand, Nutribullet makes a perfect single-serve blender to use at home, RV, or anywhere with access to a power outlet. It’s relatively more powerful if you need something you can crush ice and grind spices with ease. Then you get nearly all the accessories you need to make it work, including multiple containers and their lids.