Calphalon blender vs Vitamix Comprehensive Review 2024

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Vitamix and Ninja and Blendtec are the most known blenders here in the US. Ninja Kitchen is known for its affordability, whereas Vitamix and Blendtec are big rivals on high-power and true craftsmanship. In this article, we’re going to look at Calphalon blender vs Vitamix to see which can fit your bill best, and in what ways.

Needless to say, Calphalon is not a big name to many households even after being in the market for over 57 years now. However, it’s a desirable brand when looking for a blender with reasonable pricing, cool tech, locally made, and pleasing to most everyday tasks.

That said, though, Vitamix is a much better choice than Calphalon in a number of ways.

The 5 Things Why Vitamix is the Best BlenderCalphalon blender Vs Vitamix a3500

  • Vitamix has a wide array of products to choose
  • Vitamix countertop blenders handle ice with ease
  • You can make hot soups with a Vitamix machine
  • Vitamix blender delivers silky and consistent smoothies
  • Vitamix blender can perform delicate food processor tasks

Calphalon blender vs Vitamix: A Summary on the best Technologies from the two Manufacturers

The following table compares Vitamix A3500 and Calphalon, both of which are the most sophisticated systems from the makers.

Facts Calphalon Activesense Vitamix A3500
Release Date 2019 2016
Material Type Plastic Plastic
Available Colors 1 Options
[Stainless steel]
3 Options
[Black, Heritage, &Pearl Gray]
Jar Capacity 67 Ounces 64 Ounces
Personal Blending YES YES
Motor Size 1200 watts 1640 watts
Manual Control Three variable speeds 10 variable speeds
Pre-set Programs YES YES
Countdown Timer No YES
Pulse Function YES YES
Control Types One-touch Buttons Capacitive Touchscreen
3 Best Features
  • Self-detect technology
  • Reversing blade technology
  • Digital interface with a display
  • Making hot soups
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Programmable timer
Warranty 10-Year warranty 10-Year warranty
Recommendations View on Amazon View on Amazon

Calphalon Blender

As I mentioned in different words, Calphalon is no new brand in the kitchen appliances industry. It has been in production since 1963 when Ronald M. Kasperzak started the Commercial Aluminum Cookware company to supply cookware to professional food services. By the time it was rebranding to Calphalon (in 1991), the firm was now serving even non-professional and at-home chefs. And not just with cookware, but also bakeware, cutlery, plus other appliances.

Even so, Calphalon blender is not yet as famous as we’d say for Blendtec, Ninja Kitchen, or Vitamix. However, it does have a rather large fan base, thanks to its moderate pricing, smooth performance, and long warranties.

Ps. Calphalon is based in Ohio state where the story of Vitamix also started.

Vitamix Blender

On its end, Vitamix is no new name to the household and commercial chefs. It’s a brand many have on their bucket list from premium products that are not only durable but also can do a lot of things others can’t.

Be it a blender for juicing and smoothies, acai bowls and milkshakes, or making Frappuccino and cocktails, Vitamix always fits in. It’s easy to believe that everyone is just hyping and overplaying it but wait till you meet up with Mr. Perfect. Of course, the lot might have a rotten lemon in some cases, but the company offers a 5-10 years warranty that includes even the shipping fees.


Sadly, however, Vitamix blender is not for everyone, and that’s why many have it on the bucket list. It’s relatively expensive, with only the line of Explorian as the most affordable in the full-size design category. But again, this product line has Vitamix E310 and E320 blenders, whereby the former is the cheaper option.

Calphalon blender vs Vitamix: Comparing the Key Features and Capabilities for the Blenders

Here are the differences and similarities between our two Ohio-based blender makers. We’ll only cover what matters most in blending and processing tasks.

How’s the Pricing:

Yes, pricing does matter a lot when choosing a blender for your home kitchen. It determines the experience you’ll have with your machine, which sometimes can be worth it or not at all.

