DIY Recipes: Can You Make Whipped Cream In a Blender?

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Homemade whipped cream is a hundred times better than store-bought stuff from the supermarket. But can you make whipped cream in a blender and still have a fluffy texture?

Well, a mixer is usually the dedicated tool to make whipped cream at home. However, a blender is the kitchen tool you’ll find in nearly every home, thanks to its versatility.

Meanwhile, you can use about any blender for smoothies to perform the various tasks of a kitchen mixer. And in this DIY recipes guide, I  have proof you can make whipped cream in a blender and your family still love it.  

Even more magical, a test with Vitamix 2300 and A3500 turned heavy cream into whipped cream in 20 seconds.  And that’s way faster than when you whip whipping cream with an electric mixer.

What Type of Blender Do You Own?

The process to make whipped cream literally involves aerating the whipping cream- which increases the volume and texture.  But as you know, different types of blenders work in different ways:

Do You Have a  Countertop Blender?

A countertop blender is the easiest to make whipped cream at home. But this will apply to the likes of Vitamix or Oster and other brands with a flat blade.

The Vitamix is the overall best for the task, even better than high-power  Blendtec Classic 575 and Total Blender, since it has a tamper. You can push the cream mixture towards the blades without having to stop the machine.

On the other hand, a countertop Ninja Bl770 or  Bn801 and others with the Total-Crushing blade will be slightly tricky to whip your cream. You’ll want to work with the provided single-serve cups here for the best results.

Do You Have a  Personal Blender?

Personal blenders also have a flat blade that you can make whipped cream in under a minute. A perfect example is Nutribullet RX and Pro with a 30-ounce cup or the Magic Bullet and Bella Rocket blender with 18-ounce containers.

Do You Have a Hand Blender?

If you have a hand blender, you can as well make whipped cream while using the regular blending wand. But we do have a dedicated hand blender for whipping cream with a beater/ whisk attachment. Thus, you get to make the sweet treat with an improvised stick mixer.

How To Make Whipped Cream In A Blender Under A Minute

As I’ve said earlier, it’s no rocket science to make whipped cream in a blender. The recipe is as easy as dumping the three main ingredients into the blending jar, then hitting the power button.

The Three Main ingredients to make whipped cream are heavy whipping cream, sweetener (sugar), and vanilla extract for a more unique flavor.

If desired, you can switch the vanilla extract with other flavorings you’d love to have in your whipped cream. A few examples include chocolate, spices, fruit extract, and even rum/ brandy.

Remember, the idea to make whipped cream is to let it thicken until the desired consistency. And for that, you’ll want to work with cold (not frozen) whipping cream to achieve the right peaks faster.

To get the heavy cream cold, just put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before you start blending. You could also refrigerate the blending container and blade if it were possible.

Long story short, here is the answer you’ve been waiting for…

Part 1: Can You Make Whipped Cream in a  Blender with the Large Pitcher?

Yes, you can make whipped cream in a blender with a large pitcher. In this guide, we’re going to start with the simple, classic recipe using only the whipping cream, sugar, and vanilla extract.

As for the blender, I’ve based this recipe on the smart  Vitamix A3500 with the low-profile container. But any full-size blender with a flat blade will work as well.

Ingredients proportions:

  • 2 cups heavy whipping cream
  • 2 Tablespoons of white sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Recipe Instructions

  1. Make sure the blender jar is clean before you start blending. If you’ve just removed it from the cabinet, rinse it with running water
  2. Once the jar is clean, add the whipping creaming, followed by the white sugar and vanilla extract. Then secure the lid.
  3. Switch on the motor and let the mixture blend at low speed for 10 seconds. The idea here is to get the three ingredients to mix up for a consistent flavor
  4. Now, ramp up the speed of the blender to the highest setting and blend the mixture for another ten (10) seconds.  If you want your whipped cream in a medium peak texture,  let the blender run for another eight (8) seconds. You might have to use the tamper to push the mixture toward the blade.
  5. Continue to blend for another ten (10) seconds if you wanted your whipped cream stiff to decorate your cake or cookies. And immediately you have the right consistency, stop the blender to avoid over-whipping.
  6. Finally, transfer your homemade whipped cream into a clean bowl or mason jar and get ready to use however you like.

Part 2: Can You Make Whipped Cream in a Blender with the Single-Serve Cups?

Again, yes, you can make whipped cream in a blender with the 16-ounce, 18-ounce, 24-ounce, or 30-ounce blending cups.

Since we already have the Vitamix A3500 on the deck, we’ll just add the ingredients to the 20-ounce self-detect cup.   But any other personal blender will work as there’s nothing hard that needs pulverizing.

Ingredients proportions:

  • 1 cup heavy whipping cream
  • 1 Tablespoon white sugar
  • ½   teaspoon vanilla extract

Recipe Instructions

  1. Add all the ingredients to a  clean single-serve cup and secure the extractor blade
  2. Turn the cup upside down and mount it on the power base
  3. Start the blender as you normally do and blend the mixture on the highest speed for ten (10) seconds. You should have soft peaks of whipped cream, which appears as melted ice cream.
  4. If you want stiff peaks whipped cream, use a spoon to push the ingredients towards the center. Then, secure the extractor blade and start blending again for another ten (10) seconds.
  5. Boom! Your homemade whipped cream is ready!

Part 3: Can You Make Whipped Cream with a hand  Blender

Yet again, YES, you can make whipped cream with a hand blender. You just need to gather the ingredients we’ve used in Part 1 or Part 2 above, then:

  1. Add all the ingredients to a chilled beaker or medium bowl.
  2. Put the blending wand of your hand blender into the mixture and blend at medium speed for about sixty (60) seconds. Just like when you blend smoothies in soups, move the head of your stick up and down and around to agitate all the mixture.
  3. If you want your whipped cream a little stiffer, continue blending for another sixty (60) seconds. But remember not to over-whip as you’ll end up with butter and buttermilk.

Make More Whipped Cream  & Refrigerate

As you can see here, you can make whipped cream from about anywhere- not just at home. It’s pretty straightforward if you have the main ingredients, including heavy whipping cream, sweetener (sugar, honey, syrup, et cetera), and your favorite flavoring.

If you plan to use whipped cream again in the next couple of days, you could make more of it. You just need to transfer whatever remains in an airtight container (like a mason jar) and store it in the refrigerator.

After two days, the water from the cream may start to break down.  So, you’ll want to whisk the mixture a little bit the next time you want to use it.