Oster vs Vitamix: Which is the Best “Professional” High-Performance Blender

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We have plenty of blenders in the market now using the words “Professional” and “High-Performance” power. But is any of these words true in reality? Let’s compare Oster vs Vitamix blender side by side and see.

Yes, it’s an unfair duel considering one is usually a regular/ basic blender while the other’s a luxury/ high-end brand. But both Vitamix and Oster, not me, have advertised their various machines as “Professional” in blending.

Verdict: 5 Reasons Vitamix is the Best Blender

  • The Vitamix delivers the smoothest blends
  • The Vitamix snugs nicely under the cabinet
  • Available in various finishes
  • Handles small blends quite well
  • The Vitamix feels sturdier and more durable

Oster vs Vitamix: Summary Features & Specs of the Blenders

Both Vitamix and Oster have a wide range of blenders to choose from for your kitchen. In this review, we’ll focus on the Vitamix E310 and Oster Versa as they both have “professional power”, plus the price difference isn’t very huge.

Facts Oster Versa Blender Vitamix E310 Blender
ir?t=blenderspro 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B00EO1AQUU ir?t=blenderspro 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B07CVRZ1YJ
Release Date 2013 2017
Model Countertop Blender Countertop Blender
Material Type Plastic Plastic
Available Colors Black Black, red, & slate
Dimensions 9.3 by 10.3 by 17.7 7.5 by 8.5 by 17.5
Motor Output 1400 watts 1380Watts
Speed Settings Ten variable speeds Ten variable speeds
Gear Drive System All-Metal All-Metal
Pulse function Yes Yes
Pre-set Programs Yes NO
Best Features Relatively cheaper, jar safety sensor, hot soup, & walk-away blending No grainy blend, flexible blending capacities, hot soup, & a fitting tamper
Control Type One-Touch Buttons & Dial One-Touch Buttons & Dial
Jar Capacity 64 ounces 64/ 48/ 32/ 20 ounces
Warranty 7-Year Standard Warranty 5-Year full warranty
Price View on Amazon View on Amazon

Should I Get Oster blender?

Oster is one of the bestselling brands of budget countertop blenders under $50 or $100. It also has a few midrange selections, like the Versa series, with higher power output and better blending control.

While not the most powerful, the high-performance Oster blender spins the blades faster than the entry-level models. It can easily pulverize regular ice cubes to make slushies,acai smoothie bowls, margaritas, and other frozen desserts.

But even with a high-performance motor, you might still end up with undesirable results if you don’t know how to use your Oster blender right.

For instance, you shouldn’t just toss the ingredients into the blending container as a lot of people do. In doing so, you not only risk ending up with chunky blends. You could also stress out the motor to its death.

Should I Get Vitamix Blender?

How smooth would you like your smoothies? Vitamix is one of the few blenders that can deliver a silky blend without chunks or grainy taste. It’s pretty expensive to own, for sure. But the Explorian family, specifically E310, is usually more affordable than the others.

However, when discussing Vitamix A2300 and E310, we mentioned all countertop machines from the local maker deliver the same results. Green smoothie, baby puree, spices powder, or homemade flour, it’s all the same for even the cheaper model.

When you also use your Vitamix for juicing, the strained pulp is usually less than that from the regular blenders and various traditional juicers. Then you can make dry or wet crushed ice for frozen desserts without killing the motor or shattering the blades.

Oster vs Vitamix

Oster vs Vitamix: Comparing the Performance & Capabilities of the Blenders

  • Fans Favorite:

Overall, these two are big names in the market for blenders. Oster is very popular for its line of affordable blenders with glass jars and the limited series of the 250-watt personal blender.

The high-performance Oster blender (Versa series) also has decent ratings online. But Vitamix is relatively more popular here: like the Explorian E310 has 5,000+ 5-star ratings (Oster Versa still below 1,000).

  • Best of Pricing:

Oster is the clear winner in this part. Not just for the cheap basic models, but also for the limited selection of high-performance blenders. A perfect example will be our reference Oster Versa which has a regular retail price of $270 or under $200 during promotional deals.

On the other hand, Vitamix was always pricey to afford until 2017 when the company introduced the classic Explorian series. You can now get the Vitamix E310 at around $350 on regular days or $270 during the limited-time deals.

  • Best of Accessories:

Unfortunately, none of the existing Oster high-performance blenders have a motor base you can use interchangeably with different containers. And for this reason, our Versa will only come with the low-profile Tritan jar and a tamper. It’s not compatible with the personal cups or food processor attachment.

As for the Vitamix, all the countertop machines are compatible with their standard jar and single-serve cups. But like other classics, our reference E310 doesn’t have the wireless technology in the likes of Vitamix A2300 or A3500. Thus, you must have the add-on PCA adapter (sold separately) to be able to blend with the 20-ounce cup.