As for our two subjects, the Calphalon blender is relatively cheaper, albeit not as low as regular brands like Hamilton Beach. The countertop machines available in the market right now range between $120 to $230, whereby the highest is half of most classic Vitamix models. A good example is the Vitamix 5200 that costs around four hundred and fifty on normal days.

Even so, the Ascent series that has the likes of Vitamix A2500 and A3500 are some coins more pricey from the added bells and whistles. The various makes not only have a sleeker look but also built-in wireless connectivity that enables you to programs via the Vitamix app.

Which has better equipment selection?

Although expensive, Vitamix has quite a long collection of blenders to browse through. The brand has also discontinued several of the oldest creations, though their design is still in some of the later innovations.

In any case, Vitamix has divided its blenders into three different classes, each having two to four sub-groups and a handful of variants. You could also get a handheld immersion blender and over dozen of accessories to support your blending life.

If interested in starting a food business, Vitamix also does have commercial products to blend and prepare food. One of its distinguished clients in this section is Starbucks.

On the other hand, Calphalon has only a few blender selections that you can get to be blending at home. The Calphalon Activesense is the most famous name on the list, thanks to the built-in smart programs and the Blend-N-Go compatibility.

So, Vitamix wins on the equipment as it’s easier to find a tool that exactly fits your needs.

What’s Power and Speed:

This is also a win for Vitamix, courtesy of its high-power countertop blenders. In the consumer section, the brand has been relying on two types of motors- 2.0HP and 2.2HP which are equivalent to 1490 watts and 1640 watts respectively. The power is more than you need to grind dry grains, heat soups, and shave ice blocks into a snowy texture.

Another thing, all the full-size Vitamix blenders have an adjustable speed setting that counts up to ten using a dial. Hence, making it possible to deal with a variety of ingredients and produce different textures.

Meanwhile, its counterpart, the Calphalon blender, also has adjustable speed setting that has either three or ten counts. However, the motor size is some points lower, with 1200 watts as the highest. The rate is no doubt powerful enough to handle tougher ingredients like ice, but not as fast as with a Vitamix.

How’s the Blade and Blending

Both blender makers utilize a unique blade that you use to perform various blending tasks around the kitchen. If it’s Calphalon, the blending container has a unique 3-in-1 blade system that can blend in either direction for even and consistent results. The top blade is sharp enough to cut through the softest foods and tough well to take care of the icy ingredients.

On its end, Vitamix has for decades used the hardened 4-points stainless steel blade, which can come with either a dry or wet container. Unlike with regular machines, however, a blender from the luxury brand usually relies on power of the motor to process ingredients. Hence, the reason the blade edges are partially blunt. But again, the tool is still able to pummel through fruits, greens, seeds, and icy stuff to a fine, consistent texture.

Another thing, Vitamix has a patent-pending Aer disc container that allows you to emulsify, whip, and muddle without pulverizing the ingredients. So, the brand takes the points from the Calphalon yet again.

Can I Make Hot Soups

If you’re hoping to indulge in serious culinary feats, it’s best to look for a versatile blender that you can get. Vitamix fits that profile if your budget allows as you can perform blending, food prepping, and also cooking.

For the last one, the blender can harness the friction heat created by the spinning blades. Hence, helping bring your cold soup to a hot temperature, such that you can serve without having to cook it again.

Unfortunately, the Calphalon blender is yet to have the heating feature. So, you’ll have to warm your carrot soup on the cooker after chopping the pieces.

Does it Have Preset Programs

We could say this is a win for all the two blenders since they both support automated blending. At Calphalon, the most basic blender, model BLCLMB1, has four presets, then the gimmicky cousin has up to five programs. So, you can enjoy walk-away convenience and also blend without having to guess.

Speaking of guessing, some blenders from the maker has a built-in digital timer that counts the elapsing seconds for manual and automated blending. This is quite similar to Vitamix, whereby you’ll find some models with a built-in timer. An example to give is Vitamix V1200 and A3500 that happen to fall in the smart blender category despite coming from different series.