FYI: All Vitamix blenders always come with a blending container and tamper to push ingredients into the blades.

  • Best of Build Quality:

When we now compare Vitamix vs Oster build quality, the former takes the whole point. If we start on the motor, the blender utilizes superior components since it’s what does most of the work during blending. It also has a radial cooling fan to keep these internal parts working properly and thermal protection system for when it overheats.

The blending container is also a tough Tritan plastic, with hardened stainless steel that you never have to worry about breaking. Then the drive gear system is a sturdy metal that won’t strip away as the plastic in most of the basic brands.

Sure, the Oster blender has a well-made motor base as well, with an all-metal drive and thermal protection fuse, no less. But few users seem dissatisfied with the couplings on the bottom of the blending pitcher.

  • Best of Blending Power

If we stick to our reference models, Oster Versa and Vitamix E310, they both packs a high-performance motor under the hood.

But the “high-performance” of the Vitamix motor involves more muscularity. Hence, the reason I like to say it blends by pummeling (think of it as hammering) the ingredients at a super-fast speed.

As for Oster, the motor also spins the blades extremely fast, but lacks the muscles on the Vitamix machine. Even in the Versa, it largely blends by chopping down the ingredients until completely pulverized. So, you’re likely to notice a change in the blend quality after some time (when the blades dull).

  • Best of Blend Quality

As was mentioned, Vitamix is the best blender if you want a pleasurable smoothie with no chunks or a grainy taste. Before you actually put the drink in your mouth, you’ll notice the glossy appearance, thanks to the combination of a high-power motor and semi-sharp blades.

A Vitamix can also turn frozen cubes into snowy ice if you fancy homemade shave ice or slushie. Then it can refine flours and spice powders as store-bought products.

Of course, the high-speed Oster (Versa) is also one of the blenders for making flour and also handles frozen mixtures pretty well. The smoothies are also decently smooth and pleasurable to drink.

But again, Oster usually blends by chopping down the mixtures at a super-high speed, which requires the blades to be always sharp. And if the blades start getting dull, you might notice a drop in blend quality.

  • Best of Blending Control

The Oster Versa takes the points since it has both manual and automated blending options. The automated blending has timed programs to make a smoothie, hot soup, and dips/ spreads. Then the manual operations include a variable speed dial (up to ten settings) and pulse button for better control over your mixture.

The budget Vitamix E310 has a similar setup for manual blending- ten variable speeds and a dedicated pulse function. But it doesn’t have automated programs for walkaway convenience. You’ll have to look for something like the Vitamix Pro 750 or A3500 for such sophistication, albeit at a higher cost.

  • Best of Blending Quantity

Both Vitamix and Oster fits the bill if you’re looking for a blender you can do large blending in a single run. The Oster Versa actually comes with a 64-ounce pitcher that can yield 6-7 cups of smoothie. It might struggle on very small batches, though.

On its end, the Vitamix E310 comes with a standard 48-ounce jar that you can successfully produce up to 5 cups of smoothie. The container also has a slender bottom that makes it possible to blend small batches without splattering issues.

Nonetheless, the Vitamix blender is also compatible with the 20-ounce cup (via PCA adapter) if you’d want to make your single drinks efficiently. And in an email conversation sometime back, the company confirmed with me you can “use the E310 base with the classic 64-ounce jar”.

Common Related Questions

Are Oster blenders good?

Yes, Oster is a good blender that you could continue to use for years. Most models utilize a glass pitcher that you might love for a plastic-free kitchen. Then, the drive gear system is all metal that the company has backed with a 10-year warranty.

Is Osterizer the same as Oster?

Osterizer and Oster are the same blender brand. In fact, the classic Osterizer blender was the first creation of founder John Oster in the 40s. And later in the 1950s, the maker released the Osterizer Super Deluxe Beehive which is reminiscent of the current Oster Core.

What’s so special about Vitamix?

We all know Vitamix is special when it comes to blending. Not just for the zero graininess but also for fast delivery and ease of use. The blender is powerful enough to pulverize vegetables like carrots, wheatgrass, and spinach without having to chop them. Then the warranty usually covers everything, including the two-way shipping cost.

Is Oster made in the USA?

In the early days, Oster blenders were made here in the USA. As of today, most of the production happens from the facilities in Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela. But they have still maintained the quality, including a superior metal drive (instead of plastic).

Final Thoughts:

If our topic was generally about the brands, Oster would have garnered more points than Vitamix. Most of its products have a well-made build with metal drive gear, glass, multifunctional motor base, and reasonable pricing.

When we now compare the high-performance Oster Versa vs Vitamix (E310), the latter takes the lead. You’ll have to add like $80 on the machine, for sure. But it’s all worth it as the blends are the smoothest and you have a guarantee of a durable product.