Also, several Vitamix blenders, from both the classic and smart category, do support automated blending. So, you won’t need to worry about doing certain recipes even if new to the field.

Is it Easy to Use?

As a high-power blending machine, Vitamix doesn’t need further chopped fruits or vegetables. You can just toss a half-cut apple or full carrots and it’ll still chow them down to a smooth drink without chunks or even grains. Thus, saving a lot of seconds that you could have spent trying to chop the materials into smaller pieces.

Furthermore, Vitamix blenders usually have a user-friendly interface that’s straightforward to start and operate. The same goes with cleaning, including those machines that don’t have self-cleaning programs.

Meanwhile, Calphalon blenders are easy to clean as well, but the 3-in-1 blade is removable unlike the Vitamix’s which is fixed. So, you can clean the container and under the blade much easier.

But again, Calphalon blenders are some point lower in power than a Vitamix. So, you need to chop the ingredients down a bit to ease the stress on the initial blending throttle and ensure faster completion.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Which brand is best for blenders?

If you have enough funds at hand, a Vitamix could make a better option for your household or even a business blender. The brand offers a wide variety of products to choose from, all featuring a well-made and durable design. Also, you can perform so many tasks most blenders don’t have yet, including making hot soups, muddling mojito drinks, and whipping coffee topping.

The five best Vitamix blenders and accessories you can use in such are:

Are Vitamix blenders worth it?

If you need a blender for only making single-serve green smoothies, it will make no sense to buy a Vitamix blender. It will be better to stick with a Ninja blender or Nutribullet as you can still make your green smoothies, plus you won’t need to spend much.

However, a Vitamix blender could be very helpful if you want to make all kinds of beverages, butters, flours/ powders, and food preps. Furthermore, the brand is durable and has a desirable warranty period that can cover your product for up to ten years.

Is Calphalon a good blender?

In general, Calphalon is a remarkable blender for home use. It’s affordable, powerful, and easy to operate. Although brands like Oster also have it, the reverse blade technology is also a great idea to ensure even blending and prevent jamming issues.

Moreover, Calphalon has some cool blender designs as with the ActiveSence machine that has self-detect technology and smart blending programs.

Even so, this brand is still low on product selections and the blending container has relatively short blades. Hence, the reason some past users have complained about the blender taking longer than expected to perform particular tasks.

Where is the best place to buy a Vitamix?

There are several ways you can get a Vitamix or any other blender of your desire. You can visit your local kitchenware store and try luck, or else go online and choose the deal-friendly retailer. The latter is a much better option as you’ll have dozens of choices to shop around, plus you can learn from the customer reviews what to expect. Of course, some of these reviews are usually not honest ones, but a store like Amazon usually shows a “verified purchase” badge if the reviewer did buy that particular product.

In any case, the 5 best retailers to grab your Vitamix online include:

  • Vitamix (official website)
  • Amazon
  • Costco
  • Best Buy
  • QVC

Final Thoughts

Without hating on any, both Vitamix and the Calphalon blender can make an amazing addition to your kitchen life. Yes, they don’t have much in common, but either has its strengths that can come in handy and drawbacks that you should know beforehand.

Anyhow, a Vitamix blender has a lot of capabilities that surpass many blender brands, not just Calphalon. Producing silky smoothies, grinding fine flour, crushing dry ices, muddling cocktails, making hot soups, chopping thin slices, and so on.

Furthermore, the brand has dozens of options to consider, including a handheld immersion blender to blend in any container size. And in the case of food businesses, you can get a commercial machine that has more speeds and programs to assist in your everyday tasks.

Regardless, Vitamix is more like a luxury blender company, which means you need a thick wallet to own it. Also, be ready to bear the noise as many of the blenders from the company packs a high-power motor that is quite noisy